Worst cooking device ever...Food tastes bad...leaves nasty smell in the house.

Jan 7, 2008
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Pros:Makes good grilled cheese and tuna melt sandwiches. Fast and Easy to clean.

Cons:Most meat tastes bad. Leaves nasty smell in the house.

The Bottom Line: I could not, in good conscience, recommend this product to anyone. It will leave a bad taste in your mouth, and a bad smell in your house.

This Model Number, GRP99, is the closest I can come to my product. My product is a GRP99B, Next Generation Grilling Machine. It does not say "sandwich" anywhere on the packaging or machine. Unlike a "sandwich maker", which you would expect to have a flat cooking surface, this has a grooved surface like a grill. Interestingly enough, the only thing this product does right is grilling sandwiches though they look a bit odd with the "grooves" from the grill imprinted into them.

I can't believe that anyone would give this product, or any similar George Foreman Grill, a positive review. It may be fast, and semi-convenient, but only the most unsophisticated palate would think that it actually makes most food "taste good." I have found that this appliance is only reasonably good at grilling some fish and even that tastes better when broiled, poached, or grilled in another manner on a gas grill, charcoal grill, or oven. By all measures, and based on the reports of others, I am an excellent chef and I am hard pressed to make anything come out palatable on this device.

Using the same seasonings that I would on an outdoor grill, I find that red meat cooked on the GF Grill is mostly tasteless and...actually a bit unpleasant. This is because the food basically wallows in it's fat, which pools beneath it, before only a small portion of it runs off into the catch pan. I could barely stand hamburgers cooked on this product and it is a sin to ruin a steak by basically "frying" it in this machine.

Chicken cooked on the GF grill wallows in it's own juices (a large part of which is water), and comes out looking, and tasting, as if it were boiled. Even if you make it taste half-way good, by using twice the seasoning you would on a gas or charcoal grille, or baked or broiled in the oven, the fowl will have a rubbery texture which will make it unpleasant on the palate.

Unlike on a flame type grill, the meat is not braised and the fat does not produce smoke which actually smells pleasant and ads to the taste of the food. In fact, the smell produced by the fat, which is bascially "boiling" in the grill, actually produces a fetid smell in the house which I must cover by burning candles.

We asked for this product, in the annual Christmas Gift Exchange with married couples in our family, because we thought it would be nice to be able to grill our food indoors in the winter. After a week of using it, with a variety of meats and foods, we've decided we'd rather barbecue in the snow than stink the house up and destroy any more fine cuts of meat in this product.

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