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Jan 25, 2008 (Updated Jan 25, 2008)
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Pros:The Cadillac of flashlights. Durable, reliable and built to take on all conditions.


The Bottom Line: You will not find a better built flashlight for the money that this 2D affords you.

When looking for a flashlight, you would be remiss not to check out the line that Mag-Lite offers. They simply outlast, outperform and are 100% dependable based on quality craftsmanship. We own several of the mini-mags, in an array of colors, but this 2D is the pride of the fleet, at this juncture.

I see the one pictured here is red, but black is the classic color and most appealing to me. Also available are silver, blue and pewter, in addition to black and red. This is for the 2D specifically.

In order to truly appreciate what you are getting with the purchase of the 2D BLACK flashlight, I think it is important to note the evolution of the brand. The reputable name Mag-Lite carries is not built on hype nor has it seemed to rest on its laurels over the years by lowering quality and depending on its name to carry it. This is a story of hard work, commitment to quality and determination.

History of the Brand

Tony Maglica is the individual behind the name and still sits as the President of the company, born in NY in 1930. He was then whisked off at a young age by his mother to Croatia, her native land. After WWII, the big one, Croatia was under rule of the Iron Curtain. Thus, he fled back to the United States in search of a better life. He took a job at a machine shop in East, L.A.

Mr. Maglica started out as a manufacturer of parts that had to meet rigorous, precise guidelines in order for said parts to have an exact fit in equipment for the aerospace industry. He saw the boss doing a little moonlighting, which inspired him to do the same. Why did he choose flashlights? Seemingly, they chose him.

He had friends that were in the police department and they complained about the plastic junk they carried. In fact, one of them tried to make his own, using the regular plastic rigs then placed them in a metal casing made of fence posts.

The police did not pay him for his efforts and he was into supplying another company with flashlight parts. He had issues with inventory and the demand from the company, so he decided he would produce them start to finish himself. The rest is history!

He is now well passed retirement age, but still is holding the reigns to the company with a firm belief in keeping the production of his product line in the good old US of A. Mr. Maglica’s attention to detail is legendary, both in his work ethic and the management techniques applied to his devoted employees. He also wisely ensured that his customer service portion of the business remains second to none in the industry.

So, you see, this is not just some company run by an executive born into privilege and wealth. Rather, a quality product is the result of a highly determined and skillful man, which makes me a huge fan of Mag-Lite.

My Use and Functionality of the 2D

I live in Florida, which means we are susceptible to hurricanes and other storms/nor’easters which cause power outages. Also, I enjoy the occasional camp out as well as scoping out noises outside my house in order to ensure my family is safe. I also like to play with the cat that is confused why she can not catch this luminous disc on the floor!

This 2D fits the bill and, as long as I keep a supply of batteries, I know I have a functional flashlight that is water resistant and durable. As you screw off the bottom to insert the batteries, you can feel the quality of the aluminum alloy case. It is shock resistant, so a fumble fisted individual is not punished more than those blessed with extreme manual dexterity.

The on/off button is covered with a top grade seal and the switch itself is self-cleaning, so this is not going to be the weak link when it is go time. Also, each Mag-Lite comes with a spare bulb in the event the original should burn out. Unlike other brands, the extra is within the case itself, instead of packaged in the box so that you will never find it when you need it – in the dark.

Placing the batteries in is a breeze, though the spring is tough so that it ensures good connectivity. The threads are well-made so that you do not screw it on at an angle by accident. Once on, the beam itself is adjustable by turning the end. It can focus all the light in one smaller beam or expand to illuminate more of your surroundings. Again, you can feel the quality when you spin the top, which will come completely off for bulb replacement. The spare bulb is in the tail cap, protected by a soft piece of material that fully encloses it.

Both of the caps are sealed with quality, rubber O-rings (not onion rings, mmmmm onion rings) to prevent moisture from finding its way into the flashlight. Also, there is a weave like etching in the slick aluminum case where you hold it, making for easy, sure gripping as well as a similar effect for making the removal and replacement of the top and bottom easy to do. You can also buy any single part that malfunctions or get it free if the defect is covered under the limited lifetime warranty.


High-intensity adjustable light beam (Spot to Flood)

Recessed, pushbutton, self-cleaning, 3-position switch

Rugged, machined aluminum construction with knurled design

Anodized inside and out for improved corrosion resistance

Water and shock resistant

Spare lamp safely secured inside the tailcap

Average Lumens: 36.5

Peak Candle Power: up to 16,200

Average Battery Life: 9-10 hours of continuous use

Length: 10 inches

Case up to Light: 5 inch circumference

Light encasement: 7 inch circumference

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