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The Best Cleaning Wipe Hands Down!

Feb 5, 2008 (Updated Feb 5, 2008)
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Pros:Durable, convenient, great value, cleans up even dried up messes.

Cons:Doesn't work wonderfully on windows, must be a Costco member to purchase.

The Bottom Line: Of all the cleaning wipes on the market this one is not only the best at cleaning but it is a great value at the same time!

Whenever I shop at Costco I always look though their coupon booklet and see if there are any great deals that I would be interested in. I came across a $3.00 off coupon on their Kirkland brand Household Surface Wipes. My normal counter cleaning routine consists of using a disinfecting spray and wiping down the counters with a dry terry cloth. I have used other surface wipes products such as Clorox but always found them to be a waste of money and a hassle to get them out of their container.

Why I bought the wipes
I decided to purchase the wipes because we were renting a venue for the day where we had use of the kitchen. While we weren’t going to be doing any cooking there, food and beverages were going to be brought into the kitchen and were arranged together on platters, etc. and in order to get my full deposit back we had to make sure the area was spic and span on we were done. I didn’t want to have to cart around a bunch of different sprays which might leak so I decided that using the wipes would be the easiest and most economical way to get the job done. So I bought them with the intent of just using them this one time. I figured with the coupon I would only be out $6.99 so if I wasn’t impressed with them I could just get rid of them without worrying about the expense.

How they handled at cleaning up messes
There was actually quite a bit to be cleaned up once we were done with the event especially since my cake fell. All over the place. So we got to work removing the majority of the mess by sweeping it up but that still left a huge mess of frosting and cake bits all over the place not to mention the other messes of salad dressings and oil from the pasta salad that had accumulated on the counters and in the bottom of the refrigerators. This is where the wipes came to great use. I removed the foil that comes in the top of the canister easily by taking of the top and then popped the top back on securely after and handed a canister of wipes to each of my helpers since there were three canisters that came altogether. We went to town wiping up messes all over the kitchen. The wipes are pretty large in size at 8’’ by 10’’ (almost the size of a piece of paper) and are very durable. When we were first starting to clean up we would wipe up a large mess and then rinse and wring them out in the sink. We were able to do this four or five times before they would start to deteriorate. Once the majority of the messes were cleaned up on the counters I went on the wipe out the refrigerator. Now this fridge looked like it had not been cleaned in quite some time and there were many other parties that must have occurred where they decided not to clean out the fridge. I didn’t want to take my chances on losing my deposit so I put on some gloves and started scrubbing the bottom and side walls with the wipes. They were able to scrub out the dried on materials of who-knows-what with just a little bit of extra elbow grease. They also left behind a very pleasant and clean smelling scent. That fridge probably hadn’t looked that good for quite some time! We ended with doing a quick final wipe down of all the counters and were quite happy with the results. Everything looked beautiful and shiny and the whole place smelled like a citrus grove. When I later came back to pick up my deposit the office manager mentioned how wonderful everything looked when she came in and that she even noticed that we had cleaned the fridge to a squeaky-clean shine. I told her that we used the wipes and she said that while she didn’t have a Costco Membership, she would mention to the staff that they should get some for other people so use there in the future.

My experience with them since.
Since we hadn’t used all the wipes and I liked them so much, I decided to take the rest home after the event. I have since used up all of the Orange scent wipes and am now using the Fresh Air scent. (In the 3 canister pack you are given three different scents: Orange, Lemon and Fresh Air Scent- I find all to be very pleasantly scented.) I use them all over the place: to wipe down kitchen appliances, hand prints on cabinet doors, door knobs, removing dust on the lip of base boards and other moldings (one of my favorite uses considering I find this to be the best way to clean my baseboards after vacuuming them), to clean up detergent and softer spills on my washing machine, and to spot clean my tile when I don’t have time to completely mop. Oh yeah, and to wipe down my counters! I like that one wipe can go from one job to the next: I start off cleaning my counter and then wipe down my oven top and kitchen light and then finally my any messes on my floor. And all with one wipe. The only thing I find that I don't like to use them for is for cleaning mirrors. While it works to get any set on ickiness off of the mirror, it leaves behind minor streaks, so for this purpose I will continue to use a spray cleaner like Windex.

Comparing them to Clorox Wipes
This is the only other brand that I have previously purchased for my household and have had experience with. After purchasing them once I did not purchase them again ever because I found them to have many faults. Here is my comparison:
I found the Kirkland brand wipes to be a much better value:
Clorox: $3.99 for a canister with 35 wet wipes compared to $6.99 (w/$3.00off coupon) for 3 canisters each containing 55 wipes.
Clorox: $0.114 per wipe Kirkland: $0.042 per wipe. (Less than half the cost!)
I use less Kirkland brand wipes to clean up messes thanks to their larger size:
Kirkland Wipe dimensions: 8’’ by 10’’ compared to Clorox Wipe Dimensions: 8’’ by 7’’.
Ease of getting the Kirkland brand out of their container:
Kirkland brand wipes come out of the canister pretty easily all the time whereas I find it very difficult to get the Clorox wipes out of their container (to the point where it is quite frustrating at times.
Saturation of the wipes:
I have found that with the Kirkland brand wipes not only are all the wipes completely saturated with the liquid, but there is approximately of a cup of disinfecting liquid left after all the wipes are gone- I will probably put some dried out baby wipes in there and use them for miscellaneous cleaning. In contrast, the last few Clorox wipes in the container were dry as a bone and I ended up throwing them away- another decrease in their value.

Other information from the package:
The front of the package shows that the ingredients used in these wipes are as follows: n-Alkyl dimethyl ethylbenzyl ammonium chlorides (0.14%),n-Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chlorides (0.14%), isopropyl alcohol (8.00%, and "other ingredients" 91.72%.

The wipes disinfect against Staphylococcus aureus, salmonella choleraesuis, pseudomonas aeruginosa, and 99.9% of common household germs and kills the flu virus Influenza A2.

The wipes are manufactured by PDI, The Healthcare Division of Nice-Pak Products, Inc. for distribution by Costco Wholesale Corp.

Overall I find that the Kirkland wipes are not only far superior to the pricier wipes on the market, but that the wipes also provide superior cleaning to using a bunch of cleaning sprays on all the different surfaces that I use these wipes on. They are convenient, clean up the toughest messes and are a wonderful value. I will continue to purchase these wipes after I eventually run out of them. I would highly recommend to people who are currently using the other brands to switch to these and to all those who haven’t tried cleaning wipes yet, I would encourage you to try Kirkland Household Surface Wipes.

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