Good for compact living, short on features

Mar 24, 2008
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Pros:Super space saver, cuts electric usage, nice distributors, easy to clean, nice exterior design.

Cons:Bad manual, small fridge space, plastic accessories, possible service issues, manual defrost.

The Bottom Line: Good pick for smaller spaces and for eco-friendly consumers.

After reading many mixed opinions about this fridge, but finding myself sucked in by the energy-saver claims and suitable size for city dwellers, I bought it at PC Richards, a NYC chain appliance store, with an extended warranty for in-house repairs or replacement.

Like other reviewers, I found it makes a 'different' noise than fridges, but MUCH quieter than I had anticipated. It sounds like a watery fizzle, as opposed to the typical humming of fridges elsewhere. The size is fantastic, and from what I have seen it is cheap to run - with two computers, a TV, and fridge my two-bedroom apt. pays $26 per month in electric. So that felt good. I also just cleaned it, and it's a cinch to take stuff out, everything fits in the sink and takes a good scrub nicely.

The downfalls for me where aesthetics basically. The outside is nice- it fits my kitchen without feeling crowded, so yay! Everyone seems very impressed so the design must be nice, too.

But the interior is all plastic, except the shelving units that laterally divide the fridge portion up, so I was a wee bit aghast about that after having paid $1100 or something like that.

The freezer drawers and produce drawers are especially chintzy-feeling. The light is a bit weak, and the magnetic strip on the outer doors is so pathetic that if you have a tiny plastic sour cream container that's too far out on a shelf, it won't shut. If you have kids, this might be a serious liability, because a door open on a low-energy fridge like this may mean everything is soaked the next day.

The manual comes from the real manufacturer, Vestfrost. It is pretty lame. Though the fridge needs some degree of maintenance in a regular way, the manual is skimpy so as to be translated in ten languages. Luckily, that's where the U.S. distributor, Summit, comes in. For NYC residents, it is in nearby Bronx, and the sales people are really in tune with the product's specifics and are quick to give you the service/repair number to have a repairman visit. If you are in Kentucky, this might be more challenging.

They sent me a teensy missing screw I needed for a handle without making me do a wild goose chase over it. I liked that.

Other downfalls: Lack of interior space. The planning could have been better on that end, but I think they tried to give the user flexibility by making everything removable. Well, that's nice, but it still seems like nothing fits in the fridge. Way too much freezer for me.

Also, there's something called a manual defrost. It looks ridiculously easy, but is worth considering.

Definitely recommend for fanatical environmentalists, or even fringe-ones like me, who aren't too worried about the small picture stuff.

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