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Mar 4, 2008
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Pros:Cleans well. Six brushes. Onboard heat.

Cons:Labor intensive

The Bottom Line: I recommend this machine highly. It does a good job without the expense of hiring a carpet cleaner.

This is the fourth steamvac I have owned and each one keeps getting a little better. The new machines, suck the dirty water out better than the old ones. Also, this one has onboard heating, so you don't have to rush to work before the water cools off. This machine has six brushes. Some have five. I would not bother with a five brush machine, the machine is small enough with six, and the five is not noticably lighter or much cheaper. The old machine were built better than the new ones though. The new ones use much flimsier plastic and are easier to break.
This machine will get your carpet clean but it will require some elbow grease. Cleaning the carpet is not like vacuuming, it takes time. What I do is like this: First I go over the whole room using water and shampoo. I do the whole room in one direction, very slowly going back and forth. Then I look for spots that did not come out, and wash them out with a sponge and soap and water. Then I go over the whole room again using only water in the direction perpendicular to the way I went the first time. Then I go over the whole room two more times without any water, sucking out the remaining moisture. It takes me about an hour and change to do a room
I clean the carpet every year or two and I have four very dirty children. I imagine that if I did it every six months the job would be much easier, but then I would have to do it more often and I don't have the time to do it.
Consumer Reports recommends not buying a machine and having a professional do it instead. I have found that the professionals do about the same job but faster. Of course they charge enough for one room that I could buy the machine.

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