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Feb 8, 2008 (Updated Feb 8, 2008)
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Pros:Sturdy yet lightweight. Good price for a double jogger.

Cons:Lousy, non-adjustable sun shade - plan on buying one that attaches to the stroller itself.

The Bottom Line: Great for a jogging stroller but not really good for other purposes such a shopping and errands. Need a larger vehicle to transport it as well.

This stroller was a lifesaver for me over the summer. It is a traditional jogger, meaning there is not a swivel wheel on the front. However, the wheels are large, easily pumped with air, and the stroller's maneuverability is great. As with most joggers, this one had to be steered using the "pop a wheelie" method - which is totally unnecessary while jogging but since I'm more of a walker than a jogger, I found myself doing this often. The good side of this is that I built some arm strength while consistently lifting 60 pounds of combined weight. The handle bar is tall, and that is a huge plus for me since I am 5'10" and hate having to scrunch over to push any kind of stroller. Those times that I did go jogging with this stroller, I found the back wheels to be far enough away from my feet that I was not kicking them constantly - again, another huge plus for being a tall person. The storage basket could be bigger, and I wish it was not divided down the middle. This made it difficult to put any kind of diaper bag under my girls, especially while napping. I would not recommend this jogger for two large toddlers. Towards the end of the summer, after only using this stroller for a few months, my 2.5 year old (30 pounds) was slumped towards the center, as was my 1 year old (20 pounds). This was because there is no metal reinforcement between the seats but only fabric. The bar goes on each of the outsides of the seats, and directly under the bottom of the seats, but there is nothing between them to hold the fabric portion of the seats up. All in all, though, I still would have gotten this stroller because it held up very well. Another thing with this stroller is that it is wide - not wider than other joggers, but if you are going from a single to a double, beware that this stroller will be difficult to use inside stores. If you plan on using this stroller to shop, I do not recommend it - I got plenty of weird stares, especially doing my "pop a wheelie" technique to get the stroller around the hairpin turns at my local Vitamin Cottage.

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