Great stroller for an umbrella stroller.

Feb 15, 2008
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Pros:Looks and maneuvers great. Has features other umbrella strollers don't.

Cons:No cup holder. Too little space under the seat. Very slight recline feature.

The Bottom Line: Much better than your average umbrella stroller because of extra features, but don't expect to be the same as a full-sized travel system.

We were looking for an umbrella stroller to take on vacation with us. We test drove a number of umbrella strollers at Babies-R-Us, and found that the price ranges were cheap to ridiculously high. But we liked the Maclaren Triumph and decided to get it.

The Maclaren Triumph (referring to the charcoal edition per this review) is about 11 pounds, not as light as some other umbrella strollers, but has other features which make up for it. It comes with a rubber-padded shoulder strap which is nice, and makes it easy to carry around, if you so desire.

Opening it is fairly easy, but for some reason not always easy enough to do with one hand and foot. On our particular stroller, one of the bottom brackets gets caught and we sometimes have to undo it quickly with another hand. Hard to explain, but honestly it's no big deal. Not enough of a big deal for me to return the stroller. Now, if you're carrying your child, baby bag, etc, it could be a problem. Once open, there's enough butt-room for our "less than 2 year old" child.

The five point harness is secure, a little too secure, in that it's kind of hard to squeeze open. The sun shade is a bit short, and doesn't cover my child's face from the sun completely. But then again, how many umbrella strollers have a sun shade.

It has a recline feature, but honestly probably only reclines an extra 30 degrees from upright. You can't lay your child horizontally.

There is also a little storage area undeneath the seat, which is useful, but again much much much smaller than say, in a full sized stroller/travel system. Especially when my child is in it, it's sometimes hard to retrieve items.

The best part is the maneuverability. We had no problem zipping in and out of people in crowds. It can turn on a dime, and, although light, felt sturdy. The handles are foam-covered and ergonomically angled.

**There is no cup holder** you have to buy it separately, which we did, and weren't 100% happy with it, which is basically a rubber sleeve with mesh bag that you hang on the back of the stroller. Speaking of which, the stroller is so light that if there's so kid sitting in it, it will tip over with any bag hanging on the back.

With all that being said, I still love this stroller. It has many features that other umbrella strollers don't have, although the quality of those features are less than you would get with a full-size stroller.

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