The Uni Ball Signo Gel 207 pen SUCKS!

Mar 5, 2008
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Pros:Looks nice

Cons:The ink doesn't flow properly

The Bottom Line: It just doesn't work like it is supposed to, at least not all the time.

Like many offices, we have a ‘supply drawer’ at work. I recently found myself in need of a new pen, so I opened up the supply drawer to see what was available. Amidst the pile of generic free ones that always wind up in such supply areas, I saw several of these Uni Ball Signo 207 Gel pens. I was a little surprised to see such cool-looking pens in there because nobody around the office used them. I figured maybe people just didn’t know they were there, at least until I spent the last couple of weeks trying to use this thing. Now I know why nobody likes them.

This pen is all style and no substance. It’s a gel pen, meaning that the ink is acid-free and supposed to be water resistant. The main body is clear so you can see the ink inside, which is always nice. It also has a rubber textured grip to make it easier to hold. It functions by simply clicking the back end to make the roller ball end go in and out.

While this might look like a nice pen, it writes horribly because the gel does not flow well onto the ball. This creates a constant problem since the sole purpose of this pen is to write stuff. I quickly figured out one way to make it work properly is if you are writing on something fairly soft, like a thick stack of paper, but that still doesn’t always work. If you try writing on a piece of paper that is lying flat on a desk, it barely even makes a mark. It’s like the ball can’t get any traction on the paper.

Another problem I had with this pen was that the ink often doesn’t flow when stroking up or down in writing. It’s like the little ball at the tip gets gummed up when you write too quickly. I was constantly having to go back over what I’d written, so it looked sloppy and had ink everywhere. Since I was using it mostly to write down numbers, I had to go back over everything to make sure I’d be able to read it later.

When you write with this pen, the ink goes on the paper in an odd way. Instead of a solid ink line, the center part is sort of translucent, like the ball only lets ink flow on the sides. It sometimes gives a double line effect when writing, which does not look good. Sometimes the pen writes like it is supposed to, but it goes in an out constantly. This lack of consistency makes this pen not worth owning.

In case you’re thinking I just had a bad pen, I will tell you that I got another pen out of our supply drawer and the results were exactly the same. Maybe the pens were just old and the ink set up too long inside them, but I think they just aren’t very good pens. You wouldn’t want to keep this in your checkbook because you’d have to trace back over your signature where the ink didn’t flow, then it would look like someone tried to forge your signature. You wouldn’t want this to take a test because it would slow you down. I tried using two different pens to take some notes over the course of working in and out of the office, and it failed on all accounts.

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