The Top Ten Freeware RPGs I've Ever Played

Jan 15, 2005 (Updated Sep 18, 2007)

The Bottom Line Ten of the best freeware RPGs around...

There are plenty of good freeware RPGs (Role Playing Games) around… and plenty of bad ones too. After much consideration I present the ten best freeware RPG on the net – or at least, out of the many I’ve played! (There are many great games out there that I’ve not got hold of yet, and some that I haven’t played enough to be sure if they deserve a place here.)

(Actually, as usual I can’t restrict myself to just ten games, so there are actually 12 mentioned here, in no particular order…)

Title: Demon’s Mantra 2
By: Issasoft
Download from:
Development Tool: Visual Basic
What I like about it: DM2 has a good storyline and a fairly unique battle system. The graphics are also top notch though the animation doesn’t match the quality of the visuals. The original Demon’s Mantra is well worth a look for RPG fans too (available from the same site), however DM2 is better in every respect.

Title: Diver Down
By: Grenideer
Download from: (Win 9x and above) (Win 9x? and DOS)
Development Tool: Verge 2
What I like about it: Apart from some cool retro graphics and music that has to rank among the best in any freeware RPG, Diver Down has much more emphasis on puzzle-solving than fighting, which is a refreshing change. It also has an awesome storyline that could easily be made into a great film.

Title: Ahriman’s Prophecy
By: Amaranth Productions
Download from:
Development Tool: RPG Maker 2003 (RTP not required to run this)
What I like about it: This game has a good storyline with influences from various nursery rhymes thrown in, very good graphics and animation, and a very long playing time. The battle system is a bit fiddly at first but actually works very well once you’ve got used to it. There’s also a very active message board community so if you’re stuck it shouldn’t take you too long to find the answer!

Title: Legion Saga 2
By: Kamau
Download from:
Development Tool: RPGMaker2000
What I like about it: There is actually a trilogy of Legion Saga games, but the second instalment is by far the best. (Though the original is being re-worked so that may challenge it eventually…) A traditional RPG with extra elements and some other nice touches, such as when you complete the game you’re told what the characters went on to do after the events portrayed in the game, and also if there are any characters you didn’t manage to find. (Finding all of them will take you quite some time, believe me!)

Title: Romancing Walker
By: rm2kfanboy
Download from:
Development Tool: RPGMaker2000
What I like about it: This is a traditional RPG with a “dating sim” element to it. The gameplay is good but it’s mainly the humour that kept me going back to this one. Admittedly it got a little too silly for its own good at times but Romance Walker is a lot of fun.

Title: Land of Dreams
By: Dark Wolf
Download from:
Development Tool: RPGMaker2000
What I like about it: If the walking speed of the characters across the terrain wasn’t so slow this could be a real contender for the best traditional freeware RPG ever. Atmospheric graphics combined with a complex plot some clever features make this a real winner. For me the slowness of your progress is a real pain though.

Title: A Blurred Line
By: Lysander86
Download from:
Development Tool: RPGMaker2000
What I like about it: Regarded by many as the finest freeware RPG ever made, and if forced to single out an all-time best I might just have to agree. Traditional RPG action is enhanced by some unique touches, a fantastic storyline, and several mini-games to give the game an extra dimension. The final part of the game is (hopefully) still in development, though I did try to email the author with no success. We can but hope, eh?

Title: Book of Three
By: Lysander 86 (again!)
Download from:
Development Tool: RPGMaker2000
What I like about it: Based on a children’s fantasy novel of the same name, this is one of the nicest games of the genre around. It features a good plot, decent graphics, and some innovative features that make it stand out.

Title: Dark Disciples
By: Lafebre
Download from:
Development Tool: Visual Basic – I think!
What I like about it: This game is really tough and the graphics could use some work, but it has an intriguing game world and a well-developed class system in its favour. It’s also refreshing to play a game where you’re not trying to save the universe – yet again! The modular design means new maps can be added at a later date, a very nice feature.

Title: Nigsek
By: Sovan Jedi
Download from:
Development Tool: RPGMaker200
What I like about it: A good plot that leads to one of the most open-ended freeware RPG experiences you’ll ever have! In a plot vaguely reminiscent of Terminator 2, you know an assassin is coming, you know for who… but not when or where. How you fill your time while you’re waiting is entirely up to you! I found this frustrating eventually, but many yearn for the freedom of this sort of game, and it’s wonderfully put together.

Bonus 11th Game!

Title: Sunset over Imdahl
By: H3Who
Download from:
Development Tool: RPGMaker200
What I like about it: As a game it’s not among the best, though the fact that it’s not a combat-based RPG earns it big originality points. The graphics, though, are amazing. All hand-drawn and with some clever effects, this guy’s got enormous talent.

Note: You need to download and install the RPGMaker2000 RTP (Run-Time Program) before you can play the games created with it. Get it here:

Other Freeware RPGs

I’ll let you find them for yourself! Some other good games out there have been left off my list for various reasons including having heaps of foul language to being just too twisted for words! Sadly there is a real shortage of first-person RPGs of the freeware variety, if you come across any please let me know!

Best of the Best Awards:

Best Storyline: This is a tie between Diver Down and A Blurred Line. Both combine elements of science fiction with traditional fantasy to produce a complex and involving storyline superior to the normal pure fantasy storylines.
Best Graphics: Sunset Over Imdahl. Incredible. Demon’s Mantra 2 comes second in this category.
Best Animation: Ahriman’s Prophecy – there’s always so much going on visually in this game! Practically everything moves, it gives the game a real sense of being alive.
Best Music: Diver Down
Best Design Concept: Dark Disciples for its modular design.

Miscellaneous Awards:

Toughest Gameplay: Definitely Dark Disciples! That’s one tough cookie all right…
Funniest Game: Hmm… maybe Romancing Walker, but Book of Three and Ahriman’s Prophecy are also funny. Maybe a three-way tie?
Most Child-friendly game: Book of Three and Imdahl.
Least linear gameplay: Nigesk – you basically wonder around doing whatever you want!

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