Geezus people, get a grip !!

Nov 3, 2004

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The Bottom Line ...

Enough already.

The world is still not going to come to an end.

The streets and polling places still did not erupt in violence or run red with spilled blood.

The sun will still rise tomorrow.

You'll probably still have a job (or not have a job) tomorrow.

The stock market is still not going to crash.

The rest of the world is still not going to isolate the United States.

The United Nations is still there, prepared to do . . .whatever it is they still do.

Iran, North Korea, and Grand Fenwick will all still be potential threats tomorrow.

John Kerry still has a job. ( John Edwards is still a lawyer . . .he'll be OK. )

Theresa Heinz-Kerry still won't need a job.

The vote counting of 2000 in Florida is still over.

Males and females can still 'partner up' with whomever they choose.

If you want to have an abortion, you still can.

If you want to have a baby, you still can.

American borders will still need to be better protected.

Legal immigrants will still be welcome. Illegal immigrants will still be . . .well...'illegals'.

If you are an American, you still have an elected Senators and a Representative who will help or hinder the President as (ideally) her/his constituents might direct.

You're still free to spend your money or not as you like.

You are still free to get involved and work for change.

The field is still wide open for 2008. Not too early to think about what you want to see

You're still free to protest whatever action or policy that you desire to protest.

The threat of terror is still out there.

It is still America, well where I am it still is.

It is still your life, your family, your world.

What you make of it is still your choice.


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