So You Want To Get Rich At Neopets? Quests, Quests & More Quests!

Sep 18, 2004 (Updated Apr 7, 2008)

The Bottom Line Want to make some quick NP at Neopets? Quests are a great way to rake it in!

As part of my ongoing series of game guides for the Neopets site, I am going to go into a lot of detail about the various quests that you can do at the site. These can earn you quick NP [neopoints], add levels to your pet or even reward you with gourmet food. Some of them are easier to complete than others and there are a few that are just plain useless – but that’s just my opinion on the matter, you may feel completely different about them. I’ll be covering all of the main quests including the random faerie ones that seem to truly be random – usually I get them when I am bargain hunting or in the middle of something else and if you are busy refreshing the pages there is a good chance that you might miss the message. Don’t worry – as soon as you go to use The Shop Wizard you’ll be promptly told “That’s cheating! You are on a Faerie Quest!”

1. Faerieland Employment Agency
2. Faerie Quests
3. Kitchen Quests
4. Edna’s Quests
5. The Brain Tree
6. Snow Quests
7. Jhudora's Cloud
8. Illusen's Glade

Faerieland Employment Agency

If you have never visited this section of the site it may seem a bit confusing at first. Every ten minutes the employment agency is stocked with jobs ranging from finding a few gift boxes for a few hundred NP to more elaborate jobs that involve finding things that have a much higher value. The jobs stock every ten minute – example 5:00, 5:10, 5:20 etc. These times are synced with the Neopets site so ignore the clock on your computer or adjust it so that it is as close to the NST [Neopia Standard Time] as possible so you can get there when the jobs first hit the page. If you get there early you can refresh the page or hit the “basic jobs” link at the top of the page.

Knowing the value of the items that are listed is key; but reading the listing is just as important. If the listing asks you to get three Deviled Delights and is offering you a reward of 3,500 NP then that’s a good deal because most of the time the Deviled Delight sell for about a thousand NP or less. There is a time factor to consider as well; jobs come with a time limit – some as little as a minute and some as much as forty minutes. Fail to complete a job in the allotted time frame and it shows up on your profile. This isn’t a huge deal but if you are perfectionist, seeing ֿ Job Failed” on your profile page is something that will really get on your nerves. If you have any regrets about accepting a job or can’t find the items needed, you can back out f the job but you will have to pay a 200NP penalty however it won’t show up on your profile page as a failed job.

I strongly suggest starting out with the smaller jobs; these don’t offer you much of a reward but you will get the hang of how the Agency works, how to find your footing around the listings and work out your own game plan to make some Neopoints! You can accept up to five jobs per day and you will be told that you’ve taken enough jobs however you can still access the area to see what is being requested as well as the time allotments and rewards that are offered. From what I can tell the reward amounts do fluctuate with the going prices of items on the Shop Wizard and yes, in deed, when glitches hit other areas of the site they do sometimes ripple over to the Employment Agency. One of the biggest ones had to do with the pay out amount; larger ticket items were being listed with rewards of a few hundred NP. I can only imagine the number of newbies that accepted jobs only to find out that they were getting the short end of the stick.

Employment Agency II

The Faerieland Employment Agency is a great place to explore; with both basic and super jobs available it is also a great place to make some quick NP! Basic jobs are listed every ten minutes so get there promptly for the best opportunities and the best jobs. The faeries will require you to fetch things for them and the faster you get them, the bigger the bonus. As I said, jobs are listed every ten minutes – 5:10, 5:20, 5:30 etc. There are time limits to jobs as well so if the site is running slow or is giving the maintenance message every few minutes you may want to skip accepting a job regardless of what the reward amount is. It’s better to skip on a job than risk having the site go down for a few hours and missing the window of opportunity to complete the job. So far I’ve completed over 500 jobs with only two failed ones – one because the site when down and the other because I didn’t pay attention to the allotment of time that was given to complete it.

Scouting the agency and getting familiar with some of the more common items that are requested will help you to have these item on hand to complete the job as quickly as possible to get the big bonus. Some common items include gift boxes, pocket calendar, red scarf, chocolate chip cookie, learn to paint set, vitamin c and reject techo plushies. These are some of the common items that are listed but they have a low pay out. Higher paying ones include various TCG cards, Bottle of Love, scarab cookies and assorted books. Again, this is where knowing the purchase and selling price of items comes into play. If a book can be purchased for 600 NP and is currently selling for 1,500 NP then doing a job that requires you to get three of them but is only paying 3,500 NP isn’t in your best interest – even when you factor in the bonus.

I usually have the best luck getting good jobs by skipping the first few pages, this is where everyone seems to concentrate when they refresh the pages and try to get a job. Jobs are listed ten to a page but the higher paying ones are usually snapped up quickly! Make sure that the clock on your computer or which ever one you are using to get the agency is synched with the one at Neopets – this will allow you to get there a few seconds early is you want, then all you have to do is refresh the page a few times until the listings start to show up.

If you really want to get the big bonus – have some of the common items in your inventory. I’ve only had this happen a few times and to be honest, I didn’t even know I completed the job until I went back to the Basic Job listing page and saw the banner messaging saying my pet completed it. This happened after I purchased about ten scarab cookies from the Food Tent then noticed the time and went to the Agency. I spotted a job for scarab cookies and snapped it up; the cookies were taken right out of my inventory and the job was immediately completed and a huge bonus was issued. It’s almost impossible to know which items are going to be listed each time the section refreshes but if you hang around that area long enough you’ll spot the frequent items and be able to get a good jump on them.

The super jobs are ones that require Job Coupons, these can be obtained by purchasing the older ones from people off of the Trading Post or you can try spinning the Wheel of Knowledge in Brightvale. There are color codes that designate the level of the job coupon and if you get one of the gold ones [or a pink one if you are buying an older one] it can be used over and over, each time it is used it goes down a level until it depletes itself and vanishes from your inventory. The benefit to this is that you can scout the Super Job section to find the one with the biggest pay off for your specific color coupon. Then it is all a matter of getting the items and having them in your inventory before you click on the job. Buying a job coupon might not pay off for you since most of them are between 50,000 and 250,000 NP so do the math before you make a hasty purchase.

One of the things that I really like about the Faerieland Agency is that you can check your statistics right in the section. Just click on the status link at the top of the page and you will be able to see the number of jobs your pet has completed, the number of failed jobs, if you are currently doing a job and a list of completed jobs that show the date, time, item requested and pay off. I’ve yet to delve into the area of super jobs because I haven’t been lucky enough to get a coupon from the Wheel of Knowledge but rest assured that when I do, I’ll try to make the most of it and look for the biggest pay off. Keeping track of the number of jobs you do per day will save you time too; there is a limit of five per day and sometimes you can complete all five without realizing it. If that happens you will get a message saying that you have already taken too many jobs and to come back tomorrow. This message however doesn’t show up until after you select a job so you could sit there wasting time trying to pick one out. The “five per day” rule is per account not per pet so if you have four pets you can’t do five jobs for each of them.

Faerie Quests

Faerie Quests are a great and usually inexpensive way to increase various attributes of your pets welfare. These happen at random and at times it seems like you can go a week without getting one and then all of a sudden you get several in one day. These are different from Jhudora and Illusen’s Quests since you have no idea when they will happen and you do have the option to pass on them. If you decide to skip a quest then you will be given a message that you won’t be asked to do any quests for a certain period of time. If I decide to skip one of these quests I usually go back to the Faerie Quest area to make sure that the message is different and that the faerie posted there gives me a different message.

Queen Faerie: She can reward you with a number of things however when I did her quest all I got was a piece of food and my level raised. Some people have said that she will allow you to paint your pet at the Rainbow Pool however I’ve never been that lucky.

Fire Faerie: This faerie usually asks for some type of clothing and in return she will increase your pets strength. If you get one of these quests it is usually one of the cheapest ways to increase your pets strength since most clothing items are inexpensive.

Air Faerie: She requests that you fetch her beauty related items such as a brush or mirror and she will increase your pets speed and swiftness. To me this is a real waste unless the item is under 200 NP but that’s just my opinion.

Dark Faerie: If your pet is ailing then a quest from the Dark Faerie might make it feel a little better; she usually asks for a toy or some item that a pet can play with. Again, this could be beneficial to your pet if the item is inexpensive.

Earth Faerie: This is one quest that I almost always pass on because the Earth Faerie asks for random things – some of which can be expensive. She will feed your pet in return for doing her quest but if your pet is already full it will leave him or her bloated.

Light Faerie: I wish I could get more quests from the Light Faerie because it is one of the cheapest ways to raise your pets level. Even of the trading card she asks for is a couple thousand NP, it is still cheaper and less time consuming than taking your pet to The Academy or Training School.

Water Faerie: The Water Faerie will ask for books in exchange for elevating your pets strength level. This is a cheap way to get your pet ready to battle however if you don’t plan on taking him or her to The Battledome, this may be a quest you will want to skip.

One thing to keep in mind about Faerie Quests is this – once you are asked to obtain an item you won’t be able to use The Shop Wizard – even for items that you are not on a quest for so you could find yourself between a rock and a hard place if you are in the middle of doing an Employment Agency job and you get one of these random events. There is a special section on the NeoBoard just for quest help, there are usually tons of people there looking to help but this is also a place where scammers hang out to pimp out their other accounts. They will stock their other shops [against the rules of the site] with common quest items only they will price them a lot higher than normal then when someone asks for help they will list their other shop and the new members will buy something that’s extremely overpriced. I fell for this once and only once when I needed to get a trading card and ended up paying 3,000 NP for a card that normally sells for 400 NP.

Kitchen Quests

I have only tried a few of these however I do have to say that these are usually expensive in return for what you get. On the same token, if you are looking to raise any of your pets levels – this is another cheap route to take. It’s all in how you look at it – you can pay to obtain the items for the Kitchen Quest with the chance that you will be greatly rewarded or take the safe route and take your pet to The Training Academy or Training

Here is an example of a quest that you might be asked to fulfill:

Runny Avocado and Scallion Meatballs

Items Needed:
Chocolate Honey [9,000- 14,000]
Iced Eyrie Cupcake [9,000- 11,000]
Blackberry Sorbet [5,000 – 6,000]

Reward: Increased pet level.

When you look at what I spent you may or may not think it’s a good value. For me, spending 25,000 odd points to raise my pets level is a waste – it would have been cheaper to use some dubloons or codestones at one of the schools and have them get some training for the Battledome at the same time. Still there are some people that have great luck doing these types of quests; it’s all the luck of the draw so don’t believe people that sit there and say that you have to donate things or do a certain series of actions before doing one of these quests.

Edna’s Quests

Located inside the Haunted Woods, Edna’s Tower is another quest that you can embark on to obtain spooky foods. The only real reason to do these quests is to get the secret avatar that happens as a random event. This quest is a real hard one to peg; you can either get something that’s is really easy and inexpensive or something that is really outrageous – with a pay off of a few hundred NP and a cheap piece of spooky food. I got hooked on this quest after I was asked to find a few cheap items and was rewarded with a Candy Corn Classic. After that I was hooked and started doing them over and over – then I realized that I was wasting so much money trying to get the high priced items and gave up. Now I will do one every so often but if I don’t have the item in my SDB or it is more than a few hundred NP – I pass on it. Sure she gets a little mad but hey, she gets over it and gives you another quest.

Bubbling Spell of Jetsam Transforming

Items Needed:
Skeith T-shirt [150 - 200]
Milk Chocolate Kiko [300 - 400]

Reward: 183 NP and a Slime Sundae

Like I said, I do these from time to time and after doing about 40 of them I still don’t have the avatar so I will keep plugging away at it looking for the cheap jobs to come up.

The Brain Tree

Also located inside The Haunted Woods is a spooky looking pulsating tree called The Brain Tree. It will ask you to go and find information so that it can compile accurate records of Neopians that have passed on. Unless you have an extensive list of other people’s answers – completing this will be an expensive venture. When I accept this quest I started to look for the answers and any that I found had the birth date not the death date. Your only real choice is to go to The Esophagor and fed him. You will need to feed him twice to get the answer – when I went to him he asked me to get him the following items: Candy Skull [95,000 or more], Slime Sundae [under 100], Eliv Thade Chips [unbuyable / over 100,000 NP] with a little over two hours to find the items.

The question that I was asked by The Brain Tree was:

Michael de Kiko died a long time ago, and I need to know where, and when, for my records. You must go and find this information out. Return to me within 0 hours and 54 mins, and I shall give you a prize.

I never bothered to purchase the items that The Esophagor wanted since one of them was listed as an unbuyable and the other, the candy skull, was close to 100,000 – a lot more than I wanted to spend on the off chance that the Brain Tree would reward me with something worth the effort and NP.

Snow Quests

High atop Terror Mountain there’s a lonely little faerie named Taelia and she needs your help to complete a few experiments. She doesn’t tell you the name of the experiment that she is working on so you are working blind when you accept one of her challenges and for the most part, they are on the expensive side. Her quests are usually in the 20,000 ballpark but that is just a rough figure, some cost more than that to complete. The rewards are either really good or really bad and get a few bad ones in a row and you’ll really think twice about doing them – even if you have the stuff in your SDB – it feels like you are throwing them away. I’ve never gotten a pet level increase from her but have been given NP and various food items.

Time limit: 1 hour, 23 minutes

Pressurised Water [1,500 – 2,000]
Dark Chocolate Elephante [8,000 – 9,000]
Lime Swirly Negg [8,000]

Reward: 1,203 NP, frozen corn dog, “magical snowball”.

Jhudora & Illusen

The last two faerie quests are ones that are completely elective however you can only do one of these a day so if you go to see Illusen and you have already done one of Jhudora’s, expect a little attitude from her about it. Both of these quests get expensive after the first fifteen – but there are some times when they throw you a curve ball and after asking you for 20K items they ask you for a ball of yarn or a hair brush. The main reason I did both of these, at least to level 20 of both, is to get the secret avatar. I figure I spent about 50,000 to get Illusen and about 60,000 to get Jhudora – that might sound like a lot but I also dropped 2,000,000 to buy the Faerie Queen Doll in the Hidden Tower. Yes, I do need my head examined.

Each of these faeries will ask you to do quests for them and it is pretty important that you have the time to complete them once you accept one. If you fail your quest – even if you are at the last one – you will have to start all over again. I stopped both of them at level twenty because I was too paranoid about not being able to find an item that I needed if it came up as an unbuyable on The Shop Wizard. When this happens the best thing to do is to turn to the Trading Post but even then, you have no idea when people are going to be online to accept or reject an offer. The rewards vary but some of them are pretty nice – the Honey Potion is something that can easily make up for all the NP that you spend on the quests but keep in mind - if you don’t complete a quest in time you will have to start all over at the first quest.

Jhudora's Cloud

If you are wondering what you get in return for completing her quests, here is the list – but remember these items can be changed at any time. I have only reached level twenty so I can only vouch for those items, the rest have come from the Neopets site as well as my oldest son who completed both Jhudora and Illusen’s quests. If I were to complete one of these two I’d have to go with this one since you do items that are worth a high value and are easy to sell.

1: Poisonous Lollipop
3: Noxious Nectar
5: Jhudoras Brush
8: Purple Blob Potion
11: Jhudoras T-Shirt
14: Gnome Shroom
17: Caustic Potion
20: Dark Faerie Magic
23: Malice Potion
26: Purple Spotted Shroom
29: Clockwork rat
32: Toxic Shroom [unbuyable]
35: Dark Shroom [unbuyable]
38: Jhudoras Potion [unbuyable]
41 Bartamus [unbuyable]
44: Dark Faerie Collar [unbuyable]
47: Wand of the Dark Faerie [unbuyable]
50: Portal Cloud [unbuyable]

Illusen's Glade

Most of the items that you get from the early quests are common items at the site that sell for a very low NP amount – in fact until you get to level 35 you don’t really get anything good. For me this really puts people off of doing this quest and some of the items you have to get – like a Babaa [20,000 plus] – are outrageous when you look at what you get in return.

1: Illusens Cream Cookie
3: Illusens Potion
5: Illusens Comb
8: Cucumber Eye Cream
11: Illusens Novel
14: Mud Mixture
17: Flower Cake
20: Rainwater Shampoo
23: Rose Shake
26: Earth Spell Book [2,000]
32: Illusens Earth Potion [1,800 – 2,000]
35: Honey Potion [unbuyable]
38: Illusens Scroll [unbuyable]
41: Illusens Blade [unbuyable]
44: Leaf Taco [unbuyable]
47: Illusens Orb Potion [unbuyable]
50: Illusens Staff [unbuyable]

So there you have it, some of the coolest and most useless quests at the Neopets site! There are a lot of game guides out there that will give you the basics but they never really go into detail about how to complete them or how to get the most NP from them. When I started the site I was clueless, my brood did a good job at giving me the ten cent tour but I hard to learn the ropes on my own and most of the time at a great expense. I will update this when the need arises or when new features are added to the site – if you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comment section!

As always, thanks for the read!

~^V^~ Freak ~^V^~

© 2004 Freak369

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