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Nov 21, 2007
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Pros:Easy to put together Clear tv sound Customer Support Techs that don't quit

Cons:Trying to reach customer support (hours) The buzz

The Bottom Line: I am very pleased with the system now that I am through the installation process. I would buy this system again.

I received my Cinemate system two days ago and it took me (a tech savvy person) about 6 hours to install this system over the two days. It was very easy to put the system together (about 20 minutes) but then I turned it on. I had a loud buzz/hum that would get louder as I turned the volume up and I could barely hear the tv show under the buzz. After speaking with a gentleman at the Bose store last night, I woke up early to call Bose Tech help this morning (they have awful hours for people on the West Coast). The miracle trouble-shooting activity that made the buzz go away was:
1. Unplug the Acoustimass box (to let it reset)
2. Switching the red and white cords Bose sent me with my red and black cords from my old system
3. Unscrewing the cable antenna from the wall, counting to 10 and re-screwing it in.
4. Then we plugged the power cord back in to the Acoustimass module (it rested for about 5 minutes while I did all this)
5. No more buzz!!!!

It was the most beautiful, clear tv sound I've heard. So for anyone who has a buzz/hum issue when they plug their system in try any or all of the steps above cause it worked for me.

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