Hitman (2007)

Hitman (2007)

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Hitman -- The video game brought to life with Timothy Olyphant and Olga Kurylenko

Nov 25, 2007 (Updated Nov 25, 2007)
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Pros:a lot of action, interesting characters, not too "overblown", Olga Kurylenko

Cons:plot a little weak

The Bottom Line: An above average action film, it needs to stay in that genre for classification, but it is recommended to any fans of the genre.

The wildly successful video game Hitman was just brought to the big screen, and I have to say, that for an action film it does make its mark. It's not going to be the best action film that you have ever seen, but it tries hard to give the franchise a great jumping-off point, and mixes a ton of action with a stoic lead character that could really put Timothy Olyphant on the map.

Olyphant is lead character "agent 47", who has been raised to be an assassin, finding himself a contract character for unknown employers, and backed by what seems like a religious faction. His calling card is that he is "guided by divinity" so it doesn't come as a surprise when he can do just about anything with a weapon. That and the fact that he has been trained since he a little kid in the art of weaponry as well as fighting, and you get a feel for what this character is like. Think Jason Bourne or Charlie Baltimore before they re-gained their humanity.

The movie opens with a slow montage of "agent 47" growing up and moving through training as he grows, all to soulful Italian Opera music. It is a fitting opening, and sets up the mood for the film, which then jumps into some action pretty quickly, as he is seen on a mission to take out an important Russian diplomat. We quickly learn that there is more to this than is apparent at first, and it seems that someone is either after him, or wants him quieted for good. Simultaneously, we see Interpol agents who are tracking him down, led by actor Dougray Scott (best known for roles in Desperate Housewives and Heist).

Opposite Olyphant emerges Olga Kurylenko in a supporting role, who is basically the female character intended to allure the lead as well as the audience. Fans of hers will not be disappointed by her performance, even though she isn't portrayed as the strongest of characters. With "agent 47" shooting up everyone that crosses his path, it is of course out of character for him not to get rid of her, but you can see a little glint in his eye, and the female presence was really needed for the story. It also helped to add a "softer" side to a plot filled with violence. Now with her help, "47" must try to find out what went wrong with a hit he finished, all while trying to escpae all of the people trying to track him down or have him killed.

If you have read the title, then you already know that this is a film based on a video game, and as such, you know what to expect heading into the story. They provide a ton of action, a lot of gun-fights, and of course the body count due to the violent tendencies of the main character really cause the R rating to be earned. Putting that aside, a lot of the action sequences were quite well done, the plot stays interesting, and even though it is a little fragile at times, makes this an action film that is worth seeing to fans of the genre.

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