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Jan 27, 2008
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Pros:Cheap, great sound quality, comfortable, small

Cons:Not good for high volume

The Bottom Line: Use these to escape the world.

If you want a good set of headphones, but don’t want to empty your wallet buying top of the line, these headphones are a great choice.
The quality of music is great, unless you are the type that likes to crank up the volume. That is when they will start getting the static sound. So just turn down the volume a little and save your ear drums. The ‘marshmallow’ foam keeps the buds comfortably in your ear. Other ear buds I have worn leave my ears aching. I have not had that problem at all with these, even after hours of use and falling asleep with them in.
The foam is available in different colors for those that want a little bit of color flavor.
The marshmallow buds also help seal out ambient noise, helping you escape the world. Though if you don’t want to be unaware of your surrounding, you can pull the buds out slightly so you can hear what’s going on around you and still enjoy your music.
These buds also stay securely in your ears. I’ve worn them while running several miles and the buds stayed put.
The cord features a sliding connector for the split cords so you can keep it from tangling during storage.

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