Transcend 8 GB (8 GB) (TS8GSDHC6)

Feb 6, 2008
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Pros:Low cost, reliable, solid warranty, massive storage, ultra fast.


The Bottom Line: Perfect choice for newer digital cameras and camcorders. Fast performance, massive storage for pictures, mp3, and video.


Last year I purchased the JVC Everio GZ-MG155 (30 GB) Camcorder and this camcorder features a SD memory slot. Though the manual states the JVC Everio GZ-MG155 (30 GB) Camcorder can use a standard SD (secure digital card) up to 4GBs I ran across information on the JVC website that implied this model of their camcorder line also supported the new standard SDHC or secure digital high capacity. It's true! Therefore, I took this knowledge on a quest seeking out the new SDHC cards. If it would support a SD of up to 4GBs then it shouldn't have any difficulty utilizing a 4GB SDHC card.

Living in a rural area technology can be a tad difficult to obtain. I searched several web sites and finally purchased an SDHC card from But I didn't opt for the 4GB SDHC class 6 card as planed. Instead, I elected to take a little risk and bought a Transcend 8 GB (8 GB) (TS8GSDHC6). There were two reasons for this decision: One] The 8GB SDHC class 6 card was $37 less then a 4GB card. Two] In the past many of my "e" devices have stated a maximum limit of a memory card it would support; yet, the electronic equipment would recognize and accept larger memory amounts.

JVC being one of the leading manufactures I felt my risk was minimal and I had's 30 Return Policy.

Well, the JVC everio devoured the Transcend 8 GB (8 GB) (TS8GSDHC6) like it was top sirloin. It sees all 8 GBs and allows me an approximate 2 hours of video recording directly to the SDHC card.

Check out my review on the JVC Everio GZ-MG155 (30 GB) Camcorder at .


First off the Transcend 8 GB (8 GB) (TS8GSDHC6) does not list a speed for this card. There is another version of the 8GB SDHC with a speed rating of 80X. The Transcend 8 GB (8 GB) (TS8GSDHC6) however is without such a marking but in very small print on the packaging reads ULTRA SPEED . Based on the specs for SDHC class 6 memory cards I'm assuming this card has a speed rating of 133X. Because my camcorder requires a write speed of 10MBs per sec. And Transcend’s 150X cards are listed as extreme.

8GBs is massive and should do me well for years based on my previous recording requirements. The read and write speeds of the Transcend 8 GB (8 GB) (TS8GSDHC6) are more then acceptable. During play back I have not experienced any glitching or jitteriness, audio and video are in sync, and in record mode there appears to be no issue of lagging or frame dropout.

I have a number of Transcend’s SD memory cards and they have be solid products. I’m expecting the same from their Transcend 8 GB (8 GB) (TS8GSDHC6). At present my JVC camcorder is the only device that supports SDHC so I will need to update at a later date as to compatibility with other electronics.

SD verses SDHC

There is good news and bad news with the Secure Digital card. The bad news is that SDHC cards are non compliant with standard SD devices. The good news is you can still use your present SD cards in the new SDHC electronics coming to market. This gives renew value to your old SD cards. However, to receive optimum performance from your new acquisitions one should seriously consider updating their SD cards by purchasing the new SDHC cards becoming more readily available. The Transcend 8 GB (8 GB) (TS8GSDHC6) is and excellent choice in cost, value and convenience.


In the clear plastic packaging the buyer receives:

1 Transcend 8 GB (8 GB) (TS8GSDHC6)
1 limited life time warranty card
1 mp3 flyer
1 flash card and card readers flyer
1 quick instruction guide
1 bi-fold card with basic information


I highly recommend the Transcend 8 GB (8 GB) (TS8GSDHC6) for anyone needing a fast, reliable, and high capacity for their new equipment. It’s valued price compared to leading competitor products. It is not backward compatible for use in standard SD devices.

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