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Back Sleeper? Side Sleeper? Tempur-Pedic Symphony Pillow Brings Harmony to Rest

Dec 28, 2007
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Pros:Fits Standard Pillow Cases, Softer Feel, Easier to Adapt To, Mite/Allergen Resistant Cover

Cons:Initial Expense, Sensitive to Environmental Temperature

The Bottom Line: The Symphony Pillow is one of the more affordable Tempur-Pedic pillows that provides support, comfort, and flexibility for a variety of sleeping positions and different sized users.

I'm not sure how one loses pillows, but after 2 years of sleeping on the original Neck Pillow that was purchased along with my Tempur-Pedic mattress, I was somehow faced with that very predicament. Although I tried to make to do with cheaper imitations, they ended up being an unnecessary expense as their "cheap sleep" comfort led me back to the Tempur-Pedic brand. Although size was the only option available at the time of my original purchase, the second round saw an entire line of pillows that offered a variety style, shape, and sizing options. While the plethora of options seemed overwhelming and the non-returnable nature of the pillows also added an element of pressure to make the right choice, I have to say that I am still quite happy with the Symphony Pillow after sleeping on it for it for a year and half.

The Symphony Pillow has a two-sided design that provides comfort for both back and side sleepers as well as the flexibility for those who like myself, alternate between the two. This is a nice benefit over the cervical style Neck Pillow, which is great for proper alignment when resting on one's back but is honestly quite uncomfortable if not impossible to use on one's side. The convex or bulging side provides extra support for back sleepers while the concave or bowed side provides a more comfortable position for side sleepers. This is of course is flexible as I personally found the opposite positions to be the most comfortable in the months following a neck injury. Although not a perfect rectangle like the Comfort Pillow, I would still consider the slightly rounded design of the Symphony Pillow to be of a more "traditional style" like the Classic Pillow that fits and fills out standard pillow cases while also allowing you to bunch and roll it or use it as a back support if sitting up in bed.

Like the Comfort Pillow, the Symphony Pillow is made out of a softer less dense material than the Neck Pillow. I personally find this softer, loftier feel to be more comfortable although the denser foam probably provides additional ergonomic benefits. Because Tempur-Pedic foam is heat sensitive, the pillow will respond to environmental temperature changes although I do not find it to be nearly as sensitive as the Neck Pillow, which could at times become brick hard and take up to 20 minutes to conform in very cold conditions. Unless you are sleeping by drafty windows or in unheated winter conditions, this shouldn't be a problem for most.

Unlike the Neck Pillow that for me did take an adjustment period (approx. 20 days) to truly feel comfortable, the Symphony Pillow requires little to no adjustment time. Although the shape was new and felt unusual the very first night, I can't say I noticed anything other than blissful sleep after that. Because of the more traditional shape and lack of size specificity, the Symphony Pillow is also a great pillow to share. While it would have been pointless to purchase more than one of my Small sized Neck Pillows, guests of all shapes and sizes have reported great sleeping experiences after a night or two of sleeping on the Symphony Pillows.

The Symphony Pillow comes in two sizes: a Standard (25"x17"x5.5") and Queen (29"x17"x5.5") size with the only difference being the length of the pillow. Unlike the Neck Pillows whose proportional size increments are based on the size and shoulder span of the sleeper, the extended length here is really a matter of personal taste so if you are trying to keep costs down the Standard Size should be adequate.

The Symphony Pillow comes with a soft terry style cover that is allergen and mite resistant. Like the mattress covers, they are zippered and removable for washing in cold water with mild detergent. In order to maintain the freshness of the pillows, Tempur-Pedic suggests rolling the pillows on both sides like a sleeping bag although I can't say I have yet felt the need to do this.

Price and Availability
The Standard Size Symphony pillow retails for $99.00 while the Queen Size costs $129.00. The Symphony Pillow may be ordered online from Tempur-Pedic directly and may also be purchased from various furniture and specialty back stores. Although Brookstone carries the Tempur-Pedic line including a number of their pillows, to my knowledge they still do not sell the Symphony Pillow. If you are considering the purchase of a Tempur-Pedic Mattress, it may payoff to inquire about pillows in addition to the base price as some vendors will gift pillows with purchase as a way of staying competitive.

The Symphony Pillow comes with a non-transferable 3 year limited warranty for the original purchaser. If you purchase your pillow from a vendor other than Tempur-Pedic it is very important that you keep your original purchase receipt as it is required for warranty claims.

Overall, I am very happy with my Symphony Pillows as I have found they offer a greater degree of flexibility than my original Neck Pillow. While everyone will have their own comfort preference, I would recommend the Symphony Pillow for mixed sleepers who prefer a softer feel than that offered by the classic Tempur-Pedic material. For those who are able to consistently sleep on their backs and who require more therapeutic benefit, the Neck Pillow may be a better option.

*Thank you to Suzer and Pogomom for taking the time to add this listing.

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