Sparco Medium Binder Clips -- 1 1/4" wide with 5/8"capacity

Feb 28, 2008
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Pros:sturdy, durable, versatile, tight clamp to hold papers

Cons:can be expensive; shop around for a good price

The Bottom Line: These Sparco binder clips work great for taming paperwork.

A box of these Sparco Medium Binder Clips resides in my desk drawer. These clips see a lot of use!


These steel Sparco binder clips are sturdy. They are constructed entirely of metal. Each clip has three parts: two nickel-plated wire arms that hook into a black cap that separates to hold papers like a clamp. The black cap measures 1 1/4" wide x 3/4" tall, and they have a 5/8" capacity. The two silver metal handles measure 1 1/2" long. The two wire handles can also be removed from the black cap if desired.

A cardboard box holds 12 of these clips. Sparco binder clips also come in a variety of sizes, so if these medium-size clips are not to your liking, there are other options.

My Experiences

These binder clips are easy to use. The two silver handles flip against the black cap. When the handles are squeezed, this opens the black cap. Slip the opened clip over the edge of a paper stack and flip the metal handles back down against the papers to lock the clip in position. Simple!

I work with a lot of paper. Certain sets of papers need clipping together with one of these binder clips. For instance, multiple shipments on the same purchase order number. Once the papers are clipped together, they go into a customer file folder. That’s just one example of how these binders clips are utilized. If I didn’t have these clips to corral this paperwork, my desk would look more of a disaster zone than usual.

These clips are versatile, too. Leave one of the silver handles upright to use as a hanger. The slightly oval end of the clip easily slides over a bulletin board pushpin or nail. The binder clip provides enough pressure against the papers that they don’t fall out of the clip.

I also like it that if papers are to be permanently bound together, the two silver handles can be removed from the black cap. Just pinch the handles together so that they slide free from the black cap. The black cap remains anchored to the papers. This works best when the binder clip is filled to capacity.

These Sparco clips are strong, too. While they may show scratches on the black cap, I have never seen one rusted. They have never broken, either. At times, I reuse these clips over and over again until they find their way permanently into a file folder.

Comparing Sparco to Acco Binder Clips

I have also used Acco binder clips for a number of years. If you blindfolded me and handed me one each of these binder clips to use, I would have a difficult time telling them apart. Both brands work great, are durable, and perform the same functions. So stay alert for sales. Buying either Sparco or Acco brand binder clips is a good purchase.


Our company purchased several boxes of these binder clips for a little less than $2.00 a box.


These Sparco Binder Clips work great. No one in our office has any complaints about them. The clips hold papers well and have never broken.

I hope you found this review useful.

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