Rice Cooking is Fun At Our House Now! : 37533 10-cup Rice Cooker

Feb 19, 2008
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Pros:easy to use, easy to clean up, automatic

Cons:don't leave on warm too long

The Bottom Line: I didn't think that a Rice Cooker would be valuable, but the 37553 RICE COOKER is a wonderfully handy appliance for rice cooking.

Many years ago, I had quite a few Asian friends tell me that if I bought nothing else that I HAD to buy a rice cooker. They would tell me over and over that life was not complete without a rice cooker.

I would politely thank them but would think to myself- "Why should I buy ANOTHER gadget? Sounds like a waste of time."

Then when I began to hang out with a lot of Indian friends, they would tell me that I HAD to get a rice cooker that life would not be easy without one.

Okay, now, I was beginning to think twice about it.

I wondered, COULD this be worth the effort to have it around the house? I mean rice is not THAT hard to cook......


About a year ago, I was in a store and saw a rice cooker. I laughed out loud and pulled my husband over and showed him the rice cooker. He said that it sounded interesting, but why pay $15 for something that we would probably never use....and I agreed.

Then a few months later, the rice cooker was marked down to $7.50. I still thought that it was silly, so I walked by it and left the store.

About a month or so later, I was in the store, and there was a 50% off sing on the rice cookers. I brought it up to the counter and when it rang up $3.50, I took two of them.

After all, if they came up that inexpensive, they might make a nice wedding present.

So, I was now the proud owner of the Proctor Silex/Hamilton Beach 10-cup Rice Cooker- model 37533.


The 37533 10 CUP RICE COOKER is labeled Proctor Silex, but listed on this review as Hamilton Beach. To clear up any confusion, the two companies merged in 2004 and this rice cooker is under the Proctor Silex label, although they are both the same company, the only part of the company that carries any rice cookers with this model number is Proctor Silex.

You can read about the merger here:



Now this rice cooker is a white insulated unit with a silver disk inside of it. The disk is on a spring, so that when the non-stick aluminum pan sits on top of it, the disk is depressed and the unit will switch on to work.

When the pan is removed the connection is broken and the current interrupted.

There is a lever on the front. Up is Warm, and down is COOK. There is no OFF button, you must remove the plug to make it stop cooking completely.

The top of the cooker is a clear see through glass top with a nice thick metal ring around the edges. That is good for preventing chips and breakage.

There is a metal grommet looking hole in the top to release steam.

There is a white plastic knob on top for holding.

The cooking pan is aluminum which I do not like, but just for this purpose I will use it occasionally. The pan is non stick and there is a MAX fill line to make sure that you don't overfill.

The unit has a 3 ft long cord so it is plenty long enough not to be too short, but not so long that it will be pulled from the counter easily.


Here is what the company says about this rice cooker:


* Makes 10 cups of cooked rice
* Nonstick removable bowl
* Automatic keep warm
* Dishwasher safe bowl & lid
* Accessories included

This warranty applies to products purchased in the U.S. or Canada. DO NOT RETURN THE APPLIANCE TO THE STORE! Please call our CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER. (For faster service please have model, series, and type numbers ready for operator to assist you.)

It comes with a plastic paddle and the price is $19.99 retail


Usage is easy. You put in up to two cups of rice- brown or white.

Here is a chart that you use for determining amounts:

1 cup rice 2cups water 20 to 25 min 2 1/2-3 cup yield
2 cups rice 4 cups water 25 to 35 min 41/2-6 cup yield
3 cups rice 6 cups water 35 to 45 min 8-10 cup yield

Once the cooker is done, it shuts down to WARM level where you are supposed to be able to leave it until you are ready to eat.


Cleaning the Cooker
1. Unplug cord from wall outlet.
2. Wash inner pot, cover, plastic measure and paddle in hot,
soapy water. Do not deform bottom of pot.
3. Rinse, dry and reassemble to store.
4. Wipe base with a soft, damp cloth, or a scrub pad safe
for all surfaces. Do not clean with abrasive cleansers.


Despite my dislike of all aluminum cooking utensils, I have developed a soft spot for this crazy rice cooker. In fact, when I located one at the same price while out of town last summer, I grabbed them all for gifts and backups.

I find that the convenience of not having to watch the rice is wonderful. I find also that I have a tendency to want to cook rice a little more often than I used to.

The rice turns out really well- and we use mostly brown rice, which surprises me. The rice is almost always perfect, except when I skimp on measurements.

It is important to measure accurately and stay BELOW NOT UP TO THE MAX LINE.

If you do go up to the MAX line, the cooker will boil over and drip all over the counter- it is not pretty or nice to clean up.

Also, do not plan on leaving this rice cooker on warm for more than 15 minutes. It will often continue cooking slowly until there is a crunchy layer on the bottom of the pan.


If you would like to see more information on the 37533 RICE COOKER , you can go here


and look up rice cookers with the model 37533 next to it.

If you would like to see the manual go here:


You can find THE 37533 10-CUP RICE COOKER at Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon.com, and many places where they carry small appliances for kitchens.

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