Jan 22, 2005

The Bottom Line The multitalented musical artist “Ernie Freeman” was born 16 August 1922, in Cleveland, Ohio. Ernie had a few solo hits and some with different groups/bands in several different genres.

Ernie learned at a very early age how to play the piano, and several different string instruments including the guitar and violin. In 1935 Ernie began playing in local Cleveland area nightclubs along with “Buell Neidlinger” who played bass guitar. Ernie next joined his father and his sister Evelyn to form a trio. They practiced every Sunday morning before church where they would play classical music together and they would perform at church and local social functions. Evelyn was influenced by her father who had played in several different bands in the Cleveland area in the teens and 20's. Evelyn would play the piano, Ernie would play the violin and their father would play the flute. This Sunday gathering started to pick up teens from their school playing different instruments with them. Ernie found one of his father's old saxophones in a closet and self-taught himself how to play it. After their usual classical sessions on Sunday morning, Ernie and some of the others decided to play Jazz and Boogie-Woogie.

They finally decided around 1939 to form their own band and they became "The Evelyn Freeman Ensemble". Evelyn next heard "Duke Ellington & His Band Of Renown" play Jazz and she decided she wanted to do the same thing. They went from being "The Evelyn Freeman (classical) Ensemble" to being "The Evelyn Freeman Swing Band". The members of the band were all teenagers from Cleveland Central High School in Ohio. The members of this band changed constantly and some would leave and return. Some of the members Evelyn on piano, Ernie on saxophone, "Don Banks" on bass guitar, "Jim Gayle" on saxophone, "Clifford Holt" on trumpet, “Alice Israel” on trumpet, “Millard Ted Jones” on trumpet, “Elizabeth Kimbro” on clarinet, “William Long” on trumpet, “James Chink McKinney” on drums, “Charles Mines” on clarinet, "Robert Morton" on saxophone, “Howard Roberts” on trumpet who later played in the "Lionel Hampton Orchestra", "Ernie Shepherd" on saxophone, “Van Shepherd” on bass guitar, “William Shep Sheppard” on trombone and who later played with "The Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra", “Bernard Simms” on trombone and “Garfield Arthur Travis” on saxophone.

It was at this time that Ernie began writing arrangements for the band. The band began a regular engagement at the Circle Ballroom on 105th and Euclid Street in downtown Cleveland and sometimes did live broadcast shows from there for WHK radio station. During the beginning of WWII (World War II) the band was heard by a Navy recruiter and since the US had joined the War effort they were at risk of being drafted. The recruiter propositioned them to join the service together as a band and many of the members did join the US Navy for that reason in 1942. They were sent to Bunker Hill, Indiana where they played together and became the very first all-black Navy Band called "The Gobs Of Swing". Ernie became the leader of this band from 1942 to 1945. Evelyn stayed home and eventually enrolled at the Cleveland Institute of Music and started up a new jazz band. After getting out of the Navy Ernie entered the Cleveland Institute of Music and then moved to New York City to be the arranger for "Woody Herman" and joined “The Ernie Fields Orchestra” playing the piano. Shepherd began touring with ""Dizzy Gillespie's Big Band". Roberts went to play with the “Lionel Hampton” and “Lucky Millinder” bands.

"Ernie Fields" was the leader of "The Territory Big Band" that formed in the early 1930's. Jazz historian and New York City records producer “John Hammond” discovered them while playing in Kansas City, MO one day. John brought the band back east to begin a tour and "The Territory Big Band" became "The Ernie Fields Orchestra" in 1937. Ernie joined them as a regular in 1945. while they were performing in New York City. They had already released several records on the “Vocalion” label, none of which made the charts. The members of this band also constantly changed as some would come and go and return again. The members were "Hobart Banks" on piano, "Earl Bostic" on saxophone, "Theodore Teddy Babe Ruth Edwards" on alto saxophone, "Booker Ervin" on saxophone, "Ernie Fields" on trombone, "Ernie Freeman" on piano, "Rene Hall" on guitar formally with "The Dominoes", "Plas Johnson" on saxophone, "Floyd Candy Johnson" on tenor saxophone, "William King Kolax Little" on trumpet, "Earl Palmer" on drums who was a former sessions drummer for "Fats Domino" and "Little Richard", "Benny Powell" on trombone, "David Sherr" on clarinet, "Hal Singer" on tenor saxophone, "Verbie Gene Flash Terry" on guitar and "Amos Woodruff" on trumpet. Earl was later replaced by "Billy Davenport" on drums in 1960 and then by "Roy Milton" on drums in 1961.

The records listed below were recorded and released prior to Freeman joining Fields band.

"T-Town Blues"/"Lard Stomp" - "Ernie Fields" - 1939 - “Vocalion”
"Just Let Me Alone"/"High Jiving" - "Ernie Fields" - 1939 - “Vocalion”
"You Gave Me Everything But Love"/"I'm Living In A Great Big Way" - "The Ernie Fields Orchestra - 1939 - “Vocalion”
"Blues At Midnight"/"Blues In Your Heart" - "The Ernie Fields Orchestra" - 1940 - “Vocalion”

On 31 May 1949 “The Ernie Fields Orchestra” performed at the Sky View Club in Duncan, OK on the undercard with “The Ink Spots”. In 1950 Fields re-recorded “T-Town Blues” and released it this time on “Regal” records with "Baritone Shuffle" on the flip side. In 1951 Freeman decided to join “The Billy Hadnott Sextet” and played with both bands for a few years. The members of "The Billy Hadnott Sextet" (Billy's real name was "William K. Billy Hadnott"), Billy played bass, Ernie played piano, "Oscar Moore" was on guitar, "Budy Reed on drums, "Sonny Criss" on alto saxophone and "Rudy Pitts" was on the vibraphone. In 1952 “The Billy Hadnott Sextet” released 2 singles on 78’s on the “Federal” records label. The records were “"Ooh China" with "My Idea" on the flip side and “Limehouse Blues" with "Junk Wagon” on the flip side but neither record made the charts. In 1954 Freeman left “The Billy Hadnott Sextet” to form his own band “The Ernie Freeman Combo” also sometimes called “The Ernie Freeman Orchestra”. He would continue to play from time to time with Fields’ orchestra when he could. “The members of “The Ernie Freeman Combo” were Ernie on piano, "Irving Ashby" on guitar, "Plas Johnson" on saxophone and "Earl Palmer" on drums.

In March 1955 Freeman and his band released their first record on “Middle-Tone” records. It was “No No Baby” with “He’s Mine” on the B-side but it failed to chart. In May they released “Fool’s Paradise” with “Hot Lips And Seven Kisses” on the flip side on “Aladdin” records. It was followed up in August by “Please Don’t Drive Away” with “One Minute To One” on the flip side. This record was also released on “Aladdin” and included vocals by “Charles Brown” but neither record made the charts. In September “The Chromatics” with the “Ernie Freeman Orchestra” released “”I’ll Never Change” with “Rockin’ Beat” on “Blend” records. In October “The Things I Love” backed by “Why” is released on “Cash” records credited to “The Voices and Ernie Freeman”. It is followed up in November by “Hey, Now” and “My Love Grows Stronger” also on “Cash” by “The Voices and Ernie Freeman”. “The Voices” were the duo of “Bobby Byrd” and “Earl Nelson” who would go on in 1957 to form “The Hollywood Flames”. They would have one record make the charts as the Flames in “Buzz-Buzz-Buzz” backed by “Crazy” on “Ebb” records” that peaked at #11 on the pop singles chart. In the early sixties they would form the duo of “Bob & Earl” but Byrd would leave and be replaced by “Bob Relf” with their biggest hit being “The Harlem Shuffle” on “Marc” records that peaked at #44 on the pop chart. Nelson in 1965 would be the second artist on the charts under the name of “Jackie Lee” when his one charting hit “The Duck” peaked at #14 on the pop chart.

In 1959 “Mr. Hot Piano” whose real name was “Jackie Lee” had one charting record in “Happy Vacation” that only made it to #95 on the pop charts. The song was styled after “The Happy Organ” by “Dave Baby Cortez” that was a #1 pop hit also in 1959. On 10 December “The Robins” released “Smokey Joe’s Café” with “Just Like A Fool” on the flip side on “Atco” records. “Jerry Lieber” and “Mike Stoller” composed the A-side and it peaked at #79 on the pop singles chart and at #10 on the R&B chart. Freeman played piano and co-arranged with “Rene Hall” the B-side. "The Robins" first formed in San Francisco as the "A-Sharp Trio" and the original members were "Ty Terrell Leonard" and "The Richard Twins" in 1945 but they never released any records. In 1946 they added "Bobby Nunn" and became "The 4 Bluebirds". In 1947 they moved to Los Angeles and added "Johnny Otis" and became "The 4 Bluebirds and Johnny Otis". 'In 1948 they changed the groups' name once again and became "The Robins". In 1952 they added "Grady Chapman" and in 1953 they added "Carl Gardner". In 1954 Chapman, Leonard, Nunn and the Richard twins became "The Drifters" on "Crown" records still also recording as "The Robins" on "Spark" and "Crown" records with Gardner.

Some of the artists from time to time on certain records for “The Robins” were, "Hidle Brown H.B. Barnum" on lead vocals, "Grady Chapman" on vocals, "Curtis Counts" on bass, "Ernie Freeman" on piano, "Carl Gardner" on lead vocals, "Jewell Grant" and "Ed Hall" on drums, "Rene Hall" on guitar, "Plas Johnson” on saxophone, "Ty Terrell Leonard" on vocals, "Johnny Twovoice Morisette" on vocals, "Bobby Nunn" on vocals, "Billy Richards" on vocals and Richard brothers on vocals. In 1955 all 6 original members joined up with "Jake Porters Combo" to form "Jake Porter & The Buzzards" and they recorded one record on "Combo" records. In 1956 Gardner and Nunn along with baritone vocalist "Billy Guy" who was born "Frank William Phillips", second tenor “Leon Hughes” and guitarist “Adolph Jacobs” joined together to form "The Coasters". A lot of the recordings released by "The Robins" on "Spark" records were re-released on "Atco" records this time credited to "The Coasters". They had their first original recording as “The Coasters” in 1956 “Down In Mexico” peak at #8 on the R&B chart. The following year they would have their first single “Searchin’” to make the pop singles chart where it peaked at #3 and went all the way to #1 on the R&B singles chart.

On 17 December “The Platters” released “The Great Pretender” backed up by “I’m Just A Dancing Partner” on “Mercury” records. Freeman played the piano on “The Great Pretender” and it peaked at #1 on both the pop and R&B singles charts. Freeman had 2 singles released in January 1956. The first single was “Groovy Boogie” with “Just Blues” on “Dootone” records credited to “Lorenzo Holden” and “Ernie Freeman”. He also released “Rockin’ Around” backed by “Lost Dreams” on “Imperial” records but neither record made the charts. On 10 February the group “The Pipes” released “Let Me Give You Money” with the B-side of “Be Fair” on “Dootone” records. Freeman played the piano on the A-side song. On 16 February “Rockstar” records released “Rockin’ And Flyin” with “Mary Jane” on the flip side. It was credited to “Jerry Capehart & The Cochran Brothers” and freeman played the piano on the A-side. “The Cochran Brothers” were “Edward Ray Eddie Cochran” and “Hank Cochran” who was not related to Eddie and was a country singer. On The 18th “Jerry Capehart & The Cochran Brothers” released “Rollin’” with “Walkin’ Stick Boogie” on the backside on “Cash” records. Freeman once again played the piano but this time it was for both sides of the record.

In March “The Robins” released “Cherry Lips” with “Out Of The Picture” on “Whippet” records with Freeman on the piano for “Cherry Lips”. “Rainy Day” backed by “Funny Face” was released next in April on “Imperial” records by “Ernie Freeman”. In May “Hollywood” records released an EP with “Fast Jivin’” by “The Ernie Freeman Combo” on it and “Eddie Cochran” played the guitar. There were 5 other songs on this EP by “Lloyd Glenn”, “Frank Motley” and 3 other artists. Also in May “The Ernie Freeman Combo” on “Rockstar” records released “Fast Jivin’ “with” The Fourth Man Theme” on the flip side. This was a totally different version than the one released on the “Hollywood” records EP but still had “Eddie Cochran” on it playing his guitar. Ernie released “Spring Fever” backed by “Walking the Beat” on “Imperial” records in June. In July “The Pipes” released “You Are An Angel” with “I Love The Life I Live” on the B-side on “Dootone” records. Freeman played the piano on the A-side song.

In July "Norman Granz” held his annual Rock and Roll Jubilee at the Shrine Auditorium in Santa Cruz, CA. Appearing with “The Ernie Freeman Orchestra” were “Richard Berry”, “The Dreamers”, “Shirley Gunther”, “B. B. King”, “Marie Knight”, “Little Willie Littlefield”, “Mr. Bear” (whose real name was “Teddy McRae”), “The Medallions” (this was not the same group as “The Swinging Medallions”), “Hal Singer”, “Little George Smith” and “The Paul Williams Sextet”. Freeman’s next release was in August with “A Touch Of Blues” and “Return To Me” on the B-side on “Imperial” records. In September “Zephyr” records of Canada released “Scooby Doo All Stars” with “The Ernie Freeman Orchestra” and “Eddie Cochran” but it too failed to make any of the album charts. On 28 September “The Ernie Freeman Orchestra” performed at the Hollywood Shrine Auditorium with “The Coasters", The Dots", "The Dreamers", "The Gassers", "B. B. King", "Sonny Knight", "Alis Lesley", "Little Willie Littlefield", "The Medallions", "The Six Teens", The Turks", "Gene Vincent", "Jerry Wallace" and many others.

“Zephyr” records in October releases a single of 2 songs from Freeman’s last album in “Ernie’s Journey” backed by “Moonglow (The Theme From Picnic)”. “Moonglow” was composed in the 1920’s by “Eddie DeLange”, “Will Hudson” and “Irving Mills” and first recorded and released in 1928 by trombonist “Jack Teagarden”. “Moonglow” was used as the main theme song for the Romantic Drama “Picnic” in 1955. The Movie starred “Nick Adams”, “Raymond Bailey”, “Betty Field”, “William Holden”, “Kim Novak”, “Rosalind Russell”, “Susan Strasberg” and others. In 1956 at least 5 other artists released “Moonglow (The Theme From Picnic)” and the biggest of these was done by “Morris Stoloff” who had it go to #1 on the pop charts where it stayed for 3 weeks. Some other artists to release this song were “Steve Allen”, “The Ames Brothers”, “Ray Anthony & His Orchestra”, “The Count Basie Orchestra”, “Tex Beneke”, “Tony Bennett”, “Pat Boone”, “Les Brown & His Band Of Renown”, “Cab Calloway”, “Nat King Cole”, “Doris Day”, “Duke Eellington & His Orchestra”, “Benny Goodman & His Orchestra”, “Lionel Hampton & His Orchestra”, “Artie Shaw & His Orchestra”, “Sarah Vaughn” and many others.

In December “The Ernie Freeman Combo” released the single “Jivin’ Around” Parts 1 & 2 on “Imperial” records. Freeman’s final release this year was the album “Ernie Freeman Plays Irving Berlin” on “Imperial” records in December. Also in 1956 “The Ernie Freeman Combo” appeared in what is considered the very first Rock & Roll Movie ever made in “Rock Around The Clock”. Others that appeared in the Film were "Freddie Bell & His Bellboys", "Bill Haley & The Comets", "Alan Freed", "Lisa Gaye", "Johnny Johnston", "Tony Martinez", "The Platters" and others. In January 1957 “John Stewart & The Furies” released “Rockin’ Anna” with “Lorraine” on the flip side on “Vita” records. Freeman played keyboards on "Rockin' Anna". John would later join "The Woodsmen" then he formed "The Cumberland Three" and also became the new 3rd member of "The Kingston Trio". Freeman released 4 singles this year all on “Imperial” records with the first 3 failing to make the charts. They were "Night Life"/"Without A Love", “"River Boat"/"Swing It", "Dumplin's"/"Beautiful Weekend" and then “Raunchy” backed by “Puddin’”. This 4th single released on 18 November peaked at #11 on the country chart, peaked at #4 on the pop chart and went to #1 on the R&B chart. “Bill Justis” and “Sid Manker” composed “Raunchy” this year. Justis also released the song on the same day and his version became a #2 pop hit and a #1 R&B hit for him. The song has also been performed by “The Bill Black Combo”, “Booker T. & The MG’s”, “Ace Cannon”, “The Challengers”, “The Champs”, “Duane Eddy”, “Merle Haggard & The Strangers”, “King Curtis”, “Sandy Nelson”, “Boots Randolph”, “The Shadows”, “Billy Vaughn & His Orchestra”, “The Ventures”, “Link Wray & The Raymen” and many others.

Three days prior to the release of “Raunchy” "The Ernie Freeman Combo" began a one-week stand at the Howard Theatre in Washington, DC with "The Coasters" & "The Hollywood Flames". “The Ernie Freeman Combo” released one album this year in February titled “Jivin’ Around” on “Imperial”. In October “Eddie Chamblee” released the album “Chamblee Music” on “Mercury” records. Freeman assisted Chamblee on 2 songs on the album in “Flat Beer” and “Chamblee Special”. “Rock ‘N Roll With The Robins” was released on “Whippet” in November where Freeman played the piano on several different songs. In 1958 “The Ernie Fields Orchestra" became the house band for the newly formed "Rendezvous" records label. In February “The Ernie Freeman Combo” appeared in Houston, TX with “Sam Cooke”, “The Drifters”, “The Dubs” and “Clifton King Bee Smith”. On 9 January Freeman released “Leaps And Bounds” backed by “The Tuttle” on “Imperial”. On 13 February Freeman released the single “Theme From Igor” backed by “Shape Up” on “Imperial”. "Theme From Igor" was an updated, reworked instrumental version of the novelty song "Dinner With Drac" that was a #6 pop hit in 1958 for "John Zacherle".

“The Ernie Freeman Combo” next appeared in March once again in Houston, TX. The other artists that appeared this day on the card were “Arnett Cobb”, “Sam Cooke”, “The Drifters”, “The Dubs”, “Buddy Johnson”, “B. B. King” and “Clifton King Bee Smith”. On 19 May “Jan & Arnie” released “Jennie Lee” backed by “Gotta Get A Date” on “Arwin” records. Freeman was the arranger of “Jennie Lee” and it went to #8 on the US pop singles chart and to #4 on the R&B chart. "Jenny Lee" is said to be named after "Jennie The Bazoom Girl Lee" a well-endowed stripper in the New Follies Burlesque in Los Angeles. Both “Jan & Arnie” were “Jan Berry” and “Arnie Ginsburg” who both were members of the group "The Barons". "Arnie was not the same "Arnie Woo Woo Ginsberg" who was a DJ on WMEX 1510 AM radio station in Boston, Ma. Arnie recorded a few more records with Jan and then decided to attend college. "Dean Torrence" who had just returned from service in the US Army in 1958 joined up with his close friend and football buddy Jan and formed the new duo of "Jan & Dean".

On 16 June Freeman released “Indian Love Call” with “Summer Serenade” on the B-side on “Imperial” and it peaked at #59 on the US pop singles chart. “Indian Love call” is from the Broadway Musical “Rose-Marie” that opened on 2 September 1924 and ran for 558 performances. It starred “Lela Bliss”, “Edward Ciannelli”, “Arthur Deagon”, “Mary Ellis” and others. The song was also a #8 pop hit in 1937 for "Jeanette MacDonald” and “Nelson Eddy” both. "Indian Love Call" was composed by "Rudolf Frimi", "Oscar Hammerstein II" & "Otto Harbach". This song was also recorded by “Roy Acuff”, “Louis Armstrong”, “Chet Atkins”, “The Browns”, “Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra”, “Sonny James”, “Joe Jones”, “Liberace”, “Artie Shaw & His Orchestra”, “Keely Smith”, “Hank Snow”, “Ray Stevens”, “Tiny Tim”, “Slim Whitman”, “Jackie Wilson” and many others. In July Freeman released “After Sunset” with “Rose Marie” and on 12 August he released “Jamboree” backed with “Junior Jive” both on “Imperial”. On 24 August “The Ernie Freeman Orchestra” performed at the first rock and roll show ever held at the Hollywood Bowl in California. The show was hosted by "Dick Clark" of "American Bandstand" fame. Others that appeared this day were "Jeanette Baker", "The Blossoms", "Jimmy Bowen", "The Champs", "Jimmy Clanton", "Bobby Darin", "The DeCastro Sisters", "Duane Eddy", "Earl Grant", "Jan & Arnie", "Rod McKuen", "Oscar McLollie", "The Shields", "The Six Teens", "Jerry Wallace" and "Sheb Wooley".

“Ritchie Valens” whose real name was “Richie Valenzuela” released “”Come On, Let’s Go” backed by “Framed” on “Del-Fi” records next on 22 September. Freeman played piano on "Come On, Let's Go" and the song peaked at #42 on the US pop singles chart. Also this month Ernie released “Dreamin’ With Freeman” on “Imperial” but the album failed to chart. In October “The Evelyn Freeman Orchestra” who had recently reformed with many new members released their first record "Let's Make A Little Motion" backed by "Come To Me My True Love" on “Dot” records. Freeman in November released “School Room Rock" with "Blues After Hours” on the flip side on “Imperial”. “The Ernie Fields Orchestra” released their first record in 8 years in “Annie's Rock" with "Strolling After School” on the B-side on “Rendezvous” records. Also this year Freeman was the musical conductor for the short lived ABC TV “The Dick Clark Show”. On 6 January 1959 Freeman released “Live It Up" backed by "Whispering Hope” on Imperial”. “Live It Up” would be redone by many different artists over the years being renamed to “Beard Man Ska”, “Beardsman Ska”, “Beardman Shuffle”, “Foundation”, “Herbman and Herbman” Shuffle and “Live It Up (Beardman Shuffle”. Some of the artists that recorded this song under these titles were “Beenie Man”, “Tom McCook”, “Johnny Dizzy Moore”, “The Skatalites” and “King Stitt”.

On 11 February the artists known as “Glen Glenn” released "Goofin' Around" backed by "Susie Green From Abilene" on “Dore” records with the backing band help of “The Ernie Freeman Combo”. Freeman in July released “Marshmallows, “Popcorn & Soda” with “Honey” on the B-side on “Imperial”. On 21 September after many years of recording and releasing records “The Ernie Fields Orchestra” finally hit with a charting record. The single was "In The Mood" backed by "Christopher Columbus" on “Rendezvous” that went to #4 on the pop chart and peaked at #7 on the R&B chart. “This record was in fact recorded by “Earl Palmer”, “Rene Hall” and “Plas Johnson”. "In The Mood" has been recorded over 800 times by many different artists. It was #1 hit for "Glen Miller & His Orchestra" in 1940 where it stayed for 13 straight weeks. Some other artists who have performed this song were "The Andrews Sisters", "Ray Anthony & His Orchestra", "Chet Atkins", "The Bill Black Combo", "Ace Cannon", "Roy Clark", "Eddie Cochran", "Tyrone Davis", "Duke Ellington & His Famous Orchestra", "John Lee Hooker", "The King Sisters", "Jerry Lee Lewis", "Ray Stevens", "Billy Vaughn" and many, many others.

In October “Francis Faye Swings Fats Domino” is released on “Imperial” with Freeman playing the piano on most of the songs on the album. "The Ernie Fields Orchestra" appeared next on "The Dick Clark Saturday Night Beechnut Show" on ABC TV on 7 November. The other artists on the show this day were "Annette Funicello", "The Nutty Squirrels", "Bobby Rydell" and "The Skyliners". 1960 was a very, very busy year for Freeman as he released many records this year and assisted on quite a few as well. Some of the important events that took place this year are discussed next with all the record releases listed below that. On 13 February "The Ernie Fields Orchestra" appeared again on "The Dick Clark Saturday Night Beechnut Show". The other artists on the show this day were "Paul Anka", "The Crew Cuts", "Annette Funicello" and "Brenda Lee". He assisted in putting together a group of musicians to form a one shot recording of “Alley Oop” backed up by “Jungle Walk” on “Rendezvous” that was released on 6 June. The group called themselves "The Dyna-Sores" and consisted of "H. B. Barnum" (formally of "The Robins"), "Ernie Freeman", "Rene Hall", "Jimmy Scott Norman" (formally of "The Chargers and who would later become a member of "The Coasters”) & "Terrell Leonard" who went by the name of "Ty Terrell" (also formally of "The Robins").

“Alley Oop” was composed by "Dallas Frazier" who originally wanted it be a country song but instead made it into a funky R&B tune. This version went to #59 on the pop chart. This song was released 1 week after the release of the same song by both "Dante & The Evergreens" who had it peak at #15 & "The Hollywood Argyles" whose version went all the way to #1. Ernie also assisted in the formation of the instrumental group "B. Bumble & The Stingers" who formed in Ada, OK. The name of the group was suggested by producer "Kim Fowley". The revolving members of this band were, "Red Callender" (formally with "The Dyna-Sores") on bass, "Jan Davis" on guitar, "Ernie Freeman" on piano, "Rene Hall" on guitar & 6-string bass, "Earl Palmer” on drums and "Tommy Tedesco" (of "The Piltdown Men") on guitar. The regular members of this group did not want to go on the road so they hired 3 teenagers from Oklahoma to take their place. They were "Ron Brady" on drums, "Fred Richards" on piano & the 3rd member they called "William Billy Bumble" but it was a fake name for "R. C. Gamble" on guitar and the leader of the group. The records released this year are listed next with all pertinent information.

"Always With You"/"A Summer Love" - "Ernie Freeman" - JAN60 - “Imperial”
"Chattanooga Choo Choo"/"Workin' Out" - "The Ernie Fields Orchestra" - 29FEB60 - “Rendezvous”
"Lost Dreams"/"One More Time Around (Jivin' Around)" - "Ernie Freeman" - FEB60 - “Imperial”
"Begin The Beguine"/"Things Ain't What They Used To Be" - "The Ernie Fields Orchestra" - MAR60 - Rendezvous”
“Big River”/”Night Sounds” - “Ernie Freeman” - MAR60 - “Imperial”
"Rockin' Red Wing"/"Dark Eyes" - "Ernie Freeman" - APR60 - “Imperial”
“Beautiful Obsession”/”Tenderfoot” - “Sir Chauncey & His Exciting Strings” - 25APR60 - “Warner Brothers” (“Sir Chauncey” was really “Ernie Freeman”) (this song peaked at #89 on the pop chart)
"Teen Flip (Texas Twister)"/"Sweet Slumber" - "The Ernie Fields Orchestra" - APR60 - “Rendezvous”
"Raunchy"/"My Prayer" - "The Ernie Fields Orchestra" - MAY60 - “London” (UK Import)
"Alley Oop"/"Jungle Walk" - "The Dyna-Sores" - 6JUN60 - “Rendezvous”
"Suddenly In Love"/"Little Prayer" - "The Six Teens" - JUL60 - “Flip” (Freeman arranged Side-A)
“Autumn And Eve”/”Prayers” - “Ernie Freeman” - “Ernie Freeman” - JUL60 - “Imperial”
"Theme From The Dark At The Top Of The Stairs"/"Come On Home" - "Ernie Freeman" - 24OCT60 - “Imperial”
"Heartbreak Hotel"/"Hawaiian Eye" - "Ernie Freeman" - NOV60 - “Imperial”
"Ridin' Hood"/"Teach Me How To Shimmy" - "The Coasters" - 7DEC60 - “Atco” (Freeman played the piano on Side-A)

“Complete Reprise Studio Recordings” - “Frank Sinatra” - FEB60 - “Reprise” (Ernie composed the song "Until The Real Thing Comes Along" with "Sammy Cahn", "Sal Chaplin", "Mann Holiner" & "Alberta Nichols") (Ernie was one of 44 arrangers for this box set) - This 452-song 20-cd box set was re-released again by "Warner Brothers" records in 1995)
"In The Mood" - "The Ernie Fields Orchestra" - MAR60 - “Rendezvous”
"Very Best Of Frank Sinatra" - MAY60 - “Reprise” (Ernie was one of 10 arrangers for this album)
"Sky High" - “Evelyn Freeman” - JUL60 - “Imperial”
“Dark At The Top Of The Stairs” - “Ernie Freeman” - NOV60 - “Imperial”

"Chattanooga Choo Choo" has been recorded over 400 times and was a #1 hit in 1941 for "Glen Miller & His Orchestra". It has also been recorded by "The Andrews Sisters", "Ray Anthony & His Orchestra", "George Benson", "The Boston Pops w/Arthur Fiedler", "Cab Calloway", "Ray Charles", "Harry Connick Jr.", "The Ray Conniff Singers", "Bill Haley & The Comets", "Harpers Bizarre", "Barry Manilow", "Carmen Miranda" in Portuguese, "Matt Monro", The Shadows", "Hank Snow", "The Tornados", and many others. "Theme From The Dark At The Top Of The Stairs" peaked at #70 on the US pop singles chart. It was the title song for the Movie of the same name in 1960. The Melodrama starred “Eve Arden”, “Shirley Knight”, “Angela Lansbury”, “Dorothy McGuire”, “Frank Overton”, “Robert Preston” and other. Also this year Freeman moved to Los Angeles, CA to become the arranger for “Tony Bennett”, “Dean Martin”, “Frank Sinatra” and many others. When necessary Ernie would travel back and forth to New York City for recording sessions and appearances in one of his bands.

1961 was another very busy year for Freeman as an arranger, director, performer and producer. Ernie had an uncredited part playing Jose in the Docudrama “The George Raft Story” known as “Spin Of The Coin” in the UK this year. The Movie starred “Herschel Bernardi”, “Neville Brand”, “Barrie Chase”, “Ray Danton”, “Frank Gorshin”, ”Jack Lambert”, “Julie London”, “Jayne Mansfield”, “Barbara Nichols” and others. Ernie in 1961 would play sometimes with the sessions group "The Marketts". They began as "The Mar-Kets" on their very first few releases then changed it to "The Marketts". The members were ever changing and some played on only one song or some were on the road only. This was another group that had many different members from time to time. Some of these were "Ben Benay" on guitar, "Hal Blaine" on drums, "Hal Blech" on guitar, "Mike Chapman" on guitar, "Ernie Freeman" on guitar and piano, "Jimmy Gordon" on bass, "Michael Z. Gordon" on piano, "Rene Hall" on guitar, "Mike Henderson" on saxophone, "Tom Hensley" on keyboards, "Richard Hobriaco" on keyboards, "Paul Johnson" on bass, "Plas Johnson" on saxophone, "Carol Kaye" on bass, "John Mason" (of "The Vulcanes") on guitar, "Earl Palmer" on drums, "Gene Pello" on drums, "Ray Pohlman" on bass, "Leon Russell" on keyboards, "Bill Strange" lead guitar, "Tommy Tedesco" on guitar, "Lolly Vegas" on vocals and "Pat Vegas" on vocals. According to "Joe Saraceno" the members of the touring group were "whoever we could find that was available".

"Cuttin' In"/"Broke & Lonely" - "Johnny Guitar Watson" - JAN61 - “King” (“Cuttin’ In” peaked at #6 on the R&B chart and Ernie played bass on this song)
“Swamp Meeting”/”That’s All” - “Ernie Freeman” - 3FEB61 - “Imperial”
"Bumble Boogie"/"School Days Blues" - "B. Bumble & The Stingers" - 27MAR61 - “Rendezvous” (“Bumble Boogie” peaked at #21 on the pop chart)
“Warsaw Concerto”/”Return To Peyton Place” - “Ernie Freeman” - MAR61 - “Imperial
"Happy Whistler"/"Honky Tonk" - "The Ernie Fields Orchestra" - APR61 - “Rendezvous”
"Fallin'"/"Be Anything But Don't Be Sorry" - "The Ernie Fields Orchestra" - MAY61 - “Rendezvous”
"The Charleston"/"12th Street Rag" - "The Ernie Fields Orchestra" - 19JUN61 - “Rendezvous” (“The Charleston” peaked at #47 on the pop chart)
"Boogie Woogie (Pinetop's Boogie Woogie)"/"Near You" - “B. Bumble & The Stingers” - 10JUL61 - “Rendezvous” (”Boogie Woogie” peaked at #89 on the pop chart)
"Caravan"/"Bee Hive" - "B. Bumble & The Stingers" - OCT61 - “Rendezvous”
"Castle Rock"/"String Of Pearls" - "The Ernie Fields Orchestra" - OCT61 - “Rendezvous”
"Stompin' Room Only"/"Canadian Sunset" - "The Marketts" - NOV61 - “Liberty” & “Union”
"Half As Much"/"I'm Sorry For You, My Friend" - "The Ernie Freeman Orchestra" - NOV61 - “Liberty”

"Frank Sinatra The Reprise Collection" - MAR61 - “Reprise” - (Ernie was one of 17 arrangers for this 81-song, 4-cd box set collection)
"Sinatra Reprise: The Very Good Years" - JUL61 - “Reprise” (Ernie was one of 8 arrangers for this album)
“Revelations And The Blues” - “Big Miller & The Blues Machine” - AUG61 - “Columbia” (Ernie played piano on most of the songs)
"Raunchy" - "Ernie Freeman" - SEP61 - “Imperial”
“The Complete Dinah Washington On Mercury Vol. 7 - 1961 - SEP61 - “Mercury” (Ernie played the piano on most of the songs)
“Twistin’ Time” - “Ernie Freeman” - DEC61 - “Imperial”
“Compact 6 - 6 Unabridged Selections” - “Dinah Washington” - DEC61 - “Mercury” (Ernie played the piano on most of the songs)

“Bumble Boogie” was composed by “Jack Fina” and “Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov” in the 1940’s as “Flight Of The Bumble Bee”. This version was recorded as a boogie-woogie rocked up version of the original song. It was first recorded by "Freddie Martin" in 1946 as a Jazz number when it peaked at #7 on the chart. Also recorded by "JoAnne Castle", "Jack Fina", "Ralph Materie & His Orchestra", "Freddy Martin & His Orchestra", "The Morells", "Jimmy Mundy", "Alvino Rey", "Robert Shafer" and others. "The Charleston" was a #1 hit in 1924 for "Arthur Gibbs". It has also been recorded by "Ray Anthony & His Orchestra", "Jimmy Dorsey & His Orchestra", "Myron Floren", "Dick Hyman", "Spike Jones", "Mike Oldfield", "Louis Prima & His Orchestra", "Django Reinhart", "Willie The Lion Smith", "Lawrence Welk & His Orchestra" and many others.

1962 was the biggest year to date for Freeman. First off on 6 January Ernie released “The Twist” backed by “Shine On Harvest Moon” that peaked at #93 on the pop charts for him. “The Twist” was composed by “Hank Ballard” who first performed it 1959 as “Hank Ballard & The Midnighters”. It debuted on the charts on 18 July 1960 and peaked at #28 on the pop chart. “Chubby Checker” took the song to #1 in both 1960 and again in 1961. (This is the only record to ever go to #1 in one year, go off the charts and then rechart again the next year going back to #1 again.) The melody of this song is said to be taken from “What’cha Gonna Do” by “The Drifters with Clyde McPhatter” that was a #2 R&B hit for them in 1955. "The Twist" has been recorded over 300 times by many different artists. Some of the artists that recorded Ballard’s version were “Ray Anthony & His Orchestra”, “Gary U.S. Bonds”, “James Brown”, “The Champs”, “Sam Cooke”, “The Countdown Singers”, “Dion”, “The Drifters”, “Duane Eddy”, “The Fat Boys with Chubby Checker”, “Carol Lipnik”, “Ronnie McDowell”, “The Miracles”, “The Olympics”, “The Platters”, “Johnny Preston”, “Louis Prima”, “Sha Na Na”, “Keely Smith” and many others.

“Kim Fowley” secured the copyright to an arrangement of “Pyotr Il’Yich Tchaikovsky's "March of the Wooden Soldiers from “The Nutcracker Ballet”. Fowley then composed a new arrangement of the song and named it “Nut Rocker”. Fowley gave “Nut Rocker” to pianist "H. B. Barnum" and he recorded it under the name of "Jack B. Nimble & The Quicks" on the small independent label of "Del Rio" records. "Rod Pierce" of "Rendezvous" records heard it and convinced Fowley that he could do a much better job of recording it on his label. It was re-recorded by “B. Bumble & The Stingers”. Freeman however never made the recording session for this record because it is said he was out partying too much the night before and overslept so he was replaced on the piano by “Al Hazan”. It was recorded in only 1 take and the total time spent on the recording session was only 1 hour. “Nut Rocker” went to #23 on the US pop singles chart and all the way to #1 in the UK. “Nut Rocker” has been played as background in several movies over the years the most recent being “Butcher Boy” in 1998 and “Big Momma’s House” in 2000. There had been a rumor floating around for years that “Ali Hassan” played the piano on this record but there was not anyone by that name associated with the record or company. “Ali Hassan” was the assumed name that the real piano player “Al Hazan” used on “Malaguena” that he had re-arranged from a 1928 song composed by “Ernesto Lecuona”. Hazan released his newly arranged instrumental version on “Phillies” records but it failed to chart. Al also recorded the vocal song “Force Of Love” on “Downbeat” records under the assumed name of “Al Anthony” but it too failed to make the charts. "Del Rio" records in the meantime decided they wanted to release their version of the song after all and gave it to "Randy Wood" of "Dot" records. Randy released the song as "(The Original) Nut Rocker" by "J. B. Nimble & The Quicks" but it failed to chart. “Nut Rocker” has also been recorded by “Emerson, Lake & Palmer” in 1986, “The Kit Kats” in 1999, “Robert Wells” In 1999 and many other artists. “Nut Rocker” was re-released in the UK again in 1972 on "Top Rank" records and made it into the top 20 there.

"The Routers" formed in 1962 and they had many different artists that played in this group from time to time. Some of them were "H. B. Barnum", "Hal Blaine", "Scotty Engel", "Ernie Freeman", "Mike Gordon", "Rene Hall", "Plas Johnson", "Ray Johnson" (the brother of Plas), "Jimmy Scott Norman" (who would later become a member of "The Coasters”),"Earl Palmer", "Bill Pittman", "Leon Russell", "Tommy Tedesco" & "Ty Terrell".

"The Twist"/"Shine On Harvest Moon" - "Ernie Freeman" - 6JAN62 - “Imperial” (“The Twist” peaked at #93 on the pop chart)
"Surfer's Stomp"/"Start" - "The Mar-Kets" - 13JAN62 - “Liberty” (“Surfer’s Stomp” peaked at #31 on the pop chart)
“Perculator (Twist)”/”Round & Round & Round & Round” - “Billy Joe & The Checkmates” - 13JAN62 - “Dore” (Ernie was the composer of “Perculator (Twist)” with “Louis Bideu”) (“Perculator (Twist)” peaked at #10 on the US pop singles chart.)
"Didn't It Rain"/"Water Boy" - "The Evelyn Freeman Orchestra" - FEB62 - “United Artists”
"Nut Rocker"/"Nautilus" - "B. Bumble & The Stingers" - 3MAR62 - “Rendezvous” (“Nut Rocker” peaked at #23 on the US pop chart and went to #1 in the UK)
"Beach Bum"/"Sweet Potatoes" - "The Mar-Kets" - MAR62 - “Arvee”
"Balboa Blue"/"Stompede" - "The Marketts" - 28APR62 - “Liberty” (1st released in 1961 on "Union" records #504 but did not chart) (Peaked at #48 on the pop chart this time around)
"Ernie's Tune"/"(Hucklebuck) Twist" - "The Ernie Fields Orchestra" - MAY62 - “Rendezvous”
"Surfer's Stomp"/"Survival Stomp" - "The Marketts" - MAY62 - “Liberty” (Australia Import)
“Rockin’ On ‘N’ Off”/”Mashed #5” - “B. Bumble & The Stingers” - JUN62 ("Mashed #5" was a updated and reworked version of "Beethoven's" Symphony #15, 1st Movement)
“Apple Knocker”/”The Moon And the Sea” - “B. Bumble & The Stingers” - JUL62 - “Rendezvous” ("Apple Knocker" is a re-worked version of "The William Tell Overture" composed by "Bird, Roberts & Rossini")
"Theme From Perry Mason"/"Me And My Shadow" - "The Ernie Fields Orchestra" - AUG62 - “Rendezvous”
"I Don't Want To Do It"/”What Am I Living For” - “Ernie Freeman” - SEP62 - “Rendezvous”
“I Hear You Knocking”/”The Stripper” - “Ernie Freeman” - OCT62 - “Imperial”
"Let's Go (Pony)"/"Mashy" - "The Routers" - 3NOV62 - “Warner brothers” (“Let’s Go (Pony)” peaked at #19 on the US pop chart)
"Dawn Cracker"/"Scales" - "B. Bumble & The Stingers" - NOV62 “Stateside” (UK Import) (“Dawn Cracker” was a revamped version of the classical piece, adapted from "Morning" from the Peer Gynt Suite by Grieg.)
"The Night Has A Thousand Eyes"/"Anonymous Phone Call" - "Bobby Vee" - DEC62 - “Liberty” (Ernie was the arranger and producer of “Anonymous Phone Call” and it was composed by "Hal David" and "Burt Bacharach") ("The Night Has A Thousand Eyes" peaked at #8 on the R&B chart, at #3 on the pop chart and at #2 on the Adult Contemporary chart)

"Nut Rocker/Bumble Boogie/"Boogie Woogie" - "B. Bumble & The Stingers" - JUN62 - “Stateside” (UK Import)
"Nut Rocker"/"Nautilus"/"Bumble Boogie"/"School Days Blues" - "B. Bumble & The Stingers" - SEP62 - "EMI" (France Import), "La Voix" (France Import) & "Pathe Marconi" (France Import)
"Let's Go (Pony)"/"Mashy"/"Make It Snappy"/"Half Time" - "The Routers" - DEC62 - “Warner Brothers”

"Surfer's Stomp" - "The Marketts" - MAR62 “Liberty”
"Didn't It Rain" - "Evelyn Freeman" - JUL62 - “United Artists”
“Ernie” - “Ernie Freeman” - N/A - “Imperial” (This album was scheduled to be released in August but for some reason it was shelved?)
“The Stripper” - “Ernie Freeman” - OCT62 - “Imperial”
"Soulful Sounds Of Country Classics" - "Ernie Freeman" - DEC62 - “Liberty”

“Perculator (Twist)” has always been credited to “Ernie Freeman” and “Louis Bideu” (also spelled Bideau) (he was born “Lew Bedell”) who was said to be a member of this group. Publicity photos were sent out showing Billy Joe (Hunter) as the leader of the group. Bedell posed as Billy Joe, but in reality there was no such musician. Some sources believe that Freeman composed the song himself. Bideau was the co-founder of “Era” records and the soul founder of “Dore” records. The song was recorded by Ernie Freeman on xylophone, Rene Hall on guitar, Red Callender on bass and Earl Palmer on drums. This song was based on the Maxwell House coffee jingle "Perky". This group released at least 14 other records on “Dore” but this record was the only one that ever made the charts. Ernie finally slowed down a little in 1963 when he only contributed to about 15 different projects.

"Didn't It Rock Part 1"/"Didn't It Rock Part 2" - "Evelyn Freeman & The Exciting Voices" - JAN63 - “Imperial”
"In The Mood"/"Chicken Chow Mein" - "B. Bumble & The Stingers" - FEB63 - “Rendezvous”
"Make It Snappy"/"Half Time" - "The Routers" - MAR63 - “Warner Brothers”
"Sting Ray"/"Snap Happy" - "The Routers" - 27APR63 - “Warner Brothers” (“Sting Ray” peaked at #50 on the pop chart)
"Baby Mash"/"Night Time Madness" - "B. Bumble & The Stingers" - MAY63 - “Stateside” (UK Import) ("Baby Mash" is a reworked version of “The Brahms Lullaby" composed by "Johannes Brahms”)
"Woody Wagon"/"Cobra" - "The Marketts" - AUG63 - “Warner Brothers”
"A-Ooga"/"Big Band" - "The Routers" - NOV63 - “Warner Brothers”
"Out Of Limits"/"Bella Dalena" - "The Marketts" - 7DEC63 - “Liberty” (“Out Of Limits” peaked at #3 on the pop chart.) ("Out Of Limits" was an instrumental song inspired by the ABC TV series "Outer Limits". The song was to be called "Outer Limits" but ABC executives pressured "Warner Brothers" to change the title.

“Limbo Dance Party” - “Ernie Freeman” - JAN63 - “Liberty”
"Softly As I Leave You" - Frank Sinatra" - FEB63 - “Reprise” - (Ernie was one of 5 arrangers for this album)
“Baby, Baby, Baby” - “Jimmy Witherspoon” - 6MAR63 - “Original Blues” (Ernie played the piano on most of the songs and used the pseudonym “Ernst Von Funkenstein”)
"Let's Go! With The Routers" - MAR63 - “Warner Brothers”
“The Best Of Timi Yuro” - APR63 - “Liberty” - (Ernie was the arranger of this album)
"Comin' Home Baby" - "Ernie Freeman Combo" - MAY63 - “Liberty” (“Comin’ Home Baby” was a #36 pop hit in 1962 by “Mel Torme”)
"The Routers Play 1963's Great Instrumental Hits" - JUL63 - “Warner Brothers”
"Take To Wheels" - "The Marketts" - SEP63 - “Warner Brothers”
"The Surfing Scene" - "The Marketts" - DEC63 - “Liberty”

In 1964 Ernie had another another busy year of arranging and performing where he was involved in about 14 projects.

"Snap Crackle & Pop"/"Amoeba" - "The Routers" - FEB64 - “Warner Brothers”
"Vanishing Point"/"Borealis" - "The Marketts" - 28MAR64 - “Warner Brothers”
"St. Louis Blues"/"Theme From The Lillies Of The Field" - "The Ernie Fields Orchestra" - APR64 - “Capitol”
"Crack Up"/"Let's Dance" - "The Routers" - MAY64 - “Warner Brothers”
"Stamp & Shake"/"Ah-Ya" - "The Routers" - JUL64 - “Warner Brothers”
"Maria Elena"/"Hot Pastrami" - "The Routers" - AUG64 - “Warner Brothers”
"Napoleon's Solo"/"Miami's Blues" - "The Marketts" - SERP64 - “Warner Brothers”
"Can't Help Lovin' You"/"Pickin' Up The Pieces" - "Johnny Faire" (his real name was "Johnny Faircloth”) OCT64 - “Reprise” (Ernie was the arranger on "Pickin' Up The Pieces")
"Chole"/"Swanee River" - "The Ernie Fields Orchestra" - DEC64 - “Capitol”

"Out Of Limits" - "The Marketts" - JAN64 - “Warner Brothers”
"The Surf Party Soundtrack" - "The Routers" - FEB64 - 㦀th Century Fox”
“California Sun” - “The Crickets” - MAR64 - “Liberty” (Ernie was the arranger for this album)
“The Door Is Still Open To My Heart” - “Dean Martin” - MAY64 - “Reprise” (Ernie was the arranger for this album)
"Charge!" - "The Routers" - JUL64 - “Warner Brothers”
"The Routers Play The Chuck Berry Songbook" - OCT64 - “Warner Brothers”

1965 was the slowest year to date for Freeman with only 6 projects this year.

"Raunchy '65"/"Jivin' Around" - "Ernie Freeman" - MAR65 - “Liberty” (France Import)
"Ready, Steady, Go"/"Lady In The Cage" - "The Marketts" - AUG65 - “Warner Brothers”
"One Has My Name (The Other Has My Heart)"/"Show Me The Way" - "Barry Young" - 6NOV65 - “Dot” (Ernie was the arranger for "One Has My Name" and the song peaked at #13 on the US pop chart.)

"Dean Martin Hits Again" - FEB65 - “Reprise” - (Ernie was the arranger and conductor for this album)
"(Remember Me) I'm The One Who Loves You" - "Dean Martin" - JUN65 - “Reprise” - (Ernie was the arranger for this album)
"The Crickets: A Collection" - OCT65 “Liberty” - (Ernie was the arranger for this album)

On 23 March 1966 "The Marketts" appeared on "Where The Action Is" on ABC TV with "The Knickerbockers" and "Bob Lind". "The Marketts" appeared again on "Where The Action Is" on 20 April with "Steve Alaimo" and "Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders".

"Batman Theme"/"Richie's Theme" - "The Marketts" - 5FEB66 - “Warner Brothers” (“Batman Theme” peaked at #17 on the US pop chart)
"Stirrin' Up Some Soul"/"Tarzan (Tarzan's Theme)" - "The Marketts" - JUL66 - “Warner Brothers”
"Green Hornet Theme"/"Flight Of The Hornet" - "B. Bumble & The Stingers"- AUG66 - “Mercury”
"Silent Movies"/"Twelfth Street Rag" - "B. Bumble & The Stingers" - NOV66 - “Mercury”

"The Batman Theme" - "The Marketts” - JAN66 - “Warner Brothers”
"Right Now!" - "Mel Torme" - 28JAN66 - “Sony” (Ernie was the arranger and conductor for this album)
"Day For Decision" - "Johnny Sea" - FEB66 - “Warner Brothers” (Ernie was the arranger for this album)
"The Dean Martin TV Show" - FEB66 - “Reprise” (Ernie was the arranger for this album)
"Bob Crane (Colonel Hogan) His Drums & Orchestra Play The Funnyside Of TV Themes From Television's Great Comedy Series". ("Bob Crane's" real name was "Robert Edward Crane".) - MAR66 - “Epic” (Freeman arranged 3 songs on this album which were "Green Hornet Theme", "Theme From Andy Griffith" and "Theme From F Troop".)
"Strangers In The Night" - Frank Sinatra" - APR66 - “Reprise” (Ernie along with "Nelson Riddle" were the only 2 arrangers for this album) (Ernie won his very first Grammy Award for his work on this album)
"Songs From The Silencers" - "Dean Martin" - MAY66 - “Reprise” (with “Ernie Freeman” & “The Gene Page Orchestra”) (Ernie was the arranger for this album)
"Tears & Heartaches" - "Kay Starr" - 27JUN66 - “Reprise” (Ernie was the arranger for this album)
"The Hit Sound Of Dean Martin" - AUG66 - “Reprise” (Ernie was the arranger and conductor for this album)
"Arrivederci Baby (Soundtrack)" - OCT66 - “RCA” (Ernie was the arranger and conductor for this album)

The Crime Comedy Movie "Arrivederci Baby" (also known as "Drop Dead, Darling") starred “Tony Curtis”, Zsa Zsa Gabor”, “Lionel Jeffries”, “Nancy Kwan”, “Rosanna Schiaffino” and others. “The Silencers” was an Action Comedy and it starred "Victor Buono", ""Cyd Charisse", "Nancy Kovack", "Daliah Lavi", "Dean Martin", "Arthur O'Connell", "Stella Stevens" and others. “Batman” was a super-hero crime spoof TV series on ABC TV from January 1966 and March 1968. It starred “Adam West” as Batman and Bruce Wayne, “Burt Ward” as Robin and Richard Dick Grayson, “Neil Hamilton” as Commissioner James W. Gordon, “Stafford Repp” as Chief O’Hara, “Alan Napier” as Alfred Pennyworth the Butler, “Yvonne Craig” as Batgirl and Barbara Gordon the commissioner’s daughter and others. It also had a revolving cast of big named stars playing re-occurring roles as the bad guys. Some of these were “Burgess Meredith” as The Penguin, “Frank Gorshin” and “John Astin” as The Riddler, “Cesar Romero” as The Joker, “Eartha Kitt”, “Lee Meriwether” and “Julie Newmar” as The Catwoman, “Victor Buono” as King Tut, “Vincent Price” as Egghead, “Roddy McDowall” as The Bookworm, “George Sanders” and “Eli Wallach” as Mr. Freeze, “George Sanders, “Otto Preminger” and “Walter Slezak” as The Clock King, “Carolyn Jones” as Marsha, Queen Of Diamonds, “Tallulah Bankhead” as The Black Widow, “Milton Berle” as Louie The Lilac, “Art Carney” as The Archer, “Joan Collins” as The Siren and others.

“The Green Hornet” was another hero crime spoof TV series and it too was also on ABC TV. This show had a very short life being on from September 1966 to March 1967 a total of 26 episodes and it also aired in Hong Kong where it was called “The Kato Show”. It starred “Van Williams” as The Green Hornet and Britt Reid, “Bruce Lee” as Kato, “Walter Brooke” as District Attorney F. P. Scanlon, “Gary Owens” as a TV newscaster, “Wendy Wagner” as Leonore Casey Case and “Lloyd Gough” as Mike Axford”. Both series’ “Batman” and “The Green Hornet” had “William Dozier” as the background narrator who was also the executive producer of both shows. Ernie was involved in only 10 projects which included 3 Movies in 1967.

"Sun Power"/"Sunshine Girl" - "The Marketts" - MAR67 - “Liberty”

"Frank Sinatra And The World We Knew" - FEB67 - “Reprise” (Ernie was the arranger for this album)
"Happiness Is Dean Martin" - APR67 - “Reprise” (Ernie was the arranger for this album)
"It Must Be Him" - "Vikki Carr" - SEP67 - “Liberty” (Ernie was the arranger for this album)
"Come Back When You Grow Up" - "Bobby Vee" - OCT67 - “Liberty” (Ernie was the arranger for this album)
"Ernie Freeman, Hit Maker" - OCT67 - “ABC/Dunhill”
"Sun Power" - "The Marketts" - NOV67 - “Liberty”

"What Am I Bid?" - Musical Western - Starred “Andy Davis”, “Stephanie Hill”, “Al Hirt”, “Mauriel Landers”, “Jack McCall”, “Tex Ritter”, “Faron Young” and others. (Ernie was the musical director for the score of this Movie)
"The Cool Ones" (Also known as "Cool Baby, Cool!") - Musical Comedy - Starred “Glen Campbell”, “Robert Coote”, “Teri Garr”, “Phil Harris”, “Roddy McDowall”, “Gil Peterson”, “Debbie Watson” and others (Ernie was the musical conductor for the score of this Movie)
"The Double Man" (Made in the UK) - Action Spy Thriller - Starred “David Bauer”, “Yul Brynner”, “Anton Diffring”, “Britt Ekland”, “Lloyd Nolan”, “Clive Revill” and others. (Ernie was the musical conductor for the score of this Movie)

In November 1968 Ernie was the arranger and producer for the album "Gentle On my Mind" by "Dean Martin" on “Reprise”. He was also the Musical Score conductor and song composer for the Action Comedy “Duffy”. The Movie starred “John Alderton”, “James Coburn”, “James Fox”, “James Mason”, “Susannah York” and others. In the Action Spy Comedy “The Pink Jungle” Ernie was the musical score conductor. The Movie starred “Michael Ansara”, “James Garner”, “Nigel Green”, “George Kennedy”, “Eva Renzi”, “George Rose” and others. In May 1969 “The Marketts” released "The Undefeated" backed up by "They Call The Wind Maria" on “Uni” records. “Vikki Carr” in August released the album “For Once in My Life” on “Liberty” and Ernie was the arranger of this album. Ernie was the arranger and conductor for the album "Give Me Your Love For Christmas" by "Johnny Mathis" that was released in November. From 1970 through 1980 Ernie’s projects slowed way down. In February 1970 "Bridge Over Troubled Water" by "Simon & Garfunkel" was released on “Columbia” records. The album went all the way to #1 on the pop charts and over the years has sold over 5 million copies. Ernie won his 2nd and final Grammy Award for playing a few different string instruments on some of the songs on this album.

"Down At Mother's Place"/"Manhattan Spiritual" - "B. Bumble & The Stingers" - MAR72 - “Pye” (UK Import)
"Superbird"/"Sack Of Woe" - "The Routers" - FEB73 - “Mercury”
"Mystery Movie Theme/"Sister Candy" - "The Marketts" - APR73 - “Mercury”
"Nut Rocker"/"Bumble Boogie" - "B. Bumble & The Stingers" - MAR75 - “Eric” (UK Import)

"Nut Rocker" - "B. Bumble & The Stingers/"Happy Organ" - "Dave Baby Cortez"/"Pipeline" - "The Chantays" - JUL79 - “Blast From The Past” (UK Import)

"Bridge Over Troubled Water" - "Simon & Garfunkel" - FEB70 - “Columbia” (Ernie played a few different string instruments on some of the songs on this album) (peaked at #1 on the US album chart)
"Close To You" - "Johnny Mathis" - APR70 - “Columbia” (Ernie was arranger and conductor for this album)
"Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head" - "Johnny Mathis" - JUN70 - “Columbia” (Ernie was arranger and conductor for this album)
"Johnny Mathis Sings The Music Of Bacharach & Kaempfert" - NOV70 - “Columbia” (Ernie arranged and produced “Alfie” and “Odds & Ends” on this album)
"For The Good Times" - "Dean Martin" - JAN71 - “Reprise” (Ernie was the arranger for this album)
"You've Got A Friend" - "Andy Williams" - AUG71 - “Columbia” (Ernie was the arranger for this album)
"Love Theme From The Godfather" - "Andy Williams" - JUL72 - “Mercury” (Ernie was the arranger for this album)
"AM, FM, Etc." - "The Marketts" - AUG73 - “Mercury”
"Super Bird" - "The Routers" - SEP73 - “Mercury”
"Angel Clare" - "Art Garfunkel" - SEP73 - “Columbia” (Ernie played a few different string instruments on some of the songs on this album)
"You're The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me" - "Dean Martin" - 14DEC73 - “Reprise” (Ernie was the arranger for this album)
"The Road" - "Johnny Rivers" - JUL74 - “Atlantic” (Ernie played the saxophone on some of the songs on this album)
"Christmas Present" - "Andy Williams" - DEC74 - “CBS” ” (Ernie was the arranger for this album)
"Tryin' To Get That Feeling" - "The Marketts" - AUG75 - “Arista”
"Serenades Of Love" - "Bobby Vinton" - APR76 - “ABC” (Ernie was the arranger for this album)
"My Own Way To Rock" - "Burton Cummings" (formally with "The Guess Who") - AUG77 - “Portrait”
(Ernie was the conductor and horns arranger for this album)
"Sammy Davis Jr. Greatest Hits, Vol. 1" - MAY78 - “Garland” (Ernie was the arranger for this album)

"Dinah East" - Drama - NOV70 - This Movie starred "Matt Bennett", "Kitty Carl", "Andy Davis", ""Ray Foster", "Reid Smith", "Jeremy Stockwell", "Joe Taylor", "Ultra Violet" and others. (Ernie was the composer of the music score for this Movie).

In 1981 “Ernie Freeman” died of a Heart attack. While researching this review for the past 2 weeks I have found 2 different dates and places of his death in 20 different places (web sites, books, articles, etc.). There was a very close split on which one may be correct as 11 locations indicated he died on 15 May in Beverly Hills, CA. There were 9 locations that have indicated he died on 16 May in Hawaii. I’m really not sure why this fact is so hard to pin down and we may never know the real date and place of Mr. Freeman’s death? The list of albums shown below had at least one or more songs on them that had been previously recorded, arranged, produced etc. by Freeman prior to his death. Some of these albums are reissues and some have songs on them that were recorded years ago and may appear on other albums as well.

“Summer Means Love” - “The Marketts” - MAY86 - “Dore”
"A Man And His Music" - “Frank Sinatra” - 6OCT86 - “Reprise” (32 song 2-cd set, Ernie was the arranger for this album)
"The Very Best Of Eddie Fisher" - AUG88 - “MCA” (Ernie was the arranger on this album)
"Anthony 1962 - 1974" - "The Righteous Brothers" - JUL89 - “Capitol” (Ernie was the arranger and conductor on this album)
"Give Me Your Love For Christmas" - "Johnny Mathis" - 20JUL89 -
"Capitol Collectors Series" - "Bobby Darin" - 26JUL89 - “Capitol” (Ernie was the arranger and conductor on this album)
"The Specialty Sessions" - "Little Richard" - 2APR90 - “Speciality” (73-song, 3-cd set, Ernie played piano on some of the songs on this album)
"Nice Life: Greatest Hits And Rare Tracks, 1959 - 1971" - "Willie Nelson" - 3JUL90 - “Rhino” (Ernie arranged the string section)
"Angel Clare" - "Art Garfunkel" (reissued) - 25OCT90 - “Sony” - (Ernie played a few different string instruments on some of the songs on this album)
"Baby, Baby, Baby" - "Jimmy Witherspoon" (reissued) - 1JUL89 - “Original Blues” (Ernie played the piano on most of the songs and used the pseudonym “Ernst Von Funkenstein”)
"Soul On Fire: The Best Of LaVern Baker" - 1OCT91 - “Atlantic” (Ernie played the piano on some of the songs and was the arranger and producer)
"Unforgettable" - "Dinah Washington" - 19NOV91 - “Mercury” (Ernie played the piano on some of the songs)
"Moody's Mood For Love" - "King Pleasure" - 21APR92 - “Blue Note” (Ernie was the arranger of this album)
"The Glory Of Love" - "Vic Damone" - 23JUN92 - “RCA” (Ernie was the arranger and conductor for this album)
"Music From The CBS Mini-Series" - "Frank Sinatra" - 20OCT92 - “Warner Brothers” (30 song, 2-cd set Ernie was one of 13 arrangers for this album)
"Hurt: The Best Of Timi Yuro" - 17NOV92 - “Capitol” (Ernie was the arranger on this album)
"A Hundred Pounds Of Clay: The Best Of Gene McDaniels" - 13DEC92 - “Capitol” (Ernie was the arranger for this album)
"Sarah Sings Soulfully" - "Sarah Vaughn" - 26JAN93 - “Blue Note” (Ernie played the guitar and organ on a few songs on this album)
"Come Softly To Me: The Very Best Of The Fleetwoods" - 10AUG93 - “Capitol” (Ernie was the arranger for this album)
"Paul Simon 1964 - 1993" - 28SEP93 - “Warner Brothers” (52-song, 3-CD box set with string arrangements by Ernie)
"Four Platters And One Lovely Dish" - "The Platters" - 28JUN94 - “Bear Family” (254-song, 9-CD box set, Ernie played the piano on a few songs on this album)
"The Complete Aladdin Recordings Of Charles Brown" - JUL94 - “Mosaic” (109-song, 5-CD box set, Ernie played the organ on a few selected songs)
"The Complete Aladdin Recordings Of Amos Milburn" - JUL94 - “Mosaic” (145-song, 8-CD box set, Ernie played the piano on a few selected songs and was the album arranger)
"Cry Of The Wounded Jukebox" - "Lorenzo Holden" - 12AUG94 - “Southland” (Ernie played the organ and the piano on selected songs on this album)
"Twangin' From Phoenix To L.A." - "Duane Eddy" - 29NOV94 - “Bear Family” (133-song, 8-CD box set, Ernie was the arranger for this album)
"Untamed Hawk: The Early Recordings Of Merle Haggard" - 14APR95 - “Bear Family” (133-song, 5-CD box set, Ernie played string instruments on selected songs on this album)
"16 Most Requested Songs - Encore!" - "Andy Williams" - 16MAY95 - “Columbia” (Ernie was the arranger for this album)
"Nut Rocker & All The Classics" - "B. Bumble & The Stingers" - 13JUN95 - “Ace” (UK Import)
A Hundred Pounds Of Clay: The Best Of Gene McDaniels (reissued) - 20OCT95 - “Collectables” (Ernie was the arranger for this album)
"As Long As I'm Singing: The Bobby Darin Collection" - 21NOV95 - “Rhino” (Ernie was the arranger and conductor for this album)
"Goldsinger: The Best Of Shirley Bassey" - 14NOV95 - “Capitol” (Ernie was the orchestra conductor)
"California Sun/The Crickets: A Collection" - 23JAN96 - “Beat Goes On” (Ernie was the arranger)
"Man Of Many Parts" - "Buddy Collette" - 12FEB96 - “Original Jazz Classics” (Ernie played the piano)
"Que Sea El" - "Vikki Carr" - 20FEB96 - “Sony” (Ernie was the arranger)
"Golden Classics Edition" - "B. Bumble & The Stingers" - 27FEB96 - “Collectables”
"Out Of Limits" - "The Marketts" (reissued) - 12MAR96 - “Sundazed”
"In The Mood" - "The Ernie Fields Orchestra" (reissued) - 16APR96 - “Ace” (UK Import)
"Souvenirs" - "Connie Francis" - 22OCT96 - “Polydor” (Ernie was the orchestra conductor)
"Golden Classics" - "Cannibal & The Headhunters" - 5NOV96 - “Collectables” (Ernie played the piano)
"All The Hits: From Surf City To Drag City" - "Jan & Dean" - 12NOV96 - “Capitol” (Ernie was the arranger)
"End Of The World"/"Nice Girls Don't Stay For Breakfast" - "Julie London" - 1JAN97 - “EMI” (Ernie was the arranger)
"The Best Of Esther Phillips (1962 - 1970)" - 4MAR97 - “Rhino” (Ernie was the orchestra conductor)
"In The Mood A Golden Classics Collection" - "The Ernie Fields Orchestra" - 25MAR97 - “Collectables”
"Where The Boys Are: Connie Francis In Hollywood" - 15APR97 - “Rhino” (Ernie was the orchestra conductor)
"Right Now!" - "Mel Torme" (reissued with 11 bonus tracks) - 29APR97 - “Columbia” (Ernie was the arranger and conductor)
"Rockin' With The Robins" - 24MAY97 - “Titan” (German Import) (Ernie played the piano)
"Zoot Suit Riot" - "Cherry Poppin' Daddies" - 1JUL97 “Mojo/Jive” (Ernie was the arranger)
"Raunchy" - "Ernie Freeman Combo" (reissued with 14 bonus tracks) - 23SEP97 - “Ace” (UK Import)
"Italian Collection, Vol. 1" - "Connie Francis" - 4NOV97 - “Polygram” (Ernie was the arranger and conductor)
"Cherry Lips" - "The Robins" - DEC97 - “Famous Grooves” (Ernie played the piano)
"The Very Best Of Eddie Fisher" (reissue with 11 bonus tracks) - 17FEB98 “Taragon” (Ernie was the arranger)
"Old Rivers"/"Twas The Night Before Christmas…Back Home" - "Walter Brennan" - 21APR98 - “Collector’s Choice” (Ernie was the arranger)
"Jazz Me Blues: The Best Of Jimmy Witherspoon" - 6MAY98 - “Prestige” (Ernie played the piano)
"Greatest Hits/King Of Cool" - "Dean Martin" - 2JUN98 - “Capitol” (Ernie was arranger and conductor)
"Sheet Music" - "Nancy Sinatra" - 9JUN98 - “DCC” (Ernie was the arranger)
"Enchanted: The Best Of The Platters" - 16JUN98 - “Rhino” (Ernie was the arranger and conductor)
"Going To The Party" - "Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band" - 18AUG98 - “A Million Dollars Worth Of Me” (Ernie played the piano and was the arranger)
"Greatest Hits" - "Dean Martin" - 25AUG98 - “EMI” (40-song, 2-CD set, Ernie was the arranger)
"Rock & Roll" - "The Robins" - 20OCT98 - “GNP Crescendo” (Ernie played the piano)
"1st Blues Band On Venus" - "B. Bumble & The Stingers" - NOV98 - “London” (Netherlands Import)
"The Very Best Of Dean Martin: The Capitol & Reprise Years" - DEC98 - “Capitol” (Ernie was arranger and conductor)
"Lucky Numbers" - "Frank Sinatra" - 8DEC98 - “Reprise” (Ernie was the arranger)
"International Collection" - "Petula Clark" - 26JAN99 - “Bear Family” (108-song, 5-CD box set, Ernie was the arranger)
"Zoot Suit Riot" - "Cherry Poppin' Daddies" (reissued with 2 bonus tracks) - 5APR99 - “Rhino” (Ernie was the arranger)
"The Very Best Of Johnny Guitar Watson" - 20APR99 - “Rhino” (Ernie played the piano)
"American Reflections" - "Johnny Seay" - 8JUN99 - “Lost Gold” (Ernie was the producer)
"Yes I Can: The Sammy Davis Jr. Story" - 2NOV99 - “Rhino” (Ernie was the conductor)
"World We New" - Frank Sinatra" - 30NOV99 - “Wea International” (Ernie was the arranger)
"You're The Reason I'm Living/I Want To Be Around" - "Bobby Darin" - 28DEC99 - “EMI” (Ernie was the arranger and conductor)
There are 81 More Albums that could be added to this already very, very, very, very long list besides the extras I have added near the bottom.


Alley Oop oop, oop-oop
Alley Oop oop, oop-oop
There’s a man in the funny papers we all know Alley Oop, oop, oop-oop
He lived 'way back a long time ago Alley Oop, oop, oop-oop
He don’t eat nothin' but a bear cat stew Alley Oop, oop, oop-oop
Well this cat's name is-a Alley Oop Alley Oop, oop, oop-oop

He got a chauffeur that's a genuwine dinosawruh Alley Oop, oop, oop-oop
And he can knuckle your head before you count to fawruh Alley Oop, oop, oop-

He got a big ugly club and a head fulla hairuh Alley Oop, oop, oop-oop
Like great big lions and grizzly bearuhs Alley Oop, oop, oop-oop
Alley Oop He's the toughest man there is alive
Alley Oop Wearin' clothes from a wildcat's hide
Alley Oop He's the king of the jungle jive
Look at that cave man go

He rides thru the jungle tearin' limbs offa trees Alley Oop, oop, oop-oop
Knockin' great big monstahs dead on their knees Alley Oop, oop, oop-oop
The cats don't bug him cuz they know bettah Alley Oop, oop, oop-oop
Cuz he's a mean motah scootah and a bad go-gettah Alley Oop, oop, oop-oop
Alley Oop He's the toughest man there is alive
Alley Oop Wearin' clothes from a wildcat's hide
Alley Oop He's the king of the jungle jive
Look at that cave man go

One day while I was eating beans at Smokey Joe's Cafe
Just sittin diggin' all the scenes at Smokey Joe's Cafe
A chick came walkin through the door
That I had never seen before
At least I never saw her down at Smokey Joe's Cafe
And I started shakin' when she sat right down next to me

Her knees were almost touching mine at Smokey Joe's Cafe
A chill was running down my spine at Smokey Joe's Cafe
I could smell her sweet perfume
She smiled at me my heart went boom
Then everybody in the room at Smokey Joe's Cafe
Said Man be careful that chick belongs to Smokey Joe

From behind the counter I saw a man
A chef's hat on his head and a knife in his hand
He grabbed me by the collar and began to shout
You better eat up all your beans boy and clear right on out

I know I'll never eat again at Smokey Joe's Cafe
And so we'll never meet again at Smokey Joe's Cafe
I'd rather eat my chili beans
At Jim's or Jack's or John's or Gene's
Then take my chances eating down at Smokey Joe's Cafe
Why risk my life when that Smokey Joe's a crazy fool

IN THE MOOD (It was an instrumental song but there is also a lyrical version by “THE ANDREWS SISTERS)
Mr. What-ya-call-em what you doin tonight
Hope you're in the mood because I'm feeling just right
How's about a corner with a table for two
Where the music's mellow in some gay rendezvous
There's no chance romancin' with a blue attitude
You got to do some dancin' to get in the mood

Sister What-ya-call-em that's a kindly idea
Something swing-a-dilla would be good to my ear
Ev'rybody must agree the dancin' has charm
When you have the certain one you love in your arms
Steppin' out with you will be a sweet interlude
A builder-up with that will put me in the mood

In the mood that's it I got it
In the mood your ear will spot it
In the mood oh what a hot hit
Be alive and get the jive
You've got to learn how

Hep hep hep hep like a hepper
Pep pep pep hot as a pepper
Step step step step like a stepper
We're muggin' and huggin'
We're in the mood now

Mr. What-ya-call-em all you needed was fun
You can see the wonders that this evenin' has done
Your feet were so heavy 'til they hardly could move
Now they're light as feathers and you're right in the groove
You were only hungry for some musical food
You're positively, absolutely in the mood

Sister What-ya-call-em I'm indebted to you
It all goes to show what food and fluids can do
Never felt so happy and so fully alive
Seems that jammin' jumpin' is a powerful jive
Swingeroo is giving me a new attitude
My heart is full of rhythm and I'm in the mood

In the mood that's it 'cause I got it and I'm
In the mood your ear will spot it when you're
In the mood bobbity bop a diddly-bop-a-bop-a
Be alive and get the jive
You've got to learn how

Ernie was hired by “Lew Chudd” to work with “Jimmy Haskell” in the music department of “Imperial” records and became their main arranger, conductor, producer and played on many “Imperial” record releases. He next went to work in the same capacity for “Liberty” records and then moved on to “Reprise” records. Ernie backed up “Dean Martin” and “Frank Sinatra” on a lot of their songs on singles and albums in the 1960’s. He left “Reprise” records in 1971. According to drummer “Earl Palmer” in his autobiography titled “Backbeat”, “If an instrumental group had a successful record like “The Pets”, “The Routers”, “The Marketts” or “Billy Joe and the Checkmates”, then a touring group would be put together and sent on the road, consisting of musicians who had not played on the original records. Usually it was Rene Hall who would teach them the arrangements.”

I am sure that most of the people who read this review will have had no clue who “Ernie Freeman” was before reading this. I hope this review will help enlighten many of you into the background and history of this very influential artist who helped so many other artists in the music industry and left a huge mark that should always be remembered. “Ernie Freeman” was a multi-talented artist who was an arranger, conductor, musician (that played many different instruments) and producer. Ernie’s music covered many styles of the music industry including big band, boogie-woogie, classical, jazz, pop, R&B, rock and blue-eyed soul. The musical sounds or styles that Ernie covered were amiable, boisterous, carefree, cheerful, energetic, exuberant, freewheeling, fun, happy, innocent, joyous, manic, playful, quirky, rambunctious, rollicking, rousing, summery and swaggering. Most of the songs or music performed by the artists or groups that Ernie was associated with were instrumentals and therefore they have very few lyrical songs that can be found for them.

First let me say that it was very, very hard and time-consuming (2 weeks worth) to research this artist. It seems that there is not much said about Mr. Freeman as a whole so I had to hunt down books, magazines, make hundreds of web searches through hundreds of different sites to find what I was able to piece together. I still enjoyed it very much because I myself learned a lot about this great individual and feel I am doing his memory a great service by proving as much information on him as I could collect. Sorry it was so long and that it has been over 2 weeks (20 days to be exact) since I last posted. I hope you enjoyed this review today and maybe in the process learned something you never knew and are glad you did? Thanks for dropping by and reading and rating and commenting. The extra list I have added below is an excel spreadsheet I set up to help me collect the discography and the ones listed below I found very little information on. They are all missing their release dates, some are missing the flip side songs and some are missing the record label they were released on. I hope everyone has a Safe and Wonderful Weekend and God Bless You All!

Oh and one more thing. Please, please feel free to point out any errors or mis-information here as I wish to be as accurate as I possibly can and thanks!

"Comin' Home Baby"/"Stone Rocker" - "The Ernie Freeman Combo" single "Liberty" records #3331
"Country Rockin' & Flyin'" - "Buddy Dee"/"Drag that Fiddle" - "Harry Choates"/"Skip Along Guitar" - "The Musical-Aires"/"Blue Grass" - "Lucky Chapman" EP Saturday" records #EP258 - (THE ERNIE FREEMAN COMBO APPEAR ON "COUNTRY ROCKIN' & FLYIN' ONLY)
"Ernie Freeman & His Rhythm Guitar"/"Rockin' Around"/ ? - "Ernie Freeman" EP Donreu" records #1059 (UK Import)
"Ernie Freeman Vol. 2" ALBUM Reprise" records #1210 -
"Raunchy"/"Indian Love Call" - "Ernie Freeman" single Silver Spotlight" records #084 & "United Artists" records #
"Raunchy"/"Lost Dreams" - "Ernie Freeman" single Collectables" records #62017
"Swingin' Preacher"/? - "Ernie Freeman" single Imperial" records #5769 & records #20454 - (German Import)
"The Overture"/"Truth Of Truths Rock Opera" - "Ernie Freeman" single Oak" records #104
"Truth Of Truths" - "Ernie Freeman" ALBUM Oak" records #1001
"Your Kiss"/ ? - "Carmen Davis" and "The Ernie Freeman Orchestra" 78 & single Middle-Tone" records #2009
"Didn't It Rain"/"Fare Thee Well"/"All God's Children"/"You Got To Believe" - "Evelyn Freeman" EP United Artists" records #36041 (France Import)
Swing Low Sweet Chariot/Didn't it Rain - "Evelyn Freeman" single Bell records #1029
"All Of Me"/"Nola" - "B. Bumble & The Stingers" single "" records #
"Angel Baby" - "Rosie & The Originals"/"Bumble Boogie" - "B. Bumble & The Stingers" single Era" records #038 (Netherlands Import)
"Blast From The Past" - "B. Bumble & The Stingers" ALBUM Stone Tiger" records # - 16 songs
"Bumble Bossa Nova"/"Canadian Sunset" - "B. Bumble & The Stingers" single "" records #
"Bumble Boogie" - "B. Bumble & The Stingers"/"Paper Roses" - "Anita Bryant" single Collectables" records #3151
"Bumble Boogie '97"/"Europa"/"Bumble Bossa Nova" - "B. Bumble & The Stingers" EP Swiftone" records #
"Nut Rocker" - "B. Bumble & The Stingers"/"Baby, I Love You So" - "Joe Weaver" single Oldies" records #65
"Nut Rocker" - "B. Bumble & The Stingers"/"Rockin' Robin" - "Bobby Day" single Oldies" records #37
"Runaway" - "Del Shannon/"Nut Rocker" - "B. Bumble & The Stingers" single Rendezvous" records #
"The Piano Stylings Of B. Bumble" - "B. Bumble & The Stingers" EP Stateside" records #1001 (New Zealand Import) & "Patti" records #8003
"I Can't Give You Anything But Love"/"Jazz Ax" - "The Ernie Fields Orchestra single Frisco" records #111
"I'll Be Loving You"/"I Heard You Talking - "The Ernie Fields Orchestra" single Whitewater" records #32001
"In The Mood" - "The Ernie Fields Orchestra"/"Rockin' Robin" - "Bobby Day" single Eric" records #0296
"Nut Rocker" - "B. Bumble & The Stingers"/"In The Mood" - "The Ernie Fields Orchestra" single Collectables" records #3347
"Saxy"/ - "The Ernie Fields Orchestra" EP records #1260 (UK Import)
"Thursday Evening Blues"/"The E.F. Boogie" - "The Ernie Fields Orchestra" single Frisco" records #3
"Batman Theme"/""Lady In The Cage"/"Richie's Theme" - "The Marketts" EP
"Kookie, Kookie (Lend Me Your Comb) - "Edward Kookie Byrnes"/"Out Of Limits" - "The Marketts" single American Pie" records #9011
"Out Of Limits"/"Batman Theme" - "The Marketts" single "Warner Brothers" records #7116 (Canada Import)
"Stirring Up Some Soul" - The Marketts" ALBUM
"Sugar Candy"/ ? - "The Marketts" single Mercury" records #8256
"Surfin'" - "The Marketts" ALBUM KRB" records #5148 - 10 songs
"Best Of the Routers" ALBUM Phantom" records # - 22 songs (Japan Import)
"Let's Go" - "The Routers"/"Spirit In The Sky" - "Norman Greenbaum" single "Warner Brothers" records #








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