Plantronics M214C Good Cordless Phone Headset

Jan 5, 2008
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I started out with a cheap Jenson headset ($20). Callers were always complaining that they could not hear me. I upgraded to the Plantronics M214C (I think around $30) a few years ago and had very good luck with it (from Best Buy). No complaints ever from callers. I found it comfortable and easy to use. It has a volume feature on the cord. I put it thru a lot of hard use and it recently developed a broken wire in the cord to the headset so now it cuts out once in a while. No fault of the unit, however. I easily got my money's worth. You get what you pay for with headsets. It is now my backup unit. I have now upgraded to the AT T EH535 (for $35). This is a heavier duty unit with a flexible cord so the broken wire issue will be lessened. It also has a volume control. So far, I love the EH535. Worth the extra money.

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