Marshmallows may be more comfortable

Dec 20, 2007 (Updated Dec 20, 2007)
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Cons:Comfort, Cable microphonics

The Bottom Line: If you absolutely need an in ear headphone, and can't afford to get something more expensive, these will hold you over temporarily if you can get past the comfort issues.

In my search for portable headphones, I ended up with these and the KSC-75 headphones.

Portable rig for testing:
• Nano 1st gen
• Go-Vibe 5 Headphone Amp (no longer in production)
• Custom doc to line out

I may not be a fair judge on the comfort with these; as they are the first IEM’s (in ear monitors) that I've ever tried. When I first put the marshmallows in, I noticed that my ears weren't exactly happy. Since then I haven't been able to wear them for more then 20 minutes.

Since these where going to be portable headphones, I went for a walk, and every step I took transfered to the headphones with a load thud.

On my first listen the bass seemed to over power the mids and highs. I decided to burn them in with Pink Noise, which helped tame the bass some, but it was still over powering. The mids seemed veiled and the highs where decent.

The cord on these headphones really leaves allot to be desired. The cord has very bad microphonics, meaning with every move the sound is transfered up the cord to your ear.

Final Thoughts:
For $20, there pretty attractive, and don't sound terrible, but I would recommend the Koss KSC-75 over these. The Koss can usually be found cheaper and sound allot better.

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