10 BEST DIRTY SOUTH HIP HOP FIGURES [or crunk figures that is]

Jan 3, 2005

The Bottom Line Not that i would know.........but

Heres the top 10 best dirty south hip hop figures in the hip hop world. I guess it should actually be called more of a "crunk" world in the dirty south, but I'm from the west coast so i might not be entireley accurate. Anyway, these artists are [in my opinion] representing their kind of music well. I'll be doing a couple more reviews like this, about best west coast hip hoppers, east coast, etc. Now be prepared, for a lot of these artists are extremely commercial, but after all, a lot of dirty south music figures are aren't they? And these people definitively stay true to their music.

10.Trillville-The three guy crunk team can definitively serve up a banger. And they get their mission accomplished well to; to put out music thats easy to get "crunk" to. Their hit song out of the album with Lil' Scrappy "Neva Eva" is most notable. It features a dark beat produced by Lil' Jon and some catchy chanting on the chorus.-Still not convinced that these guys are crunk? Then pick up their full album which they did together with another BME newbie, Lil' Scrappy. The album is titled "The king of crunk and BME recordings present...Lil' Scrappy and Trillville" . Because of their crunk mentality, Trillville earns the number 10 spot on the list.

9.Trina-This down south artist has a loud mouth, and has down a lot of crunk songs with artists like "TrickDaddy" and "Lil' Jon" as well as some others, and definitively stays true to the hardcore mentality of dirty south hip hop. Sure, her lyrics might disturb a few people, but doesn't every dirty south artist disturb people once in a while? Trina earns the number 9 spot on the list.

8.Ludacris-Now this is one of those guys that is extremely commercial with most of his songs, but definitively serves up dirty south hip hop. A perfect example of ludacris' hardcore mentality would be the mega-hit "move" which featured other dirty south rappers "Mystikal" and "i-20". This song has a very hard hitting chorus, and shows you how crunk Ludacris can be. Ludacris definitively stays true dirty south music, and thats why he earns the number 8 spot.

7.Trickdaddy-Now this guy knows how to make crunk music. And he also knows how to make commercial-drenched music-but that just might be a good thing when it comes to dirty south hip hop figures. A couple of tracks i would like to point out of his newest album "Thug Matrimony" would be the two most notable. The Lil Jon and Twista featured song, "Lets Go" which features an incredibly sharp hook but Lil' Jon that will get you crunk in a second, and an excellent verse by Twista. Another song featuring Ludacris and cee-lo, "Sugar" which featured a really catchy chorus by Cee-lo and an incredibly commercial [but at the same time catchy] verse by Ludacris. This guy definitively stays true to miami, and earns the number 7 spot on the list.

6.I-20-This guy is so hardcore, with his deep, deep voice and pounding hardcore lyrics that get in your face and give you a punch. Most notable of his songs would be the Ludacris featured "break bread" which had a very powerful and intruieging chorus by Ludacris, and some threatening lyrics by I-20. This guy is so dirty south, i had to give him the number six spot on the list.

5.Mystikal-This guys voice is so catchy and fun to listen to, that when you hear it you instantly turn the speakers up. Very hard to follow is Mystikals voice, but also very unique and catchy. As he seems to explode for a second with his tone, then relax, then explode again. His voice is so catchy and hardcore that i had to give him the number 5 spot on the list.

4.Bone Crusher/Killer Mike-The number 4 spot is a tie between two hardcore dirty south artists. Lets start out with Bone Crusher. This guys a crazy man. Seriously, when you hear it you instantly think "WATCH OUT"! Because its so hardcore. And like he says in his latest hit, he ain't never scared. He's appeared on many other dirty south hip hoppers albums, most notably the ying yang twins' "Me and My brother" and was on the explosive yet pointless song, "What the f***!" and served as another to go along with two others. On to Killa Mike, man his voice is so intense that it fits perfectly with a crunk song, and gets you into it and pumped. He was also featured on the Ying Yang twins' "What the f***" and was really the only true rapper on the track. Due to their hard-hitting lyrics and voice, Bone Crusher and Killa Mike share the number four spot on the list.

3.Ying Yang Twins-Its really hard to understand what the Ying Yang Twins are saying most of time, due to their crunk voice and not-fully-pronounced words. But when your talking Dirty south crunk music, you have to bring up these guys. They had a lot of bangers off of release "Me and My brother" my favorite being the hardcore head-nodder "Whats Happnin"! featuring Trick Daddy. These guys are definitively true crunk artists, which is why they earn the number three spot on the list.

2.Lil' Scrappy-Uh-oh. The problem child. Here he is. Lil' Scrappy is so hardcore and in your face that its not even funny. His lyrics are threatening and intense, but aren't those some of the ingrediants for a perfect dirty south artist? Some of the songs that will show Lil' Scrappy's intensity are those such as "Head Bussa" and my favorite, "No Problem". A newbie to the crunked-out dirty south crew BME records, Lil' Scrappy is an up and coming crunk artist, that definitively has the right mentality so far. If Lil Jon and him make the right moves, he could become big someday.

And the number one Crunked-out dirty south artist is......
Who other than..............

1. Lil' Jon and the Eastside Boyz-Well the Eastside boyz don't do much really, but since thats what it says on their albums, I'll give em' credit here. Who other to take the crown as the best dirty south crunk artist out there than the king of crunk himself, Lil' Jon? [O yeah and the Eastside boyz to]. Countless crunk hits has Lil' Jon produced, or been on. But him and the ESB have made a few crunk hits of their own as well. Recently, their big hit has been the hardcore "What u Gon' do" which features Lil' Scrappy off of their new album "Crunk juice". But their is another one in the past that i must note. The infamous booty-appreciation song "Get Low" really blew up Lil Jon and the ESB. Lil Jon and the ESB are the crunkest of the crunkest, and thats why they take away the crown as the number one dirty south hip hop figure.

Well, there in my opinion, is the top 10 list of the dirty south music figures that have made me get into their music the most. But coming from a generally west coast hip hop guy, the list may a little inaccurate with some opinions. Anyway, hope you enjoyed.

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