Very happy with my dryer!

Feb 3, 2008
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Pros:Great dryer with large capacity and good price

Cons:Lint trap does need extra attention to avoid jams

The Bottom Line: Great dryer with a lot of features for the price.

I purchased this dryer as part of a set and have had a great result with it. Unlike its counterpart washer, it has few problems and still has plenty of features to play with. It offers a large variety of dry settings for varying types of load sizes and fabrics allowing you to customize the speed of tumble, heat, and length of drying in many more ways than my old dryer. Also, being a front loading model it is more energy efficient than my old model. Its large bin can hold any load I try to put in it from jeans to large towels and comforters. No problem. Also, like its partner washer, it has attractive styling and a nice look although that is not a number one concern in a dryer. The dryer also includes a special rack that fits inside if you want to dry shoes or hats that you don't want to tumble. I had someone tell me that they put their flowers on and set it to hot to dry flowers, but never tried it myself.

My only concern would be in the lint trap. The lint trap is convenient and very easy to clean, but sits vertically inside the door rather than horizontal like many I've seen. As a result, any lint that doesn't stick falls down around it and tends to get stuck out of reach. On several occasions, this has caused the dryer to stop mid-cycle and the Clean Lint Trap light to come on when the trap is still relatively empty. Typically if I reach and dust out the insides, the light goes off.

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