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Walden University

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Walden University is a diploma mill

Mar 24, 2008
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Pros:Quick and some credits might transfer.

Cons:Worthless degree, punchline of employers, and will hurt your resume.

In the old days it was easy to spot a diploma mill. All you had to do was to find out if they were accredited or not. Now every business organization that wants to make a buck is starting a "University". They get a bunch of professors from other schools, come up with a standardized curriculum, and sell it to students who had poor grades in high school or undergrad. These schools rarely ever ask for a SAT or GRE and will allow you to coast by as long as your financial aid check clears.

Walden University is one of those schools. The classes are completely canned and ridiculously easy. Students were taking 4+ classes a semester until the school received bad press and stopped the practice. Now their students just sit through classes, doing the minimum amount of work (mostly taken from previous online postings), and get a degree in half the time of a regular school.

Sure it's not like the "send your check and receive a degree in 30 days" schools, but it's close.

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