Shania Twain CD Come On Over ~My Girls Never Get Tired Of It!~

Jan 20, 2008
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Pros:Great Fun Music!

Cons:She makes me think about dieting every time...

The Bottom Line: If you have not heard of Shania you have not lived. She is an Icon!

Shania, the country girl who was not so country after all. Or was she? Shania is still the name many people in the world recognize and there sure is a reason! Same reason why there is over 200 reviews on this CD on the, I can't think of any other country CD with as many reviews in the Epi-site!

So I'm adding my view to the pool anyway! I picked this CD used from a yard sale and thought my kids might get few laughs out of it anyway. Well, I was so wrong!

Shania released this CD 1997 so yes, it HAS been 10 years, a whole decade since it came out! She has moved on to be a mom and has not been on the spotlight much lately but these songs still keep getting airtime and karaoke world loves every tune I'm sure!

Somehow this album stays on the top section of my CD pile and my girls, 6 & 4 still listen to it all the time. They love to dance for the tunes and lyrics are so easy to learn.

And I must admit I'm surprised that I'm not tired of listening to these tunes either. CD starts with Man! I Feel Like A Woman and when my girls shake their booties feeling it! They were not even born when this album came out but are the biggest Shania fans around!

Don't Be Stupid is another song they thrive on and it gets quite loud in our household when my little rockstars let it all out with Shania!

That Don't Impress Me Much is another totally Diva tune and those cheap shades and short skirts ar swinging in our private "Dance Studio" when my girls act it out!

There is 16 songs in the album, some slower ballads which give my girls time to take a breath and just listen before they Rock This Country! again.

So maybe Shania is not so bluegrass or Opry but she has provided ours of fun in our house for a cheap price tag so I must give her five stars and then some!

Thanks Shania, You're Still The One!

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