Genius kids are blowing my mind (a quick Me-pinion)!!!

Jan 8, 2005

The Bottom Line Genius children are fascinating to read about, but I don't know if I could handle being a mental midget to my kid!

This morning, I was perusing the Yahoo! Headlines and saw a story about a 13-year-old PA boy who has scored a perfect 1600 on the SAT.

As you know, the SAT is a 3 hour exam that measures a high school student's chance of academic success in the first year of college and is usually given to college-bound high school seniors.

As if that didn't make my jaw drop, I did a little research and found another stand-out story about a 13-year-old VA boy. What makes this boy different from the first, however, is that he graduated high school with honors at age 9, was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize twice and has now graduated COLLEGE with a Bachelor's degree in mathematics!!!

Not only that, but he'll be pursuing four doctrates and has been an active advocate for children and peace.

Now what was I doing at 9, let alone 13?!?! Eating cold cereal and watching "Tom and Jerry" cartoons or chasing boys and climbing trees!?!

Can you imagine having a kid who's correcting your grammar at TWO YEARS of age!? Wouldn't that just be the most amazing, yet the weirdest thing?

I'm happy for the kid, really. He's a real-life "Doogie Howser", so to speak. However, as I head back to college in less than two weeks for the spring semester I'll keep this kid in mind as I struggle through yet another required math course!

For more on the latter child genius I'm mentioning, see the full story at:

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