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Jan 8, 2008
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Pros:Tight fit lid, appealing styling, cooks well, easy to carry


The Bottom Line: This is a nice looking and well working cooker. It is well designed to take with you wherever you go and has everything you need for serving.

I just got this cooker about a month ago and have not found anything I don't like about it yet!
The Stay or Go Cooker is great if you tend to take things to various gatherings. The lid had latches on each end so that it will not move! It clamps down tight and has a rubber seal so that food will not spill. It appears to be a very tight seal and I don't think that water would leak from it if the cooker were turned on its side!
The cooker also had nice tall handles on each end so that it is very easy to carry. The handles have plastic grips so that they do not get too hot. I think that the way these handles are made, they would be perfect for anyone who needs a little extra help holding things. Sometimes the handles of cookers are small and hard to hold. Not these. The lid is clear glass so that you can see what you are cooking and has a slot in the handle of the lid that allows a spoon (supplied) to fit snuggly. It's not going to go anywhere! And the spoon is not a cheap, easy to break spoon. It feels very sturdy and should hold up well.
I've only cook a couple of things in this, but so far it appears to cook very well. The crock is stoneware, similar to other crocks, and is removable for easy cleaning. The outer case is stainless steel and is very attractive.
I think that this is just one of the nicest cookers I've seen in awhile. A friend of mine also has one and raves about how nice it is. Whether you take it with you much or not, you can not go wrong with this cooker! I highly recommend it to anyone!

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