Sep 10, 2004

The Bottom Line MARIANNE FAITHFULL was born Marianne Evelyn Gabriel Faithfull on 29 December 1946 in Hampstead, London, England

Marianne was born the daughter of a British University Professor and lecturer Major Glynn Faithfull a spy for the British during WWII and to Eva Austrian Baroness Erisso from Vienna Hungary. Her parents divorced when she was very young and she moved in with her Mother. She attended St. Joseph’s Convent School in Reading, Berks., London, England as a teenager. At the age of 17 she began singing folk music in coffeehouses and began dating artist “John Dunbar”. In March of 1964 she attends a party with her then boyfriend John who introduces her to “Andrew Loog Oldham” the manager of “The Rolling Stones”. Andrew tells her she could be a star with her beautiful looks as she was petite, with shoulder length, honey blonde hair, big blue eyes, a large chest and ivory skin. Andrew was heard saying, “She is an Angel with Big Tits”.

At this very same party she meets “Mick Jagger”, “Brian Jones” and “Keith Richards” thinking both Mick and Brian were complete bores. Mick introduced himself by pouring a glass of wine down the front of Marianne’s shirt. In June Andrew becomes her official manager and signs her to a contract with “Decca” records. On 2 September and again on the 9th she appears on the British TV show Top Of The Pops. On 12 September her first record “As Tears Go By” written by both Keith and Mick makes its’ debut and peaks at #9 in the UK. It debuts in the US on 28 November where it goes on to peak at #22 on the pop chart. It would be a year later that “The Rolling Stones” would release their own version of the song that debuts on Christmas day 1965 peaking at #6 for them on the US pop chart. She again appears on Top Of The Pops on the 16th of September.

She next appears on British TV on 23 October along with “The Dave Clark 5”, “Dusty Springfield” and “Sandie Shaw” on “Ready Steady Go!” This is followed on the 31st with her appearance on BBC TV’s show “Juke Box Jury”. On 1 November she releases her version of a “Bob Dylan” written “Blowin’ In The Wind” but it fails to make any of the charts. The song had previously been a #2 US pop hit for “Peter, Paul & Mary” in 1963 and would become a #9 US pop hit in 1966 by “Stevie Wonder”. She begins a 26-date British tour with “Gerry & The Pacemakers”, “Gene Pitney” and “The Kinks” but on the 4th of November she collapses and is confined to bed. “Jackie DeShannon” replaces her at this point of the tour. On 14 December she flies to the US for the very first time. On 16 February 1965 she begins a 30-date tour with “Roy Orbison”.

On 27 February “Come And Stay With Me” written by “Jackie DeShannon” debuts on the US pop chart and peaks at #26 and goes all the way to #4 in the UK. On 6 May while she is pregnant she marries her longtime boyfriend Dunbar in London, England John’s drug abuse and having his druggie friends around their house at all hours of the day and night bothered Marianne so she began to hang out with Brian and “Anita Pallenberg”. She began smoking pot and began to get very friendly with Mick to the point that they were always seen together. She next separates from John after several disagreements and on 5 June “This Little Bird” written by “J.D. Loudermilk” debuts and peaks at #32 in the US and at #6 in the UK. It is also covered at the same time by “The Nashville Teens” who take it to #38 on the UK chart.

In June 2 albums are released simultaneously where “Come My Way” peaks at #12 in the UK and “Marianne Faithfull” peaks at #15 in the UK and peaks at #12 in the US. On 19 June she performs at the Uxbridge Blues And Folk Festival in Uxbridge, England with “The Who”, “Solomon Burke”, “Zoot Money” and “Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers”. On 1 August she collapses once again during a concert and has to concert the rest of her scheduled engagements. On 14 August “Summer Nights” makes its’ debut and peaks at #24 on the US pop singles chart and at #10 in the UK. This is not the same version that “John Travolta” and “Olivia Newton-John” released and would take to #5 in 1978. In November she releases her version of “The Beatles” #1 hit in September but it fails to chart for her. A version by “Matt Monro” would peak at #36 in the UK. Over the years this song would be covered on albums and singles over 2500 times.

Also in November her first child Nicholas is born. On 11 December “Go Away From My World” debuts and peaks at #89 in the US on the pop singles chart. It is released as an EP in the UK but it fails to make the chart there. In 1965 she appeared on “Top Of The Pops” 10 different times and on “Ready Steady Go!” 3 times in the UK. She also appeared on US TV on “Shindig” 8 times and on “Hullabaloo!” 2 times. In February 1966 “Go Away From My World” makes its’ debut and peaks at #81 on the US album chart. She releases “North Country” in April but it fails to make any of the album charts. In November “Faithfull Forever” is released and peaks at #147 on the US album chart. This year she appears on “Where The Action Is” on 3 different occasions. She also plays herself in the French Movie Crime thriller “Made In USA” starring “Anna Karina”, “Jean-Pierre Leaud”, “Laszlo Szabo” and others.

On 12 February 1967 she is found naked with Jagger at Richard’s house in West Wittering, West Sussex, England when police raid the place. Mick and Keith are both charged with drug possession but Marianne is released without charges being made against her. She next releases “Love In A Mist” this month but it fails to make any of the album charts. In March she releases a “Phil Spector” produced #75 US pop hit for “The Ronettes” in 1965 called “Is This What I Get For Loving You?” that peaks at #43 in the UK for her. She next appears on stage in April opening at London’s Royal Court Theater in Chekhov’s “The Three Sisters”. On 25 June she is a back-up singing voice on “All You Need Is Love” by “The Beatles” recorded live during the “Our World” global TV broadcast in London.

In 1967 she plays the role of Josie in the Movie “I’ll Never Forget What’s ‘is Name” starring “Orson Welles”, “Oliver Reed”, “Carol White”, “Harry Andrews”, “Peter Graves” and others. She also starred in “Don’t Look Back” this year a Documentary based on “Bob Dylan” and a tour of his throughout the UK. It also included “Joan Baez”, “Donovan”, “Alan Price”, “Albert Grossman” and “Alan Ginsberg”. In May 1968 she plays the part of Rebecca in the French Movie Drama “The Girl On A Motorcycle” also known as “La Motorcyclette” in France and released under the title of “Naked Under Leather” in the US. The Movie also starred “Alain Delon”, “Roger Mutton”, “Marius Goring”, “John Heller” and others. On 22 November after 7 months of pregnancy and a hard cocaine user she has a miscarriage of her first daughter Corrina from her boyfriend Mick.

On 12 December she participates in the filming of “The Rolling Stones” “Rock And Roll Circus” musical that was to be shown on British TV but is never shown but is released as a video in 1996. In February 1969 she releases her final single for “Decca” titled “Something Better”. The flip side is titled “Sister Morphine” written by her, Mick and Keith but it fails to make the charts. In April “Marianne Faithfull’s Greatest Hits” is released and it peaks at #171 on the US album chart. In May Marianne and Mick are arrested at there home in London and charged with possession of Marijuana. On 8 July while filming “Ned Kelly” with Mick in Australia she is found in a coma suffering from a self-inflicted drug overdose. She is removed from the Movie and is sent to a local Hospital for treatment of heroin addiction. After being discharged she next appears as Ophelia in the UK version of Hamlet also starring “Nicol Williamson”, “Gordon Jackson”, “Anthony Hopkins”, “Anjelica Huston” and others.

Also this year she performs in the 40 minute long Avant-Garde Film “Lucifer Rising” as Lilith with “Kenneth Anger” as Lucifer. In 1970 she is finally officially divorced from Dunbar after several years of separation. This year she also split with long-time friend Jagger and began living on the streets of London as a registered heroin addict. On 25 January 1971 she appeared in an episode of “Thirty-Minute Theater” a drama anthology series on BBC TV. On 18 October 1973 she taped an episode of “The Midnight Special” on NBC TV with “David Bowie”, “Carmen” and “The Troggs” that airs on 16 November. In 1974 she played the part of Sophy in the UK Horror Comedy “Madhouse Mansion” also known as “Ghost Story” with “Larry Dann”, “Vivian Mackerell”, “Leigh Lawson” and others.

In 1975 she appears as “Helen Rochefor” in the Action Spy Film “Assault On Agathon” with “John Woodvine”, “Nico Minardos”, “Nina Van Pallandt” and others. Even though the film was shot entirely in Greece with mostly Greek actors it was never released there. In November after a long absence from the recording studios she releases “Dreaming My Dreams With You” that was a #10 US Country hit for “Waylon Jennings” earlier this year but it fails to chart for her. This is followed by “Faithless” in March 1978 but it too fails to make the charts. In early 1979 she married “Ben Brierly” the bassist for the punk rock band “The Vibrators”. On 23 November she is arrested at the Oslo Airport in Norway for possession of Marijuana. She next signs a contract with “Island” records and on 1 December releases “Broken English” that peaks at #57 on the UK album charts. It is her first album to appear on the US charts in 11 years and it peaks at #82.

Her first charting single in over 12 years extracted from this album is “The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan” that peaks at #48 in the UK. In January 1980 the title track from the album titled “Broken English” peaks at #59 on the US Club Play Singles chart in the US. She next appears live on 9 February with “Chevy Chase” on “Saturday Night Live” on NBC TV. On 17 October 1981 “Dangerous Acquaintances” co-produced by “Steve Winwood” debuts on the album charts and peaks at #104 in the US and at #45 in the UK. She next sings for the soundtrack of the Swedish made Comedy movie “Montenegro” starring “Susan Anspach”, “Erland Josephson” and others. In 1982 she appears in the Documentary “The Complete Beatles” along with “George Martin”, “Billy Preston”, “Roger McGuinn”, “Brian Epstein”, “Malcolm McDowell”, “Mick Jagger” and of course “The Beatles”.

In March 1983 “A Child’s Adventure” is her next release and it peaks at #107 in the US and at #99 in the UK on the album charts. In 1985 still fighting her drug addition and apparently stoned she falls down a flight of stairs breaking her jaw. In 1986 she decided to divorce Brierly. On 15 August 1987 “Strange Weather” and album of cover hits is released and peaks at #78 on the UK album chart. In 1988 she marries writer “Giorgio della Terza”. In April and living with her new husband in Cambridge, Massachusetts she is served a deportation order by the US Immigration authorities and they move back to England. From the 2nd through the 4th of September 1989 she teaches “Love, Fear, And The Ridiculous: Songwriting And Performing” at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. On 9 and 10 December she performs “Kurt Weill” and “Beertholdt Brecht’s”, “Secret Deadly Sins” at St. Ann’s Cathedral in Brooklyn, New York.

On 20 July 1990 she participates in a live performance of “The Wall” by “Roger Waters” in Berlin, Germany. On 18 August “Blazing Away” with live and studio tracks is released and peaks at #160 on the US album chart. It includes songs with “Dr. John”, “Garth Hudson”, “Marc Ribot”, “Barry Reynolds” and “Lew Soloff’. She follows this with a US tour that also includes Reynolds. In 1991 she divorces her 3rd husband Terza. On 7 July she performs with the group “The Chieftains” during their concert called the “Chieftains Music Festival 1991”. She sings “I Saw Three Ships A Sailing” that is included on “The Chieftains” new album “The Bells Of Dublin” that is released on 4 January 1991 and peaks at #107 on the US album chart. It also peaks at #1 on the Billboard Heatseekers Album chart.

In 1992 she narrates for the French Horror Film “The Turn Of The Screw” starring “Patsy Kensit”, “Julian Sands”, “Stephane Audran” and others. In 1993 she plays Lilly in the German “When Pigs Fly” with “Alfred Molina” most recently who played Doctor Octavious "Doc. Ock" in Spiderman 2, “Maggie O’Neill”, “Seymour Cassel” and “Rachael Bella”. On 23 August 1994 “No Prima Donna” a various artists compilation album to tribute “Van Morrison” is released and her song on the album is “Madame George”. On 29 August her Autobiography titled “Faithfull” is published. In September “Faithfull: A Collection Of Her Best Recordings” is released on “Island” records but it fails to chart. She next plays the part of Bev in the French Made Crime Thriller Film “Shopping” with “Jude Law”, “Sadie Frost”, “Sean Pertwee” and others. In April 1995 “Island” records releases “A Secret Life” but it too fails to make any album charts.

Also in 1995 she appears in the German Made Romantic Drama Film “Moondance” with “David Kelly”, “Jasmine Russell”, “Ian Shaw” and “Ruaidhri Conroy”. She also composes the Music Score for the Soundtrack of the French Psychological Drama Film “En Avoir (Ou Pas)” with an all French cast. On 17 January 1996 she inducts “The Shirelles” into the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall Of Fame at the 11th annual awards show. Also in 1996 she plays the part of GOD in both parts of a UK Made for TV Comedy Movie “Absolutely Fabulous: The Last Shout” with a complete UK only cast. She also plays the part of a club singer in the US Made Drama Film “Crimetime” starring “Stephen Baldwin”, “Sadie Frost”, “Geraldine Chaplin”, “James Faulkner” and others. On 14 January 1997 㦀th Century Blues” is released with her interpretations of material by Weill, Brecht, Hollander and other Berlin based 1920’s songwriters but it too fails to make any of the album charts.

She plays herself on an episode of “Ruby” on BBC TV on 14 May. On 31 July she sings at the funeral of “Jeff Buckley” in New York City at the Holy Trinity Church. She performs live for the second time on “Saturday Night Live” on 6 December which also includes performances by “Metallica”. On 15 October 1998 “Island” records releases a 2-CD, 35 song track compilation retrospective collection “A Perfect Stranger…The Island Anthology” that includes 5 previously recorded but unreleased songs. One of the previously unreleased songs is “Conversation On A Bar Stool” written for Melissa by Bono of “U2”. She next appears on 25 and 26 December on the 2-part “Brian Epstein Story” on “Arena (UK)” on BBC TV. Other stars appearing live were “Paul McCartney”, “Jude Law”, “Helen Lindsay”, “Alistair Taylor”, “Gerry Marsden”, “George Martin” and Brian.

On 10 April she performs on the all-star bill at the “Here There And Everywhere – A Concert For Linda” in remembrance of “Linda McCartney” wife of Paul who had passed away from Breast Cancer on 17 April the previous year at the age of 56. On 1 October she appeared as a contestant on the BBC TV Game Show “Never Mind The Buzzcocks”. On 25 September 2001 “Faithless” is re-released on CD this time on “Sanctuary” records but it fails to chart. It is quickly followed on 30 October by “Stranger on Earth: An Introduction Of Marianne Faithfull” on “Polygram International” records and it too fails to make any of the charts. Also in 2001 she plays the part of Betty in the French Erotic Drama Film “Intimacy” along with an all French cast. In 2002 she moved from England to live in Ireland. On 19 February “EMI” records released “Kissin’ Time” and once again it fails to chart.

On 10 September 2002 she appeared live on “Late Show With David Letterman” on CBS TV. She appeared next on a 30 minute talk show from the UK on BBC TV called “This Is Dom Joly” on 23 February 2003. On 13 March she appeared on the BBC TV 40 minute Talk show on channel 4 in the UK on “Very Graham Norton”. Marianne’s voice is next heard in the Documentary “A Letter To True” directed by “Bruce Weber” in 2003. The CD I own my Marianne was released on 21 October 2003 by “Island” records titled 㧤TH CENTURY MASTERS – THE MILLENNIUM COLLECTION: THE BEST OF MARIANNE FAITHFULL”. The songs on this CD are listed below in the order, as they appear followed by the length of each and then my rating of each.

1. Broken English – 4:37 – 4
2. The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan – 4:11 – 5
3. Working Class Hero – 4:43 – 4
4. Sister Morphine – 6:04 – 3
5. So Sad – 4:31 – 3
6. The Blue Millionaire – 8:26 – 3
7. Trouble In Mind – 4:22 – 3
8. Strange Weather – 4:15 – 4
9. As Tears Go By – 3:46 – 5
10. Ghost Dance – 3:44 – 4
11. Sleep – 3:43 – 4


Rating Key:
5 –Great
4 – Very Good
3 – Good
2 – Fair
1 – Poor
0 – This song does not belong here!

Billboard US Top 100 Pop Singles for “MARIANNE FAITHFULL”

1. As Tears Go By – Debut on 11/28/64, Peaked at #51
2. Come And Stay With Me – Debut on 02/27/65, Peaked at #26
3. This Little Bird – Debut on 06/05/65, Peaked at #32
4. Summer Nights – Debut on 08/14/65, Peaked at #24
5. Go Away From My World – Debut on 12/11/65, Peaked at #89

Billboard US Top 200 Pop Albums for "MARIANNE FAITHFULL"

1. Marianne Faithfull – Debut 1965, Peaked at #12
2. Faithfull Forever – Debut 1966, Peaked at #147
3. Go Away From My World – Debut 1966, Peaked at #81
4. Marianne Faithfull’s Greatest Hits – Debut 1969, Peaked at #171
5. Broken English – Debut 1980, Peaked at #82
6. Dangerous Acquaintances – Debut 1981, Peaked at #104
7. A Child’s Adventure – Debut 1983, Peaked at #107
8. Blazing Away – Debut 1990, Peaked at #160



It is the evening of the day,
I sit and watch the children play.
Smiling faces I can see
But not for me,
I sit and watch as tears go by.

My riches can't buy everything,
I want to hear the children sing.
All I hear is the sound
Of rain falling on the ground,
I sit and watch as tears go by.

It is the evening of the day,
I sit and watch the children play.
Doing things I used to do
They think are new,
I sit and watch as tears go by


I'll send away all my false pride
And I'll forsake our love my lies.
Yes, I'll be as true, as true can be
If you'll come and stay with me.

Lovers of the past I'll leave behind,
There'll never be another on my mind.
I'll do all I can so you'll feel free
If you'll come and stay with me.

The promises I made most faithfully,
I'll keep still, should you decide to leave.
I'll try and see that you have all you need
If you come and stay with me.

We'll live a life no one has ever known,
But I know you're thinking that I'm hardly grown.
But O thank God, at last and finally
I can see you're gonna stay with me


Winter's almost gone,
Oh how I've waited so long
For summer nights.
When there's magic in the air
And I don't have a care,
All that matters to me
Is that you are here
On summer nights.

There's a little café
Where we can hear music play.
They keep the lights turned down low
It's a place where lovers go.
There you'll hold me tight and say
Our love will always be this way
On summer nights.

At the end of the day
We can go down to the bay
And together hand in hand
We will walk along the sand
On summer nights.

In our little cafe
We'll dance the night away
And we know our love will be
Always true eternally


Marianne is another one of those very talented foxy, sexy women with an outstanding voice. She did have her share of many different problems over the years. Besides her drug use and addictions, 3 failed marriages and the loss of what would have been her first daughter due to her miscarriage. She also had problems due to her addition that put her in the Hospital a few times as well. The CD I listed above is the first record I have ever owned by Marianne and I’m very happy I purchased it last year because I was able to hear many of her songs I had never heard before. I had only been previously familiar with her very first hit “As Tears Go By”. Her music is carefree, cheerful, earnest, fierce, gloomy, happy, innocent, poignant, sentimental, summery and sweet. Well that’s all I have for this week’s History of Rock ‘N’ Roll lesson. I hope you found something interesting you didn’t already know. Thanks for dropping by and reading and rating. This week I not only want God to Bless you all and your families and friends but I am also sending out a special prayer to all of us who live here in the great Sunshine State of Florida. Here is praying that everyone makes it through Hurricane Ivan unscathed and without any property damage.

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