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Nov 17, 2007
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Unfortunately I'm suffering from Ulnar nerve problems while typing.. think of Carpal tunnel, well... ulnar nerve problems is just as painful.

What I really like about this keyboard is the SHORT STROKES required to type!!

Long keystrokes were required in 1970, when most typewriters had manual keys. However, that carried on since the IBM Selectric II typewriter, long strokes?!?! Laptops have short stroke keys, and that's really why I love this keyboard.

It's really helped in my Ulnar nerve problem. While not perfect, this keyboard is everything I need.

Improvements? Well, I miss my sleep key, but I just reprogrammed one of my tower buttons to take care of this function. This way, I don't accidentally hit the sleep button while I'm working (which I've done) when I was using my old keyboard. Instead of hitting Calculator, I hit SLEEP!! arghh.. that was frustrating!

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