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Works great but sent me to the emergency room

Jan 7, 2008
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Pros:Works well on scuffs and tile grout.

Cons:Wear gloves and protect skin. Causes serious rash/hives that sent me to the emergency room.

The Bottom Line: Good product; works well on scuffs and tile grout. WEAR GLOVES and PROTECT SKIN FROM EXPOSURE. Sent me to the emergency room on Christmas; have no other allergies.

I've used this product several times and it does work great on scuffs and dirt in tile grout. Be careful on other surfaces - I still have circular swirls on the finish of one of my wood kitchen cabinets.

We had some work done in our house and with the holidays (20+ guests) coming, I had some heavy duty cleaning up to do. I broke out the full arsenal including the Magic Eraser. I was on my hands and knees on the floor scrubbing away bare feet and shorts (we're in Florida). I admit I didn't read the box to see if there were any warnings and I discarded it so I now have 1 left. Within a few hours, I had an adverse reaction. My hands and feet became really, really itchy and I broke out in hives from my chin down to my feet - anywhere the water on the floor touched. On Christmas morning I woke up and after taking one look at my rash that had now turned blue, we headed for the emergency room. I was treated with intravenous Benadryl, Pepcid and Steroids and returned home within a couple of hours in much better shape. The swelling had gone down and the itch had subsided somewhat. The next day when I took the Rx steroids on a full stomach as recommended, I had another adverse reaction (stomach) to the medicine requiring a second visit to the emergency room. I'm fine now and I'll use the product again because it does work well, but I'll definitely wear gloves and I won't get it on my skin. Painful lesson learned.

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