ok on the average but not good enough for the price

Jan 19, 2008 (Updated Jan 19, 2008)
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Pros:build quality

Cons:comparable to sub $100 headphones so not worth the price, heavy and bulky

The Bottom Line: don't mistake me it was a quite good headphone but it was not outperforming sub $100 headpones.

i had to return this headphone that was supposed to be the best unamped headphones on the market. it is good on the average but good or bad is not absolute, it can only be relative so i compared it to my 2 sub $100 headphones : the grado sr80 and the sennheiser hd280 pro).compared to these 2 cheaper headphones it is not much better, in fact i was unpleasantly surprised to notice that in some area it was weaker.

1/ the grado sr80 has a more natural sound (especially noticable for voices, human voices seem to come from the throat (very warm, without being bassy like in my son's sennheiser hd485) but it seems to be coming from the nose in the ath a900 which is unnatural and unpleasant. nevertheless the ath-a900 had more bass than the grado and Isolation was much better (the ath-a900 being a closed headphone versus the grado a opened headphone).

2/ trebble was better on the ath a900 (more bright) but the bass is not as deep as in my sennheiser hd280 pro (i also noticed the ath-a900 was much more comfortable). voices were more detailed and warm on the ath-a900.

about comfort, the ath-a900 is ok (much better than the hd280pro that puts too much pressure on the head) but it is very heavy and slips back when i put my head back.

build quality was nice, connector and cable was way much better than my grado and my sennheiser that looked like cheap plastic toy in comparison.

in conclusion it has high and lows compared to these 2 sub 100$ headphones so it could compete on par with them if it was the same price category but at the double price ( i paid 190$) it is just not worth it - that is why i returned it.

at this price i expected it to outperform both my grado sr80 ( that has a very natural sound but lacks bass and details) and my sennheiser hd280 (that has an incredible deep bass and details but sound is unnatural (especially the voices that are much to high as if it lacked mediums) but it was not the case so i don't recommend it.

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