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Jan 16, 2008 (Updated Jan 16, 2008)
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Pros:Powerful, Attractive, Dial-use and Pulse.

Cons:No Safety Shut-Off

The Bottom Line: This Oster Blender is terrific, but might not be the best chose for you if you have curious hands in your house.

This year for Christmas, we asked my mother for a blender. She called me from Bed Bath and Beyond and put me on the spot about the brand we wanted. When she ran through the list and I heard "Oster," I recalled our great success with our Oster Rice Cooker and Steamer and chose this one.

The Oster 6854 14-Speed Blender can be used in making smoothies, milk shakes, malts, mixed drinks, bisques, soups, salsa, baby food, and more. The brushed stainless steel chrome finished blender takes up about 6 square inches on your countertop and stands 14 inches high with glass jar in place. It holds 40ounces (1.25L) with lines at each cup of measure from 1-5 cups. Blender should not be filled past 5 cups as there is another inch of space for movement. Blender should remain unplugged when not in use as it can still be turned on without the lid in place.

-Cord storage
-Counter worthy design with a blade dial
-5-cup scratch-resistant and dishwasher safe glass jar
-Stainless steel "Ice Crusher" blade for perfectly crushed ice every time
-All-Metal Drive system with powerful 450 watt motor provides lasting durability
-14 Speed Brushed Chrome blender

About Oster:
Contact Oster by calling (800) 334-0759 or visit them on their website at: http://www.oster.com/ There, you will find a range of appliances including: Blenders, Toasters, Toaster Ovens, Mixers, and more. There website also includes recipes for use with their appliances. Some great blender recipes include: Creamy Mint Cookie Smoothie, Frozen Margarita, Honey-Wheat Pancakes, Salmon Salad with Avocado, Vinaigrette and Corn Salsa, Salmon with Corn, Whipped Potatoes and Carrot, Cream of Broccoli Soup, Lobster Bisque, and more.

Using the Oster 6854 14-Speed Blender:
My husband loves smoothies and eventually we would like to have children and I would like to make all natural baby food, so we needed a blender. The first thing I noticed when taking this blender out of the box, was its 2 foot black cord wound underneath the blender in a storage area. This is great so loose cords are not easy for little ones to grab.

My husband set the blender up on the counter and I noticed this silver stainless steel bottom on the glass jar. I did not think it added anything, so my husband took it off. Then I asked him to put it back on because it looked prettier with it. The bottom also helps it stand up when not in the blender holder.

Another design I like about this blender is the silver chrome finish which complements the other appliances in our kitchen. Also, it has a dial that ranges from 1-14 to increase or lower the blender's speed easily without the stop and go that buttons often cause. Each dial number is labeled with items such as nuts, dressings, milkshakes, coffee, ice, etc. so I can easily find the perfect speed. There is a pulse button, which can be used at any speed and sends small surges of blending. Along with on and off touch buttons.

When turning the blender on a certain speed and then touching pulse, the on mode goes off and the blender switches over to pulse only, so if I stop touching pulse, the blender is off. I wish that touching pulse with the blender on, sent a little extra burst of speed to the blender, instead of going into pulse only mode.

I find the measurements on the glass jar extremely helpful as it saves me from getting out the measuring cup. Also the handle is curved at all the right places to allow for a better grip. The lid is black and made of a flexible rubber material that really creates suction when placed on the glass jar. Of course filling the blender above the 5 cup line will result in leakage even with the great lid.

Also the lid has a plastic cylinder that sits in the middle and can easily be removed to add things to the blender without removing the whole lid. This is very helpful when making a mixture that includes frozen items as sometimes the blender seems to get stuck on getting the entire item to the blade. I shut off the blender, remove the cylinder and use a wooden spoon to push things down. Otherwise the power and speed of the blender is terrific. Example, I made Tuna Cream Spread that included tuna, broth, frozen peas, and spinach and by speed 12 the blender was sucking the mixture down in a whirlpool like fashion and blending everything in less than a minute.

When we honeymooned in Costa Rica we were intrigued with an apple drink that included fresh peeled and cored apples, ice, and a touch of apple juice. The fact that it was 8 degrees outside did not stop us from trying to make this blended drink. The ice chopped up perfectly into these small dots of flavor filled with apple. It was just as delicious as we remembered.

I find this blender great for making fresh peanut butter that can end up chunky or creamy depending on the setting. It has helped me make fine salsa, green rice, and is fantastic on bisque (getting the flour to really thicken the mixture and make it creamier).

Cleaning is always easy with a blender. First, it is dishwasher safe. However, my husband's favorite way to clean it is to add a pinch of soap and a couple cups of water into the jar and then blend it on setting 1 just until it suds up. Rinse and done. The first time I tried to clean it this way, I put it on a medium setting, not accounting for the suds and it leaked everywhere. Also the exterior of the blender base wipes clean without any trouble.

Final Thoughts:
Oster is one of the names I trust in appliances. The Oster 6854 14-Speed Blender is easy to use and has been delightful to use this past month. It seems durable and powerful, I am sure it will last for years.

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