Hidden Star - She Lost Her Memory

Sep 28, 2001 (Updated Jun 16, 2002)
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Pros:Beginning of a trilogy. Interesting story

Cons:Somewhat short. Book may be hard to find now.

The Bottom Line: A good, interesting book that is worth reading. Beginning of a three book series. Nora Roberts fans should enjoy this book.

Hidden Star is the first book in The Stars of Mithra trilogy. The Stars of Mithra are three large beautiful diamonds. They are supposed to sit in the corners of a gold triangle. There is a legend that says whoever has the diamonds will have great power. The diamonds play a major part in the mystery and suspense of all three books. Somehow the diamonds end up in the possession of three friends. Each friend is then threatened by the man that would do anything to get the diamonds - he believes the legend. The first book is about Bailey James.


When the book begins, Cade Paris, a private investigator, is having a really bad day. His secretary quit the day before, with plans of becoming a famous country singer. She hadn't been the best secretary - Cade found a bologna sandwich in the files - but he was upset about her quitting because now he had to deal with the phone and the typing. He couldn't find anything. His computer shuts down with no warning, the coffee boils over, he broke the pot, and cut his thumb on a nail file his former secretary left behind. Just then a woman walks in the office.

She wants to hire Cade to find a missing person - her. She can't remember anything about who she is. All she remembers is waking up in a hotel room with no clue how she got there. Cade figures out that her name is Bailey. She picked Cade's name out of the phone book. She didn't go to the police and didn't want to go to the police. She is afraid that someone is after her, that she is in danger. She is worried about what she might have done. Bailey has a bag full of money and a gun. Cade still agrees to take the case. Bailey then shows him the huge blue diamond she has. She some how knows it is incomplete. She thinks she stole the diamond.

Cade takes her to his house. He wants her some place where she will be safe. He is attracted to her but doesn't act on it because she doesn't know who she is and he doesn't want to take advantage of her. Bailey is also attracted to Cade, but she is afraid that she might already be involved or even married.

There is an evil, sinister man that wants Bailey found. He wants to make her pay. She has something he thinks belongs to him. There are two other items that she has attempted to hide from him. He has plans to get all three items.

Cade and Bailey work to try to figure out where the diamond came from. While they are doing this, Bailey starts talking about all kinds of technical things relating to diamonds that the average person just doesn't know. Bailey immediately comes to the conclusion that she is a jewel thief. She has strange dreams with two other women and three huge diamonds. She starts to remember bits and pieces of her life. First about one of her friends, MJ, and then about Grace. Bailey slowly remembers more, about why she has the diamond and that her friends each have one too. Bailey is then very worried that MJ and Grace are in danger because they have diamonds too. Both women seem to be missing. To find out how the book ends, you'll have to read it. And I do recommend that you read all three books in the series, because some things aren't resolved until the final book.

This is a very good book. It is well written in Roberts' descriptive style. The characters of Bailey and Cade are well developed. There is some information about MJ and Grace too, laying the foundation for the next two books in the series. The story kept me engrossed throughout. Since it is a short book, only 248 pages, it is a fast read. Also, it is not as complex a story as her longer books, but it is still very enjoyable and worth reading. The book is predictable at times - mainly concerning the romance part of the book - but other things happen that I wasn't expecting.

This book has a mystery, some suspense, and romance in it. The mystery and suspense deal with why Bailey has the bag full of money, gun, and the diamond. The romance is between Cade and Bailey. Anyone who likes books by Nora Roberts should like this book. Anyone that likes mysteries with some romance in them should also enjoy this book.


Bailey James - One of the main characters of the book. When the book begins, she can't remember anything about herself. She slowly remembers bits and pieces over the course of the book. She has a bag full of money and a huge blue diamond. She is in danger. She has a vivid imagination and feels guilt for what she says she might have done. She does show her temper once or twice.

Cade Paris - Other main character of the book. He is a private investigator. Bailey hires him to find out who she is and why she has the diamond. He is rich, lives in a huge house he inherited from his aunt, but he lives a fairly simple life. He doesn't care about high society like his family. He clashes with his family at times. He is determined to find out who Bailey is, and protect her.

This is a very enjoyable book that fans of Nora Roberts should really enjoy. I do recommend that the books of this trilogy be read in order. Unfortunately, this book can be hard to find, but it isn't impossible. I did see one of the books of this trilogy in the bookstore a few months ago. I got my copy of this book from Amazon.com, just three or four months ago. So it is not as hard to find as some of Roberts' other older books. I didn't have to pay a small fortune for the book either. It was actually discounted a little bit.

I have actually had this review written for a while, I just didn't get it typed up and posted. Since I originally wrote this review, I have seen copies of all three books in the series at my local bookstore. All three books have be released again in the last few months. I didn't think to check out the prices on the books when I saw them. I did only see one or two copies of each of the books, so it could be a little difficult to find them, but it should be easier now since they have been released again.

In case anyone would like to try to find this book, here is a little information on it. I got this information from my copy of the book, which is the original copy that was published in 1997. I am pretty sure the book will be a little more now since it has been released again.

Hidden Star
Nora Roberts
Silhouette Intimate Moments # 811
Published in 1997
$3.99 US
$4.50 CAN
ISBN # 0-373-07811-0

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