Shop-Vac 10 Gallon Industrial Duty Stainless Steel Wet/Dry Vac 610-50

Shop-Vac 10 Gallon Industrial Duty Stainless Steel Wet/Dry Vac 610-50

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A Stainless Steel Shop Vac for all of your Industrial Needs!

Feb 5, 2008
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Pros:Works great! Nice, preppy looking. Nice cart with long hanlde.

Cons:Way to expensive. A bit heavy.

The Bottom Line: If your on a budget, the regular Shop Vac works just as well!

Shop Vac Industrial Duty (February 5, 2008)

Industrial Duty, eh? Tee Hee…this always makes me smile! The fine people at Shop Vac made an industrial duty shop vacuum cleaner. OK. I first got one of these as a gift. A friend of mine was cleaning out his garage and he did not have a need for it any longer. Knowing that I am always doing work in my shop, and knowing that I have about a dozen or so vacuum cleaners already he asked me: “Hey Mike, do want this Shop Vac?” Sure!

I took it home in my pickup truck. When I put it inside the pickup truck bed, it was altogether assembled in one piece. When I got home, the rumbling around with the motor and canister separated making a big mess in the back (you’d think my buddy would have cleaned the canister out?).

I have several shop vacs. I have two 5 gallon Shop Vacs that I use interchangeably to clean out cars, messes when I am working on a construction project, and for various other projects. They are light weight and easy to carry around, plus they have a tough plastic canister not prone to getting dings. I also have my huge monster Shop Vac that I use on big projects that. This one has a 20 gallon canister, and it is a bit cumbersome to move around. I also have a very small, 1 gallon Shop Vac that I hardly ever use but it is good for picking up small messes, or for use on stairs since it is very light weight. The newest entry to my collection is my buddy’s give-away 10 gallon Shop Vac. This one seems a bit heavy compared to the others. It does have a little cart that comes with it, which is both handy and cute. I’ve already wheeled it out to my truck a few times to clean out the interior.

This Shop Vac is a bit loud, but not any more noisy then any of the others I own. I can’t for the life of me understand why they consider this unit to industrial grade? Certainly not because of the stainless steel canister. The canister looks nice, and it will probably last a long time (stainless steel does not rust), but the plastic canisters they make seem to be even more heavy duty, since they cannot ding. Anyway, it does seem to be heavy duty enough and the handle and cart, as mentioned already, is very handy to help move it around.

It does as nice of a job cleaning up messes as the other ones I own. The motor is rated at 1.7 HP – which is quite powerful. It works at sucking up both wet and dry messes. I’ve used it to suck water out of the back of my pickup truck bed. It worked effortless and quickly. The canister was very heavy to lift to pour out the water once full. The vacuum cleaner came with some standard 1 inch cleaning tools and hose. Likewise, these worked as good as any standard Shop Vac.

The one big plus is that long handle/cart. This allows me to tote the machine anywhere with ease. However, the handle does come at a small tradeoff: When stretching the hose out, sometimes the hose snags the handles and topples the machine. Immediately the machine stops suction until it is powered off again and then powered on. The wheels do move rather freely – they are bigger and heavier duty than on the standard Shop Vacs. The snagging is only a minor occurrence and it also happens with the other shop vacs I own.

My buddy mentioned to me that the Shop Vac cost a couple of hundred dollars when it was purchased new over a year ago. Wha?! I would NEVER have paid that much for this thing! It cleans great – but just as good as any of the others I own.

Well then, I am sort of on the fence with this tool. I would recommend it – stainless steel or plastic – what do I care? But the price – over $200? It hardly seems worth it when I get pretty much the same thing for less than half that price. This Shop Vac can be purchased at many home center stores, janitorial cleaning supplies stores, and even in some of the office supply stores. It can also be purchased on line. Thank you for reading my review and best wishes for a splendid day!


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