JVC Wireless Headphone Provides Household Peace

Jan 27, 2008
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Pros:Ease of movement and quieting sound for others.

Cons:Size and bulk can clutter counter.

The Bottom Line: Buy these and save yourself earphone irritation and silence the noise wars in your house.

My husband bought the JVC Wireless headphones when two teenagers moved into the house, but after they left, we still found them a valuable resource because when I play music, he's often watching television. The headphones have been a real asset because you can wander to other rooms and still keep track of the action on the television i.e to do chores or visit the kitchen for goodies or the bathroom.

The headphones stay plugged into the wall. When you return them to the charging case, they recharge, unless you leave them on. The attachment to the television is either through the headphones plug, or through right and left receiver plugs that you match by color. If you use the headphones plug, the television is silent until you unplug the headphones. If you use the right and left receiver plugs, the television can be on or off by your choice. But you can’t have the headphones on button turn the television sound on or off, which would be a cool feature to have.

The headset is adjustable, easy on the ears, and has a volume control switch on one ear. It also has a channel scan button in case you need to fine tune your wireless receiver frequency.

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