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Dec 11, 2007
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Pros:Looks great, but doesn't work.

Cons:Doesn't work. Display won't even light up.

The Bottom Line: Form doesn't fit function. It doesn't work. I am going to return it and don't know whether I will trade for one that works.

I was excited about the features, but it won't even turn on. I now question the reliability of the electronic controls. My old slow cooker still works after 30 years, not sure whether this one will last half that long.

I especially liked the options on the controls because it was not just on or off or three different settings. It allowed for more precise temperature control, both manual and automatic pre-programmed.

The stainless steel finish should be easy to clean. I also liked the larger size of 6 quarts. The temperature probe should be very helpful in controlling cooking more precisely.

I think slow cooking works well for soups and stews, but I question whether cooking a chicken or turkey in a crock pot is the best alternative. A ham would cook fine.

A very impressive design. As with other crock pots the removable pot is great for cleaning. The glass lid was like many others except in had a stainless steel rim which is an advantage and dis-advantage. This type or rim is more difficult to keep clean. The lid did not have the hold down feature that the less expensive version did, but I think that is a feature that is not necessary.

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