Great sound isolating headphones that I would not wear in public

Feb 10, 2008
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Pros:Rich sound, well cushioned,

Cons:In my opinion, extremely ugly and too big to be worn in public

The Bottom Line: Great set for home use if you don't want to be disturbed by extra noise or disturb others (no leaked sound). Sound quality is phenomenal.

The Sennheiser HD 280 Pro headphones sound amazing for their price. They are a big bit and heavy, and some of my friends have complained that prolonged use of them can put pressure on your head as well as make your ears a little sweaty. They are over the ear headphones and do a good job of keeping external noise out and keeping the sound coming out of the headphones in. The pads are very large and well cushioned and make for an enjoyable listening experience.

The downside of this pair of headphones is their size. They are a bit heavy and they come with a very long telephone style coiled cord. Great for home use, but I wouldn't connect it to my ipod. Actually, with the Sennheiser HD 280 Pros, you connect your ipod to the headphones, not vice versa. Like the Grado SR-60s, I keep these for use on the computer and home stereo. Smaller, more portable headphones are better for the road. Grados stay home because of the long wire, however.

Also, the arch of the headphones is huge! When I am wearing them, the arch sticks out from my head about 2 inches. You can imagine this looks very funny when you're walking around on the street wearing these headphones. It is a great set to keep at home.

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