Why I Am Voting For President Bush On Tuesday

Oct 28, 2004 (Updated Oct 11, 2005)

The Bottom Line President Bush most exemplifies what I believe and I feel he will better protect my children and their children than any other candidate.

I live in New York and September 11th is still close to me as is my feeling of seeking safety for my family. Just today I was in the city doing business. It was in what might be regarded as a sensitive area to the threats of terrorism. I was stopped in our van and a bomb sniffing dog checked out the vehicle, men with mirrors checked underneath the van and my ID was checked out as were the plates for my vehicle. I didn't mind at all and I feel better that it was done.

I wish we didn't live in this kind of world, but we do. We are under attack by people who will not listen to reason nor want to negotiate. They hate our freedom and our way of life is an affront to them. They are determined not to let freedom, capitalism and democracy take hold in the world. The worse part is that they hold no regard for life. That makes them a terrible threat against you, me and our children.

President Bush understands this. He has decided to take the war to them. Yes, it is killing our troops and many good Iraqi citizens, but as the words etched in stone at the Korean Monument in DC say, "Freedom isn't free."

War is hell but the loss of freedom and living under tyranny and fear is worse. I support the presidents view that bringing democracy to other countries can break the back of those who want to live in a world with archaic laws of the 15th century.

Beheading innocent people is not something freedom loving people do. Thankfully, due to President Bush's initiatives, Afghanistan no longer uses its athletic fields for the maiming and public killing of woman who want to exercise basic rights like not having to cover their heads and teaching in school. Did any of you see the films showing the atrocities. I did and I am glad they no longer happen. We talk about us, as a nation, being a people who care for other people and their rights. Well if we really do, look out there and see what happens under these tyrants. Afghanistan just had a relatively free and untainted election. Freedom is starting to take hold in that country and as it does better laws and more rights will be given to the people there. Things don't happen overnight, but great progress is happening.

In Iraq we hear of the atrocities that are still happening. What we don't hear about is that most of the country is living in relative peace and that things are getting better and more and more Iraqis are getting involved in the protecting and building of their own nation. That's why the insurgents and the left over Bathists are looking to slaughter young Iraqi policeman and recruits. If these trainees keep growing in ranks, as they are, the terrorists will lose the battle. More and more trainees volunteer every day!

I am extremely happy that Lybia has decided to break away from its evil ways and try to join the non-terrorist nations. I believe we will see more rogue nations fall in line after President Bush is re-elected.

This president, like his father, has drawn a line. Iraq is where he has taken the war. Insurgents are doing everything they can to stop the progress of democracy and freedom in that country. Our country needs to fight the war over there and not here. I see progress happening and there will be free elections in January. We should be rejoicing for those people instead of demeaning them like Senator John Kerry did after Iraqis acting Prime Minister Iyad Allawi came to speak at the UN. It's that kind of action that scares me. He is not supporting freedom in the world. He talks about the UN as the panacea for all the worlds problems. Unfortunately the UN is infested by too many tyrants and nations that are looking out for their own good only. Is it a wonder why France, Germany and Russia voted against the United States after they were gaining so much monetarily from Saddam Hussein in the Oil for Food scandal? The UN itself was included in this scandal and is trying to backstep from some of the charges. Senator Kerry wants a global test before we make any other moves for the security of our nation. He says that we are no longer respected in the world. Frankly, I don't care what somebody in a country that is only looking out for itself thinks of my country. I care about the safety of my children first.

I also wonder what the middle east picture would look like today if Kerry got his way after Hussein took over neighboring country of Kuwait in 1991. Kerry voted no against that war that WAS backed up by the UN. He felt we shouldn't get Hussein out of Kuwait!! What should we do Senator Kerry, let any rogue country take over another. I do not want this man making important decisions about the interests of my country.

After the terrorists tried to topple the Twin Towers in 1994 Senator Kerry was on the Senate Intelligence Commission. Do you know he did not make even one meeting in over a year after that first unsuccessful attack, not ONE! At the same time he was knocking down dollars for our intelligence gathering in his senate votes and voting no to many of the weapons we need today. While on the Senate Intelligence Committee for a period of eight years Kerry missed 38 of 49 meetings. What was he doing? Where was he? I don't want a man with a terrible Senate record to lead our land!

I recently read about a number of people deciding to use foreign carriers rather than American because they feel more safe doing so. I wonder if that was a good idea to the Israelis who were slaughtered in Egypt a few weeks ago. The terrorists didn't go after an Israeli owned target, they went where Israelis vacationed. The same goes for all those good Australians killed by the bomb in a club in Bali. They didn't go to Australia or an Australian target, they went to where Australians go. I know I am their enemy whether in an American Jet or a foreign jet. I will fly American carriers and feel good about it in that I am NOT letting terrorists tell me how to live my life.

As I mentioned earlier, I went through a lot of security in NYC. I don't mind giving that power to others for the sake of my protection and the protection of my children. I think the Patriot Act is important to our safety. Why shouldn't the government be able to use the same powers against terrorists as they do against mob figures and drug rings? I do not feel that my rights are threatened by the government. I feel better protected. I don't fear any Orwellian futuristic totalitarian state threats. It's the bad guys that should feel threatened! I'm afraid that Senator Kerry and ACLU activists are going to dumb down the powers that are needed to better protect us.

People talk about Bush bringing God into the campaign. If anyone read any of Abraham Lincoln's speeches and the thoughts of the founding fathers you would see that God is invoked time after time. Too many people now believe in Freedom FROM religion. That's not what was stated in the constitution. We are to have freedom OF religion. That means the right to practice or not practice our religion openly and without fear of retribution. I have not seen George W go too far with his belief in God and his prayer to his God.

When it comes to the rights of the unborn I have no problem defending the rights of these children. You see it's easy for me because I do believe in life at conception. As long as I believe that then I also believe that abortion is wrong. I do believe in adoption. I also have problems with people like Senator Kerry who voted against a ban on partial birth abortion. How hypocritical is he saying he cannot make moral decisions for others in the case of abortion yet he can follow his own feelings in any other matters. Partial birth abortion is a hideous procedure. Could you watch this being done to another human being? I can't and will fight against it.

When it comes to the economy, I will vote for Bush. September 11th devastated the entertainment business I am involved in. Most of it is done in and around NYC. But you know what? Business is coming back. It's also very difficult to find new good employees whom we pay $25.00 an hour. I look at where I am now as compared to the Clinton administration when things were the best they ever where.

I travel just as much if not more now and I have also put more improvements on my home than ever before in the last couple of years. I have one child in private school and pay that tuition every month. When I look at what I own, I have more "toys" like PCs, cell phones and other gadgets than I ever had. Are you really in worse financial position now than you were four years ago? Or are you like many of us, always looking for a bit more.

We also have to decide what is good for us and not good for us. In NY Senator Schumer runs adds saying that he has bettered NY. One way he says is because he brought Jetblue to New York and they give the best prices around. Yes, that's great for us, but what about the Jetblue employees. They are on the lower end of the scale in dollars made in the airline business. Companies like Delta, who pay higher scale wages, are now possibly going under. This is the same thing as outsourcing. Our companies look for low rate employees elsewhere bringing in much cheaper priced goods for us but at the expense of higher waged people here. Some of us make out with cheaper prices and others lose jobs. Unfortunately in todays competitive job markets companies have to make economic decisions best for the company and its shareholders. If you own any stocks, 401s, or annuities you are playing in the same game.

I believe in entrepreneurship and less regulations on business. Someone who owns a business and has a gross income of $200,000 is NOT a rich person. These are the people who employ many others. If they get overly taxed, like Senator Kerry feels they should, then their business will go down and layoffs will happen. The real rich are people like Senator Kerry and his wife who only paid 12 percent of their gross income in taxes compared to the middle income family that pays near 30 percent. Me, I was happy with the tax breaks that Bush sent my way and I hope to continue spending that money on things I want for my family and not have that money taken by the government to dole out as they please.

I am not happy with the health care system in that so many people are not covered. President Bush has slowly started to make progress in this matter. I see no real plan by Senator Kerry. What I do want to see continue is the best medical care in the world and we do have it. I am fortunate to be covered and I do hope that progress will be made to help everyone. I dislike "pie in the sky" promises like Senator Kerry makes saying that he will get the same coverage that all the congress has for all the people in the United States. It's more of a shame that some people believe him.

I am also concerned about appointments to the Supreme Court. I do not want activist judges legislating laws from the bench. That can be dangerous for everybody! I want judges to be appointed for interpreting our constitution. I do not want to see our justice system politicized. I am afraid when I see litmus tests for appointees.

In this piece I mentioned safety for our children, the economy, jobs, abortion and a few other points but the fact is if we do not win this battle against terrorists who want the end to our way of life, then nothing else matters.

I did not write this piece to challenge anyone or to change their minds. I have heard all the different arguments back and forth and believe me I do listen. At this point I will not be swayed by any comments rebutting my thoughts. I write this piece only to let everyone know where I stand and why.

I believe that President Bush is the best man to protect my children and right now nothing else really matters to me.

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