Three Stooges Talking Bottle Opener

Three Stooges Talking Bottle Opener

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Three Stooges Talking Bottle Opener

Mar 26, 2008
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Pros:Cool collectors item for Three Stooges Fans

Cons:Batteries dead.

The Bottom Line: This Three Stooges bottle opener works well and adds a bit of nostalgia to my bar.

So I was in Pennsylvania Dutch Country the home of the Amish but I wasn't in a farmers market. Instead I was in a a shop, in a strip mall of outlet stores, that specialized in kitchen gadgets.

I was making a purchase and saw a impulse sales item on the counter by the register. I impulsively picked it up. It said "talking Three Stooges Bottle Opener". I thought about a brother-in-law of mine who impulsively did little skits for us when he was a kid that involved the Three Stooges. I impulsively purchased the can opener. After it was bagged I asked, "What does it say?". I hadn't even tried the one I purchased. She said try one.

A meaningful Conversation With Curly

I picked up another of the Three Stooges can openers in the display. It was still attached to its cardboard marketing board. It had a little note near wear the cap would be lifted by the opener. The words said, "Press To Play". I pressed and I could hear audio coming from the handle part of the opener.

First I heard the words, 'about a beer?
Curly Responds saying, "Why Certainly".

Of course those who really know Curly understand that he says it in his NY accent, Why "Soy-tanly" in his Brooklyn accent. That's where he was born.

After Curly's two words I could here what sounds like beer pouring and Curly doing his excited "Whoo, Whoo, Whoo" sounds.

There are other Three Stooges bottle openers that have different vocal lines too. This store only had this one and they were on clearance. These bottle openers are still available on-line though.

I knew I picked up the perfect gift for my kinda wacky brother-in-law. I was eager to give it to him at Christmas. A long time ago most of the family agreed we did not have to pick up gifts for each person. Even though that was the deal, he would always bring gifts he found that he believed would be "the perfect gift". I won't tell you what I have received over the years but believe me, some were perfect and some left a huge question mark in my head. Again, I was eager to share this "excellent" gift for him.

Getting A Poke In The Eye

The Three Stooges were a vaudeville that then took their slapstick act to film. They were well known for their physical antics of eye poking, head bopping and nose pulling.

As a kid I watched a daily TV show that starred them and we would imitate their actions when playing with friends. Nah, we didn't actually poke each others eyes but you know, "make believe?", something that seems to be long gone with kids today.

So I'm ready to give this special gift. I had it in the bag from that shop until a week or so before Christmas. I took it out to wrap it but tried it first. Alas, it didn't work and there was no way I could get it to do so. The batteries it came with must have died and there was no way I could replace them. They are specialty batteries. I felt like Mo of the Three Stooges just poked me in the eye. I decided I could not give it as a gift.

So Stooges fans, this is a cool collectors item but may not have much to say to you.

I can say that the handle is well designed and feels comfy in the hand. It has a broad width to it so it doesn't dig into the palm. It's a plastic material that I found cleans well enough. On the handle are the words "Three Stooges" in full colour with a black and white head shot of each of the three below. The bottle opener does make for a good collectors item for Stooge fans or those who like bottle openers.

The tool does open soda and beer bottles with ease. It doesn't not have a reversible side for opening cans.

Though I didn't get the pleasure of giving this as a gift and hearing it play, I still like having it around. It is a fun collectors item for people like me who enjoyed the three stooges. Like all my can and bottle openers they go the way of missing socks in the dryer from time to time but then find their way back to our world again. I'm happy to say, I found this can opener again after a few week loss.

I give this but three stars because the audio doesn't work. I still can recommend owning one.

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