Great value, looks and performs great.

Dec 12, 2007 (Updated Dec 16, 2007)
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Pros:Good size, heavy crock, good value,(retails: $30) does it's job.

Cons:A indicator light would be a good safety feature.

The Bottom Line: This is a good, basic, no frills, but looks good model. Does it's job, and I'm considering purchasing one for someone as a gift.

I too received this crock pot through a reward program, and I wish I would have gotten it long ago. I had a small 2 qt. crock pot that I didn't use much because it was too small for my family of 4 (it was a gift). So I never really did much slow cooking.

The 5 quart 33550 is a good size for my family, I can cook meals, roasts, stews, etc. (I'm making soup tomorrow) and not worry that they will be overcooked by the time the last child comes home from night classes. I was quite surprised that the unit was heavier than I thought it would be. The crock is quite substantial. Good for retaining heat. Easy to clean. The multipurpose crock is dishwasher safe, and can go in the regular oven or microwave.

The chrome base is handsome on the counter. The 3 foot cord is just a little short for my liking, however, that is not really a problem. The unit does get quite hot to the touch, but the users guide does warn consumers that it gets hot, so read the manual. The glass lid is fairly heavy, and the handle does not get hot. So there is no need for hot pads when lifting the lid.

My husband noted that it did not have an indicator light to remind you that it is on. That would have been a handy safety feature. The temperature selector has an off, low, high, and keep warm. This unit cooks food faster on high than some other units so the low and keep warm settings are useful when having to hold food for a really long time. Keeps stuff from getting mushy. I also realized that since the unit heats on the sides, and not from the bottom that food does not seem to stick, so not much stirring is required. The users manual gives tips on how to adjust a recipe for use in this crock pot.

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