Emerson Microwave Oven and Grill MWG9111SL

Emerson Microwave Oven and Grill MWG9111SL

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You can Grill in your Microwave?

Dec 30, 2007
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Pros:Enables you to Microwave and Grill your meats.

Cons:I haven't found any as of yet

The Bottom Line: Loads of features at a reasonable price. I am satisfied with this purchase and just from the short time I have used it I am giving it 4 stars.

A Microwave and Grill Combo how cool is that my daughter thought when she had opened her family gift . Her Kitchen was in great need of a new Microwave with a family of 6, her old 700 watt Sharp was used on a daily basis and had worn itself out.

I picked this model up at the local Wal-Mart for under $70.00. The Emerson Model Number MWG9111SL is a 1.1 cubic foot 1100 watt Microwave with a Grilling option. Out of all the Microwaves I had looked at I thought it was economical and being it is stainless steel it would match her other appliances.

I selected this model for a few reasons, it was within my budget price, I liked the design and the easy to read touch pad on the control panel.

Another option I liked is the Preset cooking program which allows you to insert your food and preset the time to cook. You can prepare a dish ahead of time, set the time and go about your business in the kitchen.

There is also a Multi-stage cooking program which allows you to set the oven to Time Defrost, Microwave cooking and then Grill cooking for whatever time you desire. Using this feature will take me time to learn.

My Grandchildren are always popping something in the microwave so I thought this would be ideal for them. There is a button for Beverage, Reheat, Pizza, Popcorn and, Dinner Entrées that I felt my Oldest Grandson who is 12 could easily operate it. He has already cooked frozen pizza rolls, mini corn dogs and reheated a couple slices of pizza with this oven and expressed how easy it is to use.

There is also a programmed button for Vegetables, Beef, Chicken, Pork, Sausage and Potatoes that will automatically set the cook time based on the quantity entered. This is where we keep the manual close at hand so we can learn as we go. You can enter either the pieces or the weight of the meat you are cooking.

According to the manual they recommend you cook thin slices of meat, steaks, chops, kabobs, sausages, pieces of chicken or sandwiches.

It is recommended to place the food directly on the Grill rack for faster cooking and to turn food over half way through cooking.

One example: Using the Chicken quick cook pad. I had pressed the chicken pad to program it to microwave 6 pieces. Touched start. It automatically microwave and grilled the chicken. I personally was quite surprised at how delicious the boneless chicken had turned out. I have only used microwave to defrost my meats in the past.

It is designed to Defrost, either by Weight or Time which ever you prefer. I had used it to defrost boneless chicken breast simply by entering the weight. There is a chart for defrost for Meat, Poultry or Seafood up to 5 pounds 16 oz. I liked the option where after partial defrosting the oven beeped 3 times to remind me to turn and rearrange the chicken so it defrosted evenly.

There is a 10 minute and a 10 second button and a 1 minute and a 1 second button on the control panel to adjust the cook time for dishes such as casseroles.

The quick Start allows you to start the oven immediately to cook in 30 sec intervals.

We have used the pad for sausage a few times already making breakfast with the frozen sausage links. They cooked up quickly and were tasty. It was very easy, by just pressing the pad programmed for sausage and entering the number of links. When cooking is completed the microwave will beep four times.

We will be putting all the features to good use. In the meantime we will be reading up on the manual to learn how to use our new Emerson MWG9111SL.

I feel it’s a good buy for the money. For those of you who have small children there is a Child lock and a safety interlock system which prevents the oven from operating while the door is open.

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