Color Oval Tabs on These Plastic Index Dividers -- Fun!

Jan 9, 2008
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Pros:unique fun appearance, fairly easy to use, plastic dividers are durable

Cons:can't use with sheet protectors (tabs are hidden), line length a consideration

The Bottom Line: These Avery dividers are a great way to add pizzazz to a notebook.

When I saw these Avery Style-Edge Insertable Plastic Reference Dividers – model # 11201, I had to try them. They looked fun with the eight plastic dividers having a colored “bubble” index tab on the side. A unique look!


The package comes with eight dividers that measure 8 1/2” wide x 11” high. The are constructed from a medium-weight plastic that is sturdy enough so that it doesn’t fold on itself, yet stiff enough to be somewhat pliable. The plastic is frosted so that it is not completely clear. The dividers are also 3-hole punched.

Each divider has a tab on the side that is oval shaped. The tabs are staggered so that when all eight dividers are together, each tab is visible. The tab colors in order from top to bottom are: deep red, medium blue, grass green, mustard yellow, royal blue, deep red, medium blue, grass green.

There is also an instruction sheet in the package that includes paper tabs that can be fed through a printer. The paper tabs are oval in shape to match the oval-shaped tabs. There are 16 paper tabs on the sheet.

Designing & Printing the Paper Tabs

These tabs use an Avery template that was specifically designed for Microsoft Word 97 (and later versions). I am using Microsoft Word 2003. My version of Word did not have the template for these tabs. It was easy to download the template from the Avery website. I went to and clicked the Software/Template tab at the top of the screen. I then typed in the product number (11201) and was asked to provide my name and email address. (You have the optional choice to receive mailings from Avery.) Then the correct download appeared. You can click “open”, and the template appears in a window on the browser. Or you can choose “save” to store the template on your computer.

I typed what words I wanted to appear on the tabs into the template. The template automatically bolded the words I typed. There are four lines available for typing on each tab, but the lines are short. I had to abbreviate some of my words in order for them to fit.

Printing was easy. Before printing on the actual tab inserts, I printed the page on plain paper. I placed the paper over the tab insert page and held it to the light to make sure the printing was correctly aligned. It was. I then inserted the tab page into the laser printer. It doesn’t matter which side of the page is printed on. If you wish the printing to appear on both sides, you can switch the tab page in the printer to print again. I did not do this.

The tab page is perforated so that the oval tabs can be punched out of the paper. Even though there are 16 tabs available for printing, I only printed on the 8 tabs located on the top half of the sheet. Tear the sheet horizontally in half on the perforated line. Then carefully remove the excess paper from around the tabs. I saved the pieces that held the printing instructions.

The tabs are easy to insert into the plastic ovals on the tab dividers. The oval has an opening on the left side. Just slide the paper tab into place.

My Observations

1. Word selection for the tabs was challenging. For instance, the word “warranty” would not fit. I had to remove an “a” and type “warrnty”.

2. The tabs are easy to separate from the sheet. It takes a bit of care since they are oval-shaped. I make sure to keep my fingers anchored on the tab close to one side of the perforated line, while tearing the tab free with the other hand.

3. The tabs may take a bit of wiggling back and forth to insert them into the oval tab holders. Also note that only the first two lines of typing are visible above the edge of inserted pages that go between the dividers.

4. If you use sheet protectors as I sometimes do, then these tabs may not work well for you. The tabs do not extend beyond the edge of the sheet protectors and are, therefore, invisible until the pages are opened to reveal them.

5. The bold writing on the paper tabs is easy to view through the colored oval tabs. The black printer writing is hardest to view through the royal blue tab, but it is still readable.

6. I like the stiffness of these plastic dividers. They are durable and won’t rip like paper dividers. The frosted look works well, too, allowing me to view the first page beneath it. This works great if the page beneath the divider is a “Table of Contents” or summary of the material in that section.


A package of these tabs costs $3.97 from I noticed a recent magazine advertisement where Walmart was selling these for under $3.00.


These Avery Style-Edge Insertable Plastic Reference Dividers are fun to use and present a unique, even quirky, look to a notebook. I enjoyed using them. Will I buy them for future notebook organizing? Probably not. These caught my eye because they were different, and I had to try them. I found it limiting as to how long a line I could type on these tabs. That’s a serious consideration for me.

I hope you found this review useful.

Enjoy the day,

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