I Can't Keep You, I Can't Hold You Tight, I Can't Love You...

Mar 9, 2008 (Updated Oct 8, 2009)
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Pros:Production, Vocal Harmonies, Guitar Feedback, 60s Pop Hooks, & Experiments with Electronic & Shoegaze.

Cons:Not as Memorable as Chain Gang of Love

The Bottom Line: Lust, Lust, Lust is a Thrilling, Evocative Album from the Raveonettes. (4.5 out of 5)

When the Danish noise-pop duo called the Raveonettes released their full-length debut album Chain Gang of Love in 2003. The duo of Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo brought back the noisy pop music of bands like the Velvet Underground and the Jesus & Mary Chain to the world of indie music. Often mixing in melodies from 1950s and early 1960s rock, the Raveonettes were praised for their style of noise-pop. Two years later, the band released their sophomore release Pretty in Black that broadened their sound that included contributions from the legendary Moe Tucker of the Velvet Underground, proto-punk legend Martin Rev, and Ronnie Spector of the Ronettes. Unfortunately, Pretty in Black wasn't as well received since some fans felt the band lost the noisy background that defined their sound. In 2007, the Raveonettes returned to their noise-pop sound for their third album Lust, Lust, Lust.

Written and produced by Sune Rose Wagner, Lust, Lust, Lust is a return to the band's fiery, catchy sound of Chain Gang of Love while experimenting with more elements of shoegaze and electronic music. A darker yet more seductive album, the album relies on what makes the Raveonettes sound work. Jangly guitar melodies, noisy backgrounds from chainsaw guitars, and the sexy harmony vocals of Wagner and Sharin Foo. The addition to dreamier textures inspired by shoegaze bands like My Bloody Valentine, the Raveonettes finally found their niche to move forward. The result is a fascinating yet haunting album from Denmark's noisiest duo.

The album opener and current single Aly, Walk With Me is a sinister yet seductive track with a robotic rhythm of pulsating bass lines and electronic-snare hits. Smooth in its background that includes a jangly guitar melody in the background, Wagner and Foo sing the song about a girl who walks around them that is a wonderful opener as the Raveonettes are back in their defining sound that includes a chainsaw, fuzzy background of guitar feedback near the coda. Hallucinations opens with a soft yet thumping bass sound from Foo as she and Wagner sing with their gorgeous harmonies as the song is a full-return to noise-pop. With the guitars joining in, the duo sing in dreamy vocal deliveries as Wagner follows up with a jangly guitar solo filled with chiming riffs. Even as drums start to join, Teutonic beats start to emerge later for its coda.

Lust is smooth yet seductive track with thumping rhythms from the electronic-drum tracks and the vocals of Wagner and Foo leading the way that is followed by a droning guitar melody. The song's lyrics stay true to its subject matter as it's a sexy yet dirty number that reveals the Raveonettes ode to subtlety without delving into conventions. The first single is the shoegaze-inspired Dead Sound with its chiming, electronic background, haunting vocal harmonies of Wagner and Foo, pulsating drum machine rhythms, and fuzzy guitar noises. With its mix of shoegaze and 1960s pop melodies, it's a great song that proves to be timeless in adding old styles with new. Black Satin is a sexy ode to early 60s Wall of Sound pop music with simple rhythms, washy guitars, and Foo's gorgeous high-pitch vocals. Even with its electronic-drum beats and guitar-noise background, the song is still rooted in its pop conventions that includes a wonderful guitar solo from Wagner.

Blush is a true standout with its ringing guitars, hammering beats, and dream-like vocals from Wagner in this wonderful, shoegaze-inspired song as jangly melodies ring throughout the song. The song's blistering chorus filled with noisy backgrounds and Foo's dream-like vocals as she sings the song's amazing chorus in this powerful song that shows the band's knack for pop melodies. Expelled From Love opens with a crashing noise of feedback that then turns into a slow yet haunting track of washy guitars and hollow beats as Wagner sings in a dark, vocal that is dreamy though right for the song's dark tone. The second single You Want The Candy is a wonderful ode to 50s/60s pop music with upbeat rhythms mixed in with pulsating bass lines and chainsaw-like guitar backgrounds as Wagner and Foo sing together for this dark yet catchy song with a memorable chorus.

Blitzed is another upbeat track with 60s go-go rhythms and fast, washy guitar melodies that shows the band's knack for pop music as Wagner and Foo sing gorgeously through their harmonies as Wagner delves into a droning guitar solo. Sad Transmission opens with a hypnotic yet thumping rhythm that is accompanied by soft, guitar feedback as Wagner and Foo sing the song that is followed by a jangly guitar solo. The song is later followed by washy guitars as Wagner and Foo sing the song's melancholic lyrics of love. With My Eyes Closed is a slower yet rhythmic track that has the group returning to dream-mode with their vocals and washy guitar riffs that is later followed by a jangly guitar solo. The album closer The Beat Dies opens with hollow bass beats and followed by dreamy, feedback-laden guitar tracks as the song chugs throughout with Foo's enchanting vocals to give the song a dreamy, haunting tone to close the album.

Four additional tracks in various versions of the album. First are two bonus tracks that appear in the U.S. version, My Heartbeat's Dying and Honey, I Never Had You. The former appears as a bonus track in the U.K. vinyl version. Two other tracks that appear along with bonus tracks from the U.S. are two exclusive remixes. The first is a remix of Aly, Walk With Me by Obi Blanche exclusively for iTunes and the second is a remix of Dead Sound by Pets on Prozac for eMusic.com.

While not as memorable as fresh as its 2003 debut album Chain Gang of Love, Lust, Lust, Lust is still an amazing and hypnotic album from the Raveonettes. Those who seemed to be turned off by the band’s second album Pretty in Black can rejoice as everything that was great about the band is back. Fans of noise-pop and shoegaze will enjoy this album as well as those who have a love for 60s pop music. In the end, Lust, Lust, Lust is a fascinatingly dark, sexy album from the Raveonettes.

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