My Top Ten Picks For Best Movies Ever Made

Sep 19, 2004 (Updated May 21, 2008)

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The Bottom Line Here's my list of the best movies ever made. I hope you find something that you have not seen.

McMaster‘s List Of Top-Ten Movies Ever Made

Have you ever sat down and tried to narrow down the ten best movies ever made? It is a tough thing to do. I enjoy most genres, so this just adds to my list of movies. Although I really enjoy movies, I seem to have an odd taste. I tend to like movies that other reviewers thought were mediocre. So my list of top ten movies may differ from the norm. Another area where I am different from many reviewers is that most of the movies that I like are newer movies that have been released in the last twenty or thirty years. For this reason you will not find the old black & White classics such as Gone With The Wind, Casablanca, Ben Hur or even, Citizen Kane. Although I like some of these older films, I do not own a single one of them. Another area that I never particularly cared for is the organized crime movie genre. I have seen the God Father series once. I liked the acting and that was it.

I chose several movies from my other top ten lists. Some from the alien movies, Westerns, war, scary and action lists. I chose the first twenty five movies that I really like. Then I chose ten from this group. In no particular order, here is my list my top ten best movies of all time. I have also included the fifteen honorable mentions. I hope you are able to find a movie in here that you have not seen. Every one of these films are worth seeing once by anyone’s standards.

Saving Private Ryan

This is by far the best and most graphic war film to date. The movie opens with the invasion of Normandy, June 6th, 1944. The landing craft hits the beach and THE TROOP DOOR FALLS OPEN! The landing craft was directly in front of a German fortification manned by German machine gunners. The German fortifications open up with everything they have! The next ten minutes of the movie were so horrific & graphic that I sat there with a numb, sick feeling as people left the theater. If you've ever wanted to have some vague idea of what a war is like for a soldier, don't miss this movie. If you've ever wanted to have some vague idea of what Soldiers, sailors and airmen paid for our Freedom, don't miss this movie. Saving Private Ryan was the most honored film of 1998 and winner of five Academy Awards® Produced and directed by Stephen Spielberg.

Captain Miller: James I'm here to tell you your brothers were killed in combat. They're dead.
Private Ryan: Which one, sir?
Captain Miller: All of them.


In my opinion Gladiator is one of he best movies ever made. The acting was very convincing, the cast was great! Several of the main characters were nominated for Academy Awards. Ridley Scott went to great lengths to give the audience a different and authentic grasp of a Roman gladiator of that time and he does that with out a doubt! The acting, special effects and directing by Scott make this movie one of the best!

Commodus: The general who became a slave. The slave who became a gladiator. The gladiator who defied an emperor. Striking story! But now, the people want to know how the story ends. Only a famous death will do. And what could be more glorious than to challenge the Emperor himself in the great arena?
Maximus: You would fight me?
Commodus: Why not? Do you think I am afraid?
Maximus: I think you've been afraid all your life.

Rob Roy

What a splendid movie. The entire cast did an outstanding job. Especially noteworthy was Tim Roths performance. He plays the part so well that he was nominated for several awards for best supporting actor. His performance as a villain was right up there with Bruce Dern while playing the crooked cowboy that kills John Wayne in, John Wayne and the Cowboys.

The directing and cinematography were well done. The film had a nice even flow to it. There is just enough action scenes during the movie, not too many. The scenery was awesome! The Scottish highlands are really stunning and beautiful. I'd sure like to go have a look at them in person someday. The performances of Liam Neeson as well as Jessica Lange were also praiseworthy. Acting and directing of this caliber are far and few between. It’s a very intelligent movie and not over done with too many action scenes. The film has a good mixture of romance drama, action and spectacular scenery. Rob Roy is a welcome addition to my collection.

Mary: Robert, there is more. I am with child... and I do not know who the father is.
Rob Roy: Ach, Mary...
Mary: I could not kill it, husband.
Rob Roy: It's not the child that needs killing.

The Exorcist

I was about seven years old when I seen the Exorcist at our local drive in theater. After seeing this film, to this day the thought of a possession scares the hell out of me! It's just pure freaky man! I believe the reason it is so scary is that the movie was based on a possession that took place in 1949, which Blatty wrote the novel about. A long with that the Catholic church used to recognize an actual possession and deal with them by way of an exorcism. If you are a god fearing person this movie will play on your mind! The movie is a classic and will continue to scare audiences for years to come. The acting by the entire cast was just outstanding! A must see for any one who enjoys a good scare.

Father Merrin: The demon is a liar. He will lie to confuse us. But he will also mix lies with the truth to attack us. The attack is psychological, but powerful. So don't listen, remember that, do not listen.

Dances With Wolves

Dances With Wolves is one of the best westerns ever made. Everything about the movie was done well. If there was anything at all to snivel about, it would be the fact that it was a one sided movie. It shows the white man invading the American west from the view of the Lakota Sioux . The movie portrays the US Cavalry as ignorant, ruthless, unjust and unprovoked war mongers. There are two sides to every story and this film shows one. I enjoy the movie Dances With Wolves every time I watch it. I have the new DVD in my personal collection. I would recommend this movie to anyone! Even folks who do not generally like westerns seem to enjoy Dances With Wolves. Winning nearly ten Academy awards, Costner surely did something right.

[Dunbar & Timmons looking at a body with an arrow in it…]
Timmons: I'll bet someone back east is saying, 'Now why don't he write?'

Legends Of The Fall

The movie is set in Montana before, during and after the first World War. The movie revolves around a retired U.S. cavalry officer Colonel Ludlough (Anthony Hopkins) and his three sons. The eldest Alfred (Aidan Quinn) the middle Tristan (Brad Pitt) and the youngest of the three Samuel (Henry Thomas). I would recommend this movie for about anyone. It's a true classic. The cast was outstanding. Although the scope of the movie is enormous and covers the majority of Tristan Ludlough's life, It was put together very well! The scenery was pleasing and acting superb! Legend of the Falls would be a fine addition to any movie collection.

The 13th Warrior

The 13th Warrior is among my favorite movies. It seems that people either immensely enjoy or hate this film. I for one really enjoy this film. It is one of those movies that I will get out once every six months and watch. The plot was very original. I have never seen a movie quite like The 13th Warrior . The acting, plot, script ,score and directing are all solid. Especially noteworthy were the performances of Antonio Banderas, Vladimir Kulich and Dennis Storhøi. The 13th Warrior is the only film that I have seen the later of the three actors in and they were excellent. Some people did not care for the script or the many characters that were involved in the movie. I thought the script went along with the plot and the character development just fine. As a matter of fact, I really enjoyed the character development of the main six or seven characters in the film. The score was very well done. Crichton did not like the first score that was developed, so he dropped the score composed by Graeme Revell, and hired Jerry Goldsmith to compose a newer, better score, appropriately called, 13th Warrior.

The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm is an awesome movie with regard to many aspects. First off, Wolfgang Petersen does another excellent job directing the film. He pays attention to every detail. The scenes are extremely realistic. When it come to movies in the ocean, you can not beat Wolfgang Petersen‘s directing. He’s as good as it gets when it comes to ships and submarines. This is the same director that made the spectacular film, Das Boot. I am not a big fan of George Clooney but his acting in this part was very good. Mark Wahlberg and Diane Lane’s performances were also noteworthy. The actors and actresses chose to play in the film fit their parts very well. The cast was great, the acting was great as well.


What a movie! This classic movie will be watched for many years to come. One of the best movies of all time without a doubt. The acting, scenery, directing and score were all very well done. The film was nominated for eleven Academy Awards and received five, including best picture. Mel Gibson also won a Golden Globe Award for Best director -Motion Picture. It will take you on an adventure. You will witness, True Love, War, Passion, Honor, sorrow, oppression and the worst pain of all, betrayal.

► ► The Thing

John Carpenter’s, The Thing, is my favorite science fiction / alien movie. The film is about an alien that is unearthed in the Antarctic. The alien is found by the crew of a Norwegian scientific research station. The crew is quickly killed and assimilated. The alien then heads for the near by US scientific research station. The alien can simulate anything that it has killed. It has the ability to kill a person and then make itself an exact clone. If this creature is able to make it to civilization, it would take over the world in a matter of months. The story is original and the acting was great!

The Movies That Made My Initial List

· The Way of The Gun
· 300
· Se7en
· The Butterfly Effect
· Memento
· One Who Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
· The Sixth Sense
· Silence Of The Lambs
· Titanic
· Das Boot
· Star Wars Series
· The Shawshank Redemption
· Jaws
· Schindler's List
· The Lord Of The Rings
· Cool Hand Luke
· The Fight Club
· Alien
· Band Of Brothers
· Matrix Series
· Lonesome Dove
· Unforgiven
· Swordfish
· The Green Mile

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After analyzing my list of films I have compiled the information to figure out my favorites.

I prefer these directors;Wolfgang Petersen, Ridley Scott, John McTiernan, Steven Spielberg, Edward Zwick, John Carpenter and Kevin Costner

I prefer these actors; Brad Pitt, Mogan Freeman, Kurt Russell, Anthony Hopkins, Russell Crowe, Tom Sizemore, Liam Neeson, Robert Duvall, Tommy Lee Jones, Clint Eastwood, Kevin Costner, Tom Berenger, Sam Elliott, Gene Hackman, Antonio Banderas and Mark Wahlberg.

I prefer these actresses; Connie Nielsen, Jessica Lange, Ashley Judd, Helen Hunt, Angelica Huston , Diane Lane and Halle Barry.

Thanks for the read,

©2004 Joe McMaster

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