Didn't live up to my expectations

Mar 1, 2008
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Pros:solid build quality, thick cushiony ear pads, laser sharp mids/highs.

Cons:Bass response

The Bottom Line: An audiophiles dream, but bassheads may want more.

I own the Sennheiser HD 212Pro cans and wanted to upgrade to these due to the larger drivers, more solid construction and the expectation of increased sound quality all the way around. After listening to them and doing a side by side comparison I decided to keep the 212's. The main reason for that was because of the price difference, roughly $40 more, and because the decreased bass response from the 280's.

While the 280's blew the 212's out of the water in nearly every category, the decreased bass response just wasn't gonna cut it for me. I was amazed at the difference in clarity when comparing the mids/highs on both models, but not so much when it came to the bass. While the bass is very clean and accurate, it just doesn't have that same powerful hit of the 212's.

I was pretty disappointed cause I really wanted the 280's, they were more solid, fit over my ears instead of on top of them, and the huge driver had me drooling, it's just too bad they couldn't get as much or more low end out of them as they did with the 212's.

Now don't get me wrong, these are excellent cans that sound so sweet you won't want to take them off, but having been spoiled by my 212's and their lovely balance of bass/mids/highs, I just couldn't see giving them up, paying more money, and being left unfulfilled for lack of bass in comparison to what I had.

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