Great stroller for city and country!!

Feb 6, 2008
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Pros:Front swivel tire, great storage features

Cons:Small cupholders, tire lock bar sticks out far

The Bottom Line: A wonderful stroller for both city and country use! Perfect storage features and comfortable for mommy to push and baby to ride in!

This is our 3rd stroller since we had our daughter, but it's definitely recieved the most use. Our initial purchase was based mostly on the fact that it was a jogging style stroller (actual tires as opposed to plastic wheels) so that we could use it out on country roads where there is rough terrain, dirt/sand, and other things that a "regular" stroller would be next to impossible to push through. The front swivel wheel also appealed to me, for obvious reasons but also because it would cause the stroller to lay flatter in the trunk of our small car (Toyota Camry).

Overall, this stroller has been absolutely wonderful. While we dealt with a few flat tires after a couple uses, once we "slimed" them we've only had to pump them up once or twice at most. The swivel tire has been a fantastic feature when walking on gravel or any rough surface, and it's a simple task to lock/unlock it when needed. Te sunshade is nice and large. The seat has a 5-pt harness so I am confident that my daughter is safe when buckled in. The snack tray easily unsnaps from each side so you can open in from one side to get child in/out (although it's definitely not necessary), or you can remove it completely.

The basket underneath is large enough to hold a diaper bag, a blanket, my purse, and a winter jacket. That's a lot of storage space! The cupholders aren't very big so you're limited to what size drinks you can fit in them, but that's never bothered us. The storage box at the top is big enough to hold my cell phone and car keys with room to spare, and I like that you can close it to keep items secure. Of course the mp3 player and speakers are an added bonus!

This stroller rides so smoothly and it's so comfortable to push (and apparently to ride in, as my daughter absolutely loves it!). It steers nicely with one hand but is also at comfortable height to push with both hands and not feel as if you're hunched over. Once I'm done using it it folds up easily with 1 hand. It's bulky to pick up and put in the trunk, but what jogging stroller isn't? And even in our little Camry, the stroller only takes up about half of the trunk space.

My only real complaint would be that when walking briskly I tend to hit my feet on the tire lock bar at the bottom. I'm not sure if the bar sticks out further than most or if it's just that I take longer steps or what, but I can easily and comfortably adjust my walking to it.

Overall this has been the best stroller we've invested in. It's so comfortable that I'm not even considering getting a double jogger when our new baby arrives, but just wearing the baby in a sling and continuing to push my daughter in the Jeep jogger.

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