Jan 24, 2005

The Bottom Line "because that's practically the only moment of the day when you've got time."


Exam sessions can really be a pain in the a*s during university life, as a consequence I thought of writing a sort of a guide on how to study during the night, because that's practically the only moment of the day when you've got time. Daily exams CAN be f*cking stressful especially when you haven't study sh*t during the uni year. I developed this habit because I had to, not because I extremely like to study nights, nevertheless I was forced to act upon the consequences. Of course, after an exams session ends, you'll look like sh*t, and no wonder if some wrinkles will appear in the left and right of your nose, but, ou well.

Firstly let's pretend you have an exam tomorrow and during the day you haven't got any time to study for it. It would have been clearly better if you had studied during the day,too because the concentrating power lessens and lessens when the night hours come. No matter, don't panic. You have all the time in the world to study and PASS the upcoming exam. Remember, our goal is to pass the exam not to actually get a very good grade on it (although I must admit, it worked for me almost every time and with REMARKABLE succes).
So anyhow, let's say it is 6 PM, and you finally get some time to study. During the day it would've been preferably if you had drank an energizer (Red Bull, Power Horse whatever) to keep you pumped up enough for the next night. Don't overdo it, though, it tends to make you over-stressed instead of over-active. A crucial fact: DON'T DRINK COFFEE! Coffee can raise your blood pressure and levels of stress hormones to the point where it makes you shake like a loony plus it can lead to heart palpitations and excessive nervousness. So no coffee on your study desk. Instead, arm yourself with a big bottle of mineral water (with no bubbles) and fill your glass as often as you can. The more active you are, the more water you need. Considering doing a sort of extra sport training activity, why, you wouldn't go there without a fresh bottle of water, would you? Besides the vital water during the night, you should also have by your side a couple of citrics: kiwis, mandarins, oranges, lemons, grapefruits, whatever. These will ensure that you'll be awake, whenever you feel sleepy, stuff yourself with a nice sour grapefruit or lemon and you'll find almost impossible to sleep afterwards. They are also full in vitamin C, so they will ensure you with healthy juices during the whole learning process. Don't drink Cola, Pepsi or other sh*ts. They will give you a stomach ache and raise the level of acidity of your body, who will be higher already due to the citrics you'll engulf. One more thing before we proceed, take a good LOUD alarm clock, Ill explain later why.
Ok, so start studying. It's better if you manage to stop thinking about the limited time because, after all, you've got like 8 hours to study so that should be enough. Your memory should have been fed couple of weeks earlier with lechithin or other brain stimulants, and if you haven't done so, just remember to do it next time. Try to use the best methods for learning, the ones that better fit your style. I, for instance, remember stuff better if I actually re-write it down or if I make small plans to order my thoughts. Choose a good place for studying, one that youll make sure it won't give you back pains or such nasty worries. Make a plan from the beginning on what you're about to study. Limit the stuff you will study. Don't avenge in countless details, learn the basics and then learn more about them. Learn the essential, that will ensure you pass this exam. Ok the first hours shouldn't be too difficult. If you used enough water and you made sure you've eaten enough before starting, it will run very smoothly. Don't let yourself distracted by other objects in the room. Close the computer and don't turn on the tv. It will distract you for minutes that you thought they weren't important, but actually in the end will turn out to be. Play some chill out stuff or whatever type of music you think it will not distract you.

If you're lucky and it's cold outside, open up the window and keep it opened enough until it gets chilly inside. This will ensure you're waken up for a good time. If it's summer, open up the conditioner and make it god d*mn freezing inside, also make sure you wear a t-shirt. Coldness will awake you in a second. Don't over do it. Because you're sleepy, you're also reacting to coldness in an exagerated manner, so just keep it up until you've refreshen yourself a bit. If it doesn't work for much time, go outside, take a walk of 2 minutes no matter what time it is. Stay a bit and refreshen your thoughts. Go back inside and re-start studying. Until midnight you should go on like this without any major problems. Go grab a bite if you need to, but never overact: food will get you even more sleepy! Don't eat junk food or any other chemicals that will raise your acidity. Focus on your study and keep using some of the tricks Ive showed. Now that it's midnight, and if you feel extremely tired but haven't finished your work: no matter! Set your clock depending on your amount of tiredness from 1 to 3 hours and get a good sleep. Make SURE it is a LOUD alarm clock, as you wouldn't want to wake up 5 minutes before the exam. Time your sleeping hours and you shall be just fine. If you don't feel the need to sleep yet, fine, continue studying until you're too exhausted to think. Calculate your time good. Repeat the sleeping procedure as many times as you like. You could get a night sleep from 12 to 2, than be back on track, study, and sleep again from 4 to 6. Make sure you pump your will to wake up, as it is very hard to wake up in the middle of the night to study, but I assure you, you'll feel MUCH better after you've taken..even half an hour of a nap. When morning comes and you must get going, take a refreshing shower and you shall be fine (most important: DON'T look at your face!)
Well that's it..good luck

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