Bose QC3 Still Fantastic!

Dec 12, 2007
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Pros:Design, Noise Cancelling, Sound.

Cons:Price - that's it!

The Bottom Line: I would recommed these to anyone who uses headphones on a regular basis or flies a lot. The price is justified through use!

I purchased my Bose QC3 headphones in 2005 primarily for use on 4+ hour flights. I had been using a pair of Phillips noise cancelling headphones until my dog ate them. I'm glad she did because the quality of the Bose is far superior.

DESIGN - the overall design of the QC3 is wonderful. The earpieces swival which allows the headphones to fold flat. This is idea if you want to store them in a briefcase as they take up less than 1" wide. Also, the case holds everything including the headphones, battery, charger, cord, with room for an iPod or other MP3. The cord has two jacks - one plugs into your device and the other into the left earpiece. This is great as it allows "breakaway" on both ends of the headphones.

SOUND - the sound from the headphones is quite excellent. There is an ample amount of range on both ends, much better than the little earbuds that come with most players. The only drawback here is the Noise Cancelling device has to be on in order to hear sound. You can't listen without the NC. This means if the battery dies, your headphones don't work.

NOISE CANCELLING - this is my third pair of NC headphones and the NC technology in Bose is far superior to those I've had in the past. I admit one pair came from Target but there was an annoying faint buzz that just doesn't exist on the Bose. It is fantastic on a plane as it really helps eliminate engine noise. You can actually listen to the in-flight movie without blowing out your eardrum! While it won't eliminate all noise, it really helps reduce ambient noise to help you focus on your sounds. The headphone earpieces have a material similar to Tempur-Pedic that molds to your ear. This helps keep out other noise and also feels quite nice. I've worn them for a few hours straight without my ears getting too hot!

BATTERY - the battery life is quite exceptional. There is no indicator to tell you how much battery life is left but I've been able to use them for approximately 8 hours + without issue. And the battery storage is in the earpiece, as opposed to the cord which can tug and be a problem.

PRICE - this is the only drawback. At $350, they are pricey. There may be other quality headphones at a lower price but I have not found them. If you can afford them, go for it.

Overall, I love these headphones. I have started using them more for other purposes and the more I use them, the more I love them.

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