SCOE 10X Super Concentrated Odor Eliminator

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It can work...depending upon what stinks

Dec 29, 2007 (Updated Dec 29, 2007)
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Pros:It is not too expensive and it can work.

Cons:You may need to use much more of the product than indicated to eliminate odors.

The Bottom Line: If I was trying to eliminate a pet urine smell I would probably try something else. Maybe for some other odor problem it might work fine.


For some reason, our male cat momentarily forgot how to use the litter box and started to use the carpet directly behind the litter box.

Eventually we noticed and I was desperate to get that cat urine odor out of our carpet. So I started to research various odor eliminators that would work on urine.

SCOE X10 had an impressive web site full of testimonials. For goodness sake, they even had a video of a road kill skunk being odor neutralized by SCOE 10X.

Well after some research, I decided to give the SCOE X10 a try.

What is SCOE 10X?

SCOE 10X is an odor eliminating and stain removing liquid. It is supposed to excel at removing odors caused by urine, feces, vomit, animal/pet odor, garbage, persperation, and skunk spray. It is reported to be completely hypoallergenic and environmentally safe. It is also supposed to be safe to use on any colorfast material.

SCOE 10X versus cat urine

I followed the instructions filled the spray bottle with the product and mixed with water as directed. We cleaned the urine soaked area of the carpet as best as one can. We then applied SCOE 10X to the stain as the instructions indicated.

At first, I was impressed, the SCOE 10X appeared to work. But eventually the urine odor returned. So I sprayed the area again. Once again, I thought I was on the brink of victory. The odor was gone for a day, but then returned. Not as strong as before, but it was still there.

I thought about what was the best way to tackle this problem. I wondered if the odor problem was due to the carpet pad having been soaked with urine, and the spraying of SCOE 10X on the carpet surface was not enough to eliminate the odor.

As a final desperate act, I unscrewed the cap on the bottle and thoroughly soaked the area with the urine smell. I soaked it to the point that the carpet was really wet and I am sure the pad was as well. Unfortunately, it took the sizeable remainder of the SCOE 10X bottle to accomplish the thorough soaking of that small area of carpet.

But after the soaking and letting it dry for a few days, it did seem to get rid of the urine smell. To this day, I do not notice the urine smell in the carpet.

However, I can now say that it cost me about $24.00 to zap a single urine smell from my carpet.

However, true to the claim, I did not notice any color fading in my carpet due to the large quantity of SCOE 10X I dumped on it.


I would conclude that this product can work. It is not just an odor cover up, but an odor eliminator/reducer.
However, if you are trying to deodorize a carpet, it will take far more than a simple spraying of the area. In fact I would suggest that you cannot spray it enough and need to resort to dumping the product directly onto the carpet.

I would be surprised that this product could get an odor out of a sofa cushion without somehow soaking the cushion in the product.

If I had to do it over again, I would probably try some other products first.

I am not sure what the optimum scenario for this product is. If the item that smelled was something I could fit in a washer, then I would go that route first. If it is something like carpet or furniture, then maybe this could work depending upon what was the cause of the odor problem.

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