Love That Old Country Sound; The Horse Whisperer by Original Soundtrack

Mar 23, 2008
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Pros:great mellow country tunes

Cons:might be too old-fashioned for some

The Bottom Line: If you love old country you'll love this CD, it has a great selection that's easy to sing to and never gets old

My mom used to tell me that my taste in music disturbed her because it was so similar to that of my grandfather…very old country. There’s just something about fiddles, raw vocals and that distinct western twang that I can never get enough of. Unfortunately so many of the older singers have such a distinctive style that listening to song after song from a single artist can get a bit monotonous and annoy me, which is where some of these mixes come along.

The soundtrack for The Horse Whisperer consists of a collection of old-timey songs such as Cattle Call, Whispering Pines, Red River Valley and the like as well as a few slightly more modern but still older than the poppish sounds you hear on the radio these days such as Soft Place to Fall and all sung by artists such as Dwight Yoakam, Emmylou Harris, George Straight and more.

The predominant instruments throughout the album are fiddles and acoustic guitars and are downplayed so as to showcase the artists’ vocal talents more than the instruments, giving the overall feel of the sort of mellow songs traditionally sung around the campfires on lonely nights during lengthy cattle drives.

I actually came across this CD by accident and had no idea what kind of music to expect on it. Yes, I saw movie of The Horse Whisperer but I wasn’t really paying attention to the music at the time. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised as this is exactly the kind of music I enjoy and will listen to endlessly if given half a chance.

I’ve had this particular CD for about seven years now and have never tired of the selection…it’s great to listen to while I’m doing some more laid-back chores such as washing dishes, spending a lazy afternoon with a book in the backyard while watching the kid and dogs tear up the outside for a change, or while trying to relax in the evenings.

The biggest appeal of this music, other than the fiddles which I also play and so love to hear, is that it is very easy for me to sing pretty much every song which is the quality that makes it so nice for doing household chore…I’ve actually caught myself trying to find more chores to do so that I have an excuse for listening and singing along with undivided attention (housework is done on autopilot) rather than feeling like I should be running errands, watching movies or reading, or writing reviews on those books and movies rather than sitting around just listening to music.

Overall if you enjoy mellow instrumentals with old country vocals this is definitely the CD for you. If I could find ten albums with this kind of mix on it I would be set for life, definitely one of the stars of my music collections.

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